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Plot "Sea Pianist" movie commentary copy

Plot"The Sea Pianist" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Sea Pianist" movie commentary copy

The shipwright is picking up trash in the auditorium

One day he found an abandoned baby

Named Nineteen Нundred

Accompanied by the shipwright

The children grow up slowly on the ship

But there was an unpredictable wind

In a storm

The boatman was hit in the head by a fish hook

Nineteen Нundred was orphaned from then on

The captain planned to send him to an orphanage

Called the guards to take him away

But they searched for a month

No trace of the child was found

That day

1900 came out of nowhere

played the piano in the auditorium

Everyone was fascinated by the sound of the piano

The captain was also puzzled.

From whom did you learn to play the piano so skillfully

But he was, after all, a man of position.

Finally, only one word was said

You are totally out of order!

(Screw the rules)


The captain found a horn player sea

The first time they met

Hai was vomiting from seasickness while holding a flower pot

1900 took him directly

He took him to a piano

Let the sea to open the piano wheel lock

And the piano

Then the piano swayed and slid away with the boat

Nineteen Нundred didn't care

He played as he slid along

And so the two of them

They swayed along with the boat.

Soon the sea found out too

Against the wind and waves

It feels like a battle with the waves

Follow it

It feels like everything around you is dancing with you

The two of them were intoxicated

But it didn't take more than three seconds

The piano rushed directly into the captain's room

The captain was so angry

A beautiful dream turned into a nightmare

And so Nineteen Нundred and the sea became friends.

They played every day in the hall for the guests.

What the sea didn't expect was

Nineteen Нundred never got off the ship.

Nineteen Нundred had never been on land.

His inspiration for playing

He got his inspiration to play from all sorts of boat people.

He saw a man approaching

He played with his hands

He could play the emotions of a man

With the sound of the piano

The sea saw a business opportunity

Trying to persuade Nineteen Нundred to get off the boat

If he could perform on land

That would be a great way to go

But Nineteen Нundred just wouldn't get off the boat

He said that the people on land

Always ask why

Every day they are obsessed with various things

Instead, they don't feel as comfortable as on a boat

He wouldn't get off the boat.

This night he was playing the piano

Suddenly, a passenger appeared

He talked to Nineteen Нundred about his story

It turned out that the boatman was a farmer

The whole world was to him

There was only that piece of land

He had never seen any big city

And he had no knowledge

Until one day there was a change

He had to leave the farm

On the run

He saw the sea

He heard the sound of the tsunami

At that moment he realized

Life is infinite

It should not stay

For the sake of his daughter

He decided to start his life over

Nineteen Нundred understands all too well

Only the difference between their two worlds is

One was at sea

And one on land

1900's fame grew

Leading to challenges from top piano masters

The maestro was no nonsense

Took a cigarette and lit it

Put it on the piano stand

And began to play

Fingers are strong and powerful

He is a master

At the end of the song

The ashes didn't fall off at all

Applause all around

This shows how strong this skill

1900 did not know what to play

Suddenly inspired to play a Christmas song

After playing

The audience only applauded politely

This was just a warm-up

The maestro was getting serious

Playing a sad piece of music

Nineteen Нundred on the sidelines was in tears

At the end of the performance

A thunderous applause from the audience

It's 1900's turn again.

This time he imitated the master's piece

A hush fell over the audience

The maestro felt insulted

He shot a glance at him

Then he began to play.

His fingers were very nimble.

He played so fast

When he finished playing

He was in tears himself

Nineteen Нundred was not in a hurry

He just held a cigarette in his hand

He left it unlit on the piano stand

He started to play

The audience was quiet.

Nineteen Нundred got up and picked up the cigarette

and pressed it on the strings

The cigarette instantly burned

He walked up to the master

At once the audience applauded like thunder

After this challenge

1900 became so famous

The record company to record his sound

They brought a gramophone on board

They wanted 1900 to release a classic.

While he was improvising and playing.

Suddenly, a woman appeared.

It was the face that Nineteen Нundred liked.

She was using the glass of the cabin as a mirror.

There's no better inspiration than that.

Nineteen Нundred was instantly captivated

He watched her leave.

Just in time to finish playing.

The record company was going to release his music.

But it was for a woman alone.

He didn't want to.

From that day on.

Nineteen Нundred often watched the woman secretly

He couldn't even sleep at night.

Finally, this night he came to the woman's bedroom.

In the 19th century

This is how women wore stockings

1990s, he walked through the stockings

And soon found

The woman who was sleeping

Watching her quietly from the sidelines

Her lips were delicate and red

1900 didn't know what she was thinking

A ghostly kiss

Run away quickly

The next day the ship docked

Nineteen Нundred went up to the woman and grabbed her

Wanted to give her the record

Maybe he was too charismatic

The woman came forward and kissed her directly

He was stunned

For a moment he forgot to give the record to the woman

When he came back to his senses

The woman had been scattered far away by the crowd

He had no choice but to say out loud

Have a good trip

After all, he was still short of courage

Fate is like that

Sometimes it comes and goes quickly

One day they were eating in a restaurant

Nineteen Нundred suddenly said he wanted to get off the boat

I wanted to stand on land

To experience a different kind of life

But the sea laughed

Come on, don't talk nonsense

It's just for that woman.

Nineteen Нundred was embarrassed and didn't say anything.

But the determination to get off the ship did not change

The next day

Nineteen Нundred hugged everyone and said goodbye.

Then he walked towards the land step by step.

But when he was halfway there

He stood still

Looking at the bustling city in front of him

He took off his hat and threw it into the sea

Turned around and went back to the ship

From then on

1900 used to spend every day

Staying in front of the window and staring alone

No one knew what he was thinking about

Not long after that, war broke out.

The sea also decided to get off the ship

After many years

Dahai was penniless

He had no choice but to go to a musical instrument store

To sell his trumpet

But by accident, he found

1900 broken records

I found out from the owner

The record was found in a cruise ship

Now the ship is scrapped.

It was about to be blown up by the authorities.

The sea knew that 1900 must be inside

Immediately borrowed the record

Back to the cruise ship

And played it on a loop in every corner

But Nineteen Нundred never appeared.

Just as the sea was putting the record away.

Then 1900 appeared in the corner

After so many years

They sat face to face again like this

Looking at each other without saying a word

It's not hard to walk off the deck

But this world has everything

Except for the end

Because there is no end

There is no end

There is no choice

For example, a keyboard has a beginning and an end

You know exactly what the 88 keys are

It's right there and there's no mistake

It's not infinite

You are the infinite

The music you can put on the keyboard

The music you can play on the keyboard is infinite

And now you've got me walking across the diving board

To walk into the city

What awaits me is a

Keyboard with no end in sight

On such a keyboard

How can I play

It's God's keyboard

The sea knows it can't persuade

Give 1900 one last hug

Turned around and left

Then Nineteen Нundred played a song in the air

This is the last greeting to life

Then the cruise ship exploded

The ending was unfortunate

In fact, in everyone's heart

We all have our own little boat

A small, almost paranoid home

And his boat

It's the sea

It's the piano

It's the woman.

This is the end of the story

The Legend of 1900" was released in 1998

9.3 out of 10 on Douban

The first time he gave up getting off the boat

He gave up his fortune and reputation

Gave up getting off the ship the second time

He gave up his life

Geniuses are so lonely

They want to live a simple life

They don't want to go with the flow

People can get off the ship

But there's nowhere to put their hearts

Everyone has a ship in their heart

Just because it

Makes us feel truly safe

There are no branches to follow

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