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Plot "Love-Home" movie commentary copy

Plot"love - home" movie comment ary copy

Plot "Love-Home" movie commentary copy

This is a child from the city named Ayu

The first time she goes to her grandmother's house in the countryside

Her face is covered with furrows

full of vicissitudes

Grandma just wanted to reach out and touch Ayu

But he avoided it

Look again

The cobwebs under the door frame

The cracked earth wall

Bugs crawling around the house

Ayu became even more disgusted with his grandmother

He even urinated with impunity

spilling it on Grandma's shoes

It turns out that

Ayu's mother was unemployed

Needs to focus on finding a job

No time to spend with the child

So she asked his mother, who lives in the countryside

to take care of him for a while

and then

Only left some nutritional products

and left in a hurry

After sending his daughter away

Grandma went to take Ayu's hand

Ayu was very resistant

He even raised his hand to hit his grandmother

Grandmother has a mute disease

She drew circles on her chest with her hand

to say sorry

But Ayu called her grandmother

She's an old, dumb mute

Grandmother heard it in her ears

She wasn't angry at all

She waved her hand and took Ayu home

But Ayu's mouth was crooked

showing a contemptuous and disdainful smile

The two grandma and grandson just walked in front of each other

Walking apart at a distance

Every few steps Grandma took

she couldn't help but look back

to see if Ayu was following her

It was already late in the evening when they arrived home

Grandma gave Ayu some food

But Ayu returned the food and rice to Grandma

Then he ate his own food.

The meat he brought from the city for lunch.

Grandma took out the candy she'd kept for years

to make her grandson happy.

But Ayu took one look at it

Turned away with a disgusted face

Playing video games

Grandma looked at her grandson in disbelief

A little confused

We are obviously a family

But they seem to live in two worlds

Ayu relies on the toys he brought from the city

He was enjoying himself every day

Grandma knew

This grandson does not like himself

So she never bothered him

She just quietly helped him pack his toys

Doing the housework on the side

For many nights

Ayu played video games alone

Grandma was sewing shoes

Because of her poor eyesight

would ask Ayu to help thread the shoes

Ayu impatiently helped grandmother to thread

but also deliberately stretched the thread

so that she would not disturb her game

But suddenly

The game machine ran out of power

He pestered his grandmother to buy batteries

Grandma took out her empty pockets

saying that she had no money

Ayu didn't believe her

He chased her all the way to the river

But Grandma really couldn't get it

She could only draw a circle on her chest

She said she was sorry.

Ayu angry grandmother pushed down

Then he ran home and started rummaging through the cupboard

Rummaging around

Not a single thing of value

In a fit of rage

He kicked the altar that Grandma had just washed and broke

And secretly threw away Grandma's shoes

Grandmother had to walk barefoot on the

on the rugged mountain road

to fetch water for him to cook

And that's not all

Ayu took advantage of his grandmother's nap

Stole her silver hairpin

He ran all the way to the village store

But in this poor little place

There was no such thing as

button batteries for game consoles.

When Grandma woke up

silently combed her hair

Although she was a mute

But her heart was as clear as a mirror

How could she not guess what had happened?

She walked to the mountain road with her crutches

to pick up the lost Ayu and take him home


The battery problem was not yet solved

Ayu brought from the city

lunch meat from the city was also eaten

But he is a picky eater

Still refused to eat Grandma's cooking

So Grandma gestured

asked him what he wanted to eat.

Ayu didn't hesitate

He excitedly said a series of food

(pizza, hamburger, KFC)

Grandma didn't understand

Ayu then took out a flyer

and pointed it out to Grandma

He said he wanted to eat KFC

But after a long time

Grandmother still misunderstood

She mistook her grandson for a chicken

So she wrapped up a bag of herbs she had picked

She left home in silence

(Come back soon, I'll wait for you)

After that

It was raining heavily

Grandma carried a chicken with her

Walking hard on the rugged and muddy mountain road

When the old man returned home

She was soaked to the skin

But she didn't care to rest

First, she covered her grandson with a blanket

Immediately busy in the kitchen again

In no time

she was carrying a pot of fragrant boiled chicken

to her grandson's mouth

I didn't expect Ayu to burst into tears


(This is not Kentucky chicken)

(This is boiled!)

Grandma gestured with her hand to show the chicken's appearance

She couldn't understand why her grandson was unhappy

And Ayu knocked the rice bowl on the table

and knocked the rice bowl on the table to the ground

He turned his head and continued to cry under the blanket

Grandmother hurriedly put the rice back into the bowl

Then she picked up the rice grains that were stuck to the pit

and ate it herself

At the end of the day

Ayu was so hungry that he couldn't stand it anymore

He lifted the lid of the pot

and gobbled up the chicken


the next day when Ayu woke up

only to find his grandmother still asleep

And she wouldn't wake up even after being called...

