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Plot "Before I Disappear" movie commentary copy

Plot "Before I Disappear" Movie Commentary Copy

Plot "Before I Disappear" movie commentary copy

The man lies in a bathtub full of blood stained red.

Waiting for death to come.

Because yesterday

a woman

died in the toilet of the bar where he works.

It reminded him of his dead girlfriend.

Alone, Richie decided to "go home" to her.

He writes a letter to his girlfriend.

Richie lies in the bathtub and slashes his wrist.

While waiting for death to knock on his door.

The phone rings

From his sister, whom he hadn't talked to in years.

She had something to do.

Wanted Richie to pick up his daughter from school.

Seeing that Ritchie was not talking

Sister arrogantly begged him over the phone

It was the first time his sister had asked him to help

Or he wanted to leave.

Doing one last good deed.

So he agreed

After removing the blood

Simply bandage the wound.

Take away the letter to his girlfriend

This was the first time Richie saw the grown-up Sophia

But when they first met, they

didn't seem too friendly.

(I have gymnastics rehearsal in 27 minutes.

If you don't arrive in time

there will be serious consequences.

After that, you escort me home.

I have an exam tomorrow and I have to be home by 7:00

to make sure I can study properly.

(There will be serious consequences if I don't get home on time at 7:00)

Ricky tried to talk to his niece

But Sofia seemed very reluctant to talk to him.

Gymnastics practice is over.

Took the subway home.

She didn't say a word.

When he got home.

Sofia turned Ritchie away from the door

Leaving Ritchie

He went upstairs without looking back.

Her niece's indifferent attitude

made Richie's mood even worse.

Richie is still determined to carry out his plan.

This time

In order not to make his death look too bad

He chose the milder way

Take a sleeping pill

The phone rang again.

It was Sofia calling

She said her mother hadn't come home yet.

The kind-hearted Richie didn't say a word.

Immediately set off for his sister's house

When she arrived home

Richie called the pharmacy

Asking why the medicine hadn't worked.

The person on the other end told Richie

that he had taken the wrong one

He was given the wrong medication for menopause.

This caused Richie to have a menopause attack right then and there

Smashed the phone to pieces

At the door

Richie chases away the strange woman at his door

Meeting again

The niece was still aloof.

("She didn't call back or anything.)

("Has she ever been this late?)


("Maybe... maybe she... I don't know...)

("She went out with her friends after work)

("or go for a drink or something)

("She doesn't never do that.)

("Is it impossible?)

("No, it's not possible.)

("He never hangs out with his friends and never comes home late.)

("She never lets me stay out late. She never drinks.)

("She never smokes. She never keeps people like you.)

(to take care of me)

Ritchie saw a painting on the wall

complimenting Sophia as another art in the house

It made Richie think of

There was a character in it named Sophia too.

My sister was very fond of this character at that time

I don't know if that was the reason

That's why she gave her niece the name

But the niece told Richie

She didn't talk about you.

The sister called.

She complained that he left Sofia alone.

She was angry.

Sofia was the one who turned him away.

And from the beginning to the end.

His own niece never gave him a good look

And when she learned that a strange woman

Tried to open the door of her house

She was shocked.

told Richie to take Sofia to his house.

Hang up the phone.

The two of them packed their things

Richie took Sofia

Came to the bowling alley where he works

Sofia says she doesn't bowl

Takes out his homework and starts writing

Richie tells him

If she doesn't like it, she can still do whatever she likes

And asked him

Don't you ever want to have fun and relax?

Gymnastics is fun.

Gymnastics is good.

But when you do a three-week backflip, you can call it whatever you want.

Your face is like an assassin.

While they're talking.

Someone comes over and tells Richie.

The bowling boss.

Gideon asked him

If he had gone to work at the bar yesterday

Did he see his girlfriend there

Richie took the picture.

Found out that it was the girl who died yesterday

Richie had promised the bar owner

Will keep this a secret

Did not say anything

And left.

Back to Sofia.

Richie saw a man from the bowling ball

Sneaking something out of the bowling ball.

Told Sofia

To go around the corner to get something

Richie is a drug addict.

He took Sofia

To an eerie place

He went inside to get something.

Leaving Sofia outside.

Sofia thought Richie had spent all his money.

Crying, she ran out and wanted to go home.

Richie came out after her

Explained that it was his old place

Just went in to get his hands on a book

He hadn't spent all her money.

Would you like to read one?

She was killed by an arrow.

Yeah, yeah, see? It's like Bugs Bunny.

See? She died, right? But then she came back to life.

Sofia asked Richie a lot of questions.

But for Richie, these questions...

It gave him a headache.

Sofia also asked Richie

Why don't the two siblings communicate anymore?

Your mother and I grew up in an unhealthy home.

I guess she didn't want you to grow up in the same environment.

But I was a part of that environment.

... I became a bad person

And that's when

Sofia's favorite song came on the radio.

She danced to the song.

Richie looked at everyone here in amazement

They were all dancing to the music

Only he didn't fit into the world

Sofia came over and pulled Richie

And asked him to dance with her

Sofia accidentally pushed harder

hurt Rich's cut wrist

And that's when

Richie realized that everything was just an illusion

Sofia took Richie to get stitches.

Just outside.

Richie fainted from weakness.

Sofia rushed to the pharmacy

To buy medicine for Richie to dress his wounds

I know you're down, Richie.

But there are a lot of people worse off than you, okay?

You're better than a lot of people.

At least you don't say I shouldn't exist.

Ah who said you shouldn't exist?

Dad, Dad, Darren.

Sophia's father.

How dare he call her the product of a failed abortion

Take Sofia to a man

Hearing that

Ricky was instantly angry

Took Sofia to him

And beat him up pretty good.

("Darren, I don't know what I'm living for.

But I swear...

... I swear to God...

... If you say some more

More nonsense to my sister and her children

I will live.

(I will live to make your life miserable)

On the subway ride back, the two men who had accepted each other

They fell asleep on each other's shoulders.

Richie drops Sophia off at home.

Before going to sleep

Sofia tells Richie

When he wasn't looking

Read the letter he wrote to his girlfriend

And that

The reason he kept re-writing to his girlfriend

He didn't write the most important words

(You forgot to tell her you love her

That's why you failed)

Ricky waiting for his sister to come home

Security guards used security footage

Security guards used security footage to determine that Richie had smashed the phone downstairs.

Ricky's sister came back and brought him up.

Sophia said good night to her mom.

And hugged Richie to go back to bed

Seeing Sophia's reaction.

The sister taunted Richie for spending the night

To become a good person in front of Sofia.

She gave Richie money as usual.

But this time Richie didn't ask for it.

Through his sister's complaints.

Richie realized

That she didn't want her friend

to see her embarrassment.

That's why he called Richie to help

Although he was miserable at his sister's place.

But he always remembered.

Being bullied himself as a child.

Sister helped give the bully a lesson.

She was so cool then.

Although everything has changed now

But Richie thinks his sister is still the same as before.

Said and walked away

After so much in one day.

Couldn't stop Richie from leaving

He lay in the tub again.

Unwraps the bandages.

The phone rang again.

Richie unplugged the line.

Thought it over.

Picked up the phone anyway.

Sister invited him to dinner on Friday.

And said not to let Sofia down.

Richie burned the letter he wrote to his girlfriend.

Re-wrote a new letter to his girlfriend.

Dear Vesta

I love you ....

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