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The Bravest


A pipeline explosion occurred at the seaport terminal in Binhai City. The crude oil in the entire tank area flowed outward along the A01 tank, turning into a sea of fire and bursting of explosions that threatened the safety of the city, the province, and even neighboring countries. While panicked citizens ran in all directions, a fire truck rushed into the fire in the opposite direction ......

The Bravest 


Today I bring you the "The Bravest" co-starring Huang Xiaoming and Du Jiang. One morning Jiang Liwei received a mission——a hot pot restaurant on fire. But it was because of the "mistake" command of this task, so that he was removed from his post. Not only that, but it also led to the sacrifice of his comrades. Because of this mistake, he was assigned to catch pigs for his folks, which made his teammates look down on him. After being dismissed, Jiang Liwei finally had time to accompany his son to school activities.

But the good times did not last long, Jiang Liwei received the task——an explosion in an oil storage site. The fire occurred because of a malfunctioning valve. The manager was reluctant to re-declare it because he was afraid of wasting time, and he chose to just change an oil bin. But as a result, an accident happened because of improper operation. The pipe started to expand and then exploded. He had to abandon his son and wife, and his good brother was already on his way to the scene. The fire fighters starring Yang Zi and Ou Hao——Xu Xiaobin and Wang Lu were happily taking wedding photos when suddenly, they both left everyone and ran away because they both were also fire fighters. The chain reaction from the explosion soon spread from the sea to the edge of the city and left many people injured. Firefighters from all walks of life soon arrived at the scene of the fire. The commander-in-chief quickly laid out the task, and everyone had their own task.
  Jiang Liwei was angry when he heard the call from the general manager of the port and learned that the valves between the other tanks were open. He told the general manager of the port to go to the command center immediately to report the situation. After the port general manager reflected this problem, the chief commander was furious. Because now the most terrible is not the A01 tank, but with it has all the way to the chemical tank area, which stores a large number of toxic gases. If these gases are inhaled by the human body, the central nervous system will be paralyzed, and will stop breathing within fifteen minutes. If there is an explosion here, the lives of eight million people in the city will be at risk. If the toxic gases and crude oil are to flow into the sea, even neighboring countries will suffer.
  At this time, the general manager of the port said that the only way to minimize the consequences was to turn off the valve connecting the No. 1 large tank to the rest of the area. At this time Jiang Liwei found emergency power supply personnel to energize the valve. However, the technician was unwilling to do it even if he was given 200,000, because he did not want to die inside. In desperation, Jiang Liwei could only personally take the technician to close the valve. But because of the explosion, the technician was so scared that he wanted to pull Jiang Liwei to escape. Soon the news of the fire spread to the general public, the fire made people panic.

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