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Jiang Xibao (played by Guo Caijie) was born into a poor family and had suffered a lot from poverty since she was a child, so she had a strong desire for money. By chance, Jiang Xibao meets a girl named Xu Conghui (played by Li Yanman) on an airplane and learns that Xu Conghui is a young lady born with a golden spoon. The two of them soon become good friends as they have a good conversation. Through Xu Conghui, Jiang Xibao and her father, Xu Cunzi (played by Zhang Guozhu), get acquainted. She wanted to set up a match between Xi Bao and her brother, Xu Cunzi (played by Cao Enqi), but she didn't know that Xi Bao's charm would attract Xu Cunzi. Unable to resist Xu Cunzi's monetary advances, Xi Bao falls in love with him and becomes his mistress. Although financially satisfied, Xi Bao is soon consumed by the emptiness of her soul again.



Today I bring you the "Xibao" - our heroine Xibao is a young girl who is still studying abroad although her family is quite poor. On this day, Xi Bao is on her way back to China, just because she took an extra look at the girl next to her on the plane, she got this girl's attention. This rich girl named Xu Conghui and Xi Bao chatted all the way. When Xi Bao got off the plane, Cong Hui not only sent her home, but also invited Xi Bao to her engagement party and introduced her fiance to Xi Bao. As soon as Xi Bao arrives home, she sees her bedridden mother. Not long after that, her mother died. Then, a man comes to her house——it's Xi Bao's father! It turned out that he had come to ask for money. When Xibao heard this, she got angry then and kicked her father out!

After Xi Bao chased her father away, she went to Xu Conghui's house to attend her engagement party. Here, she also met Xu Conghui's older brother and sister. Unexpectedly, Xu Conghui's brother fell in love with the young Xi Bao right away. But his love rival is no other than his father - the head of the Xu family.Every day a group of outsiders gathered in front of the Xu family's door, waiting to meet the old Xu. At the engagement dinner of Xu Conghui, everyone was singing and dancing, but Xibao was a little bit unable to blend in, so she found a place to entertain herself ......


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