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Insect Detective


Tan Jingtian, a graduate student in toxicological entomology at the Provincial Entomology Institute, is inadvertently involved in a bizarre case in which the cause of death is directly related to a rare bug, the bullet ant. To prove his innocence, Tan assists the police in solving the case and thus crosses paths with a young female forensic scientist, Jin Ling. Tan Jingtian's expertise in insects and Jin Ling's precise forensic analysis complement each other, and together with the chief of the police, Chen Han, and the other detectives, they are able to trace the clues of each case.Tan Jingtian, Jin Ling and the police officers of the Criminal Investigation Department have completed the solving of the "American cockroach case", the "blind stink bug case", the "kowtow bug case", the "multi-eyed gray butterfly case" and the "cryptophage case".In the process, Tan Jingtian also solves the mystery of his own birth and uncovers the real culprit hidden for years.

Insect Detective 


The woman was intoxicated with happiness, but was unaware of the danger that had crept in. At that moment, a mysterious man suddenly opened the car door, dragged the woman out of the car, and then pressed her to the ground, and then choked her to death. The woman screamed in a desperate struggle, but in this remote riverbank, no one can hear her scream. Soon the woman did not move. Then the mystery man dragged the woman to the shore, and threw her directly into the cold river water. And so a fresh life left the world.

The deceased's name is Xie Tianqi. After the autopsy of forensic scientist Wang, he deduced that Xie Tianqi was first choked unconscious, and then thrown into the river after the death. But after the old Wang's apprentice Jin Ling reconfirmed, she found that Xie Tianqi's body actually appeared to be burned traces. This puzzled Old Wang as well. Finally Jin Ling looked up on the Internet and found that the burns were probably caused by some kind of insect bites. So the captain immediately asked Jin Ling to contact her boyfriend Tan Jingtian. Tan Jingtian is a very powerful insect expert who has used insects to help the police solve a number of unsolved cases. Just a few seconds after the picture was sent, Tan Jingtian said the name of the insect that caused the burns——Paederus fuscipes Curtis. Paederus fuscipes Curtis live in places with abundant water and grass such as lakes and marshes, and is a relatively common insect. They usually look inconspicuous, but they bite people ......

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