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Plot "Happy Valley" movie commentary copy

Plot"Happy Valley" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Happy Valley" movie commentary copy

Brother and sister travel to a black and white TV show

Even the food you eat is black

Only after acting in this drama can you return to the real world

The movie brought to you today is called "Happy Valley

Johnnie is an introverted geek

His favorite thing

Is to eat snacks and watch TV shows at home

His sister Jane is energetic and generous

This day

Mom and Dad finally went out

Jane wanted to bring her boyfriend to the house to watch a soccer game

The time of the game

This clashes with Keung's TV show

The two of them were holding the remote control against each other

They broke the remote control in half

The repairman seemed to know in advance

He came to their home and gave them a new one

Told them that the remote control had magic powers

It can make people travel to the TV

After the repairman left

They accidentally pressed a button in the scramble

So they were really sucked in by the TV

At that moment, the TV show "Happy Valley", which was Johnnie's favorite, was playing

And so they arrived in the world of Happy Valley

As children, they lived in a couple's house

The repairman who gave them the remote control appeared in the TV set

and told them

Only if they follow the plot and finish the show

before they could come out at the end

In the world of Pleasantville

The colors are only black and white

People love each other

There is no violence, only laughter

And food is always in abundance

Seems perfect

Johnnie already liked the show

So he enjoyed his life here

But Precious found it very boring

She had a hard time eating a black and white breakfast

She was ready to go out for a look

She came outdoors

She saw that the firemen could only climb the trees to save the cats

This peaceful place would not catch fire at all

As she was clamoring to go home

She met the handsome basketball team captain

Precious fell in love with him at first sight


They go on their first date

But in this old movie

The lovers are very conservative

Precious' passion makes the basketball captain in this night

Opened up a new world

The people around the date are affected by their actions

And because the conservative culture is changed

The town's flowers turned red.

Cars turned green.

Bubble gum turned pink.

People started to become free and spontaneous

These changes also caught the attention of Johnnie

He went to work in a fast food restaurant

But the boss told him he didn't want to open a store anymore

He wanted to pursue his dream of painting

His mother also noticed the problem

The playing cards in her hand also turned into colors

In the evening

Mom asked Precious what happened between her and the basketball team captain

What had happened with the basketball team captain?

Zhen confessed that she had sex with him

But the mother from the TV show never understood this

So that night

Mom followed the method Precious taught her

She also discovered a new world

The tree in front of the house suddenly caught fire

The firemen came and found

Because the place had never been on fire before

So they couldn't put out the fire

Keung had to personally teach them to use the fire extinguisher

That's how the crisis was solved without any danger

More and more people in the town became colored

It turns out that the rule to become colorful is to change yourself

Originally, the books here were blank

After Keung taught them how to read and write

Generated knowledge that was not in the TV series

Since then the book also appeared words and pictures

And at this time

After mom changed herself that night

Surprisingly, she also became colored

Because my father resisted colorful people

I felt a little anxious after I became colorful

At the same time

The mayor felt that the residents had their own thoughts

It was getting harder and harder to manage

His power was being threatened

So he implements strict measures to resist this change

Johnnie's father was also involved

The mayor ordered that all colorful pictures and books be torn down.

Anyone who made colorful objects would be sent to jail

Mom didn't want to be blamed by Dad

So she asked Jonny to help her every day

She painted her whole body in black and white

Although Johnnie agreed to his mother's request

But he gradually felt that it was wrong

Shouldn't people pursue their own nature?

Keung finally got up the courage

He asked the girl he had long been in love with on a date

The girl also agreed to his request

Then the maintenance man reappeared

He warned Keung to stop breaking the order of the place

If this continues

They will never get out

But Keung, who was in a state of happiness, couldn't care less

They all changed

Precious, who didn't like to study, also read books

On the day of the date

He took the girl and drove her to the lake

On the way, pink flower petals fell beside the car

The green lawn was also full of life

Everything seemed to be going in a good direction

The fast-food restaurant owner who pursues art has always had a crush on his mother

One night

He overheard that his mother was in color

This made him even more fascinated

So he painted a colorful portrait of his mother

This act caused a rainstorm to fall in Pleasant Valley

People who had never seen a rainstorm before were terrified

The next day

A rainbow appeared in the sky

The owner of the fast food restaurant and all the items in the restaurant

Also turned into colors

Precious also had color because she started to study

Mom's free spirit was finally awakened

She decided to leave this depressing home

But Johnnie was still in black and white

He feels a little tearful

The portraits are hung in the restaurant and cause a furore

The mayor united with the opponents of color

directly to the boss's store to smash

Because of the color portrait

Mom was being pointed out in the street

Johnnie couldn't stand it

Stepped in to protect his mother

He finally became a colorful

That's when he realized

Happy Valley only looks perfect and peaceful on the surface

But the people here suppress their own nature

Can't wear sexy clothes

Can't do what they like

Although it may seem like there's nothing to worry about here

But they weren't happy.

He decided to join forces with the restaurant owner to change the place.

Together they painted a picture on the wall

Because of this painting

They were taken to court

In the courtroom

Johnnie questioned his father

Did he really like the black and white color of his mother

Dad thought of himself

The first time he saw his mother

Mom was still colorful then

He couldn't help but cry

At this moment

Dad also became colorful

The mayor was very angry

But just when he was angry

He also became colorful

From this moment on

The town of Pleasantville was full of colors

There was no longer just one kind of weather

People's emotions are no longer single

Life is like this

In fact, there is no need to follow the previous plot

Because of the happy ending of this drama

Keung was able to return to the real world

But Zhen decided to stay in Happy Valley

To live with the basketball team leader

This is the end of the movie

Does a perfect life like Black and White Happy Valley really exist?

Maybe life is like the plot of a TV show

Always full of ups and downs

It's these different colors

That's what makes life so fun

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