It turns out

Because yesterday, when buying chicken for the grandson

It had rained all day

And walked a long way up the mountain

She was very tired

Grandmother fell ill

It was then that Ayu realized

Grandmother actually used a broken spoon as a hairpin

He felt a little guilty

So he took the stolen silver hairpin

And quietly inserted it back in

To make up for his mistake

Ayu purposely made a nutritious lunch

to make a nutritious lunch for Grandma.

This was also the first time Ayu volunteered to do housework

He had always been a mischievous boy

It was as if he had suddenly grown up a bit

After a while

Grandmother's illness finally recovered

So he took his grandson to the market

Intended to sell some pumpkins and herbs

To exchange some change

Looking at the flowery world outside

Ayu was beaten back to his original form

With the money he earned from his grandmother's long hours of work

Buy a new pair of shoes

Then he went to a restaurant and had a bowl of fried noodles

And the grandmother across the street

kept drinking the free hot water to satisfy her hunger

She tried her best to make her grandson happy

but didn't want to spend a penny more for herself

But Ayu was still not satisfied

Before leaving town

He pointed to the chocolate cake the kid next door was eating

He asked his grandmother to buy them for him

Grandmother picked up the bag on the ground

and went to the kiosk

The grandmother here and she were old acquaintances

They were very close

Grandma asked for 2 brownies

But the grandmother gave several more

She insisted on not taking the money

Granny saw that she couldn't resist her

So she took out herbs as a thank you

Before she left, she said

("I can't come to see you because my knee hurts.)

("Come back more often.)

("We'll see each other again before we die.)

Such calm words

But it sounds heartbreaking

For these elderly people, old friends

It really means that seeing one more time

is one less

When Grandma found Ayu with her food

But Ayu wouldn't let Grandma get in the car.

("I'll sit with Xiaoyi)

(You can go alone)

It turned out that there was a girl in the car

Ayu's favorite girl.

He felt that the dirty grandmother was embarrassing him

So he told her to sit down for a while.

Grandma wanted Ayu to take the package with him.

But Ayu pushed her away with disgust

The car drove away

Grandma's cane fell on the ground

Standing alone in the same place

After getting off the bus

Ayu waited under the stop sign for Grandma to return

But one car after another came

But it was too late for Grandma to get off

Ayu began to panic

Until the sun was about to set

Grandma appeared with her walking stick

in sight

It turns out that the reason Grandma took so long to arrive

It wasn't that she didn't catch the bus

but she didn't want to spend the money

So she walked from the town

and walked back step by step

Ayu complained to her grandmother

Why did it take so long to come back?

She had waited in the sun for so long

Grandma was still drawing circles on her chest

Apologizing to Ayu

On the way home

Ayu secretly took the remaining

last packet of brownies

Into grandmother's bag

to make up for his debt to his grandmother

But then at night

Ayu started acting up again...

Because he was afraid to go to the bathroom alone at night

Grandson let his frail grandmother

Followed by his ass

Ayu squatting inside

And grandmother with the cold wind



(Right there)

Ayu is not only a stinker.

He's also quite beautiful

Because the girl he likes

invited him to her house.

He looked at the mirror

Adjusted the hair

But after a lot of work

He always felt that his hairstyle

Wasn't handsome enough

So he gestured with his hands for a long time

Let his grandmother cut his hair

But as he cut his hair

he fell asleep

When he woke up

His hair looked like this

(What is this?)

("It's ugly)

("I told you to cut it less)

(Not like this!)

It's almost time for the appointment.

Ayu had a brainstorm

Put a black cloth on his head

as a headband to hide his face

Now he dares to bring the gift

to the girl's house as a guest

At that moment

He found on the cart

There was a small box in a very rustic color

Such an ugly thing

How can I give it away

So he put it in his pocket

Not long after that

Ayu came back from the girl's house

Holding the girl gave him a rogue rabbit

Ayu, who was in a good mood

Looked at the mountain road in front of him

He suddenly became very playful

So he got on the wheelbarrow

Ready to slide down

The result

Ayu fell hard

The cart was gone

Knee is also broken

Ayu can only hold the rogue rabbit

limping home

He remembered the little box

Took it out and opened it to find

Inside was his own game console

and two pieces of money

Ayu tears fell down indefensibly

Because he knew

Grandma had left it for him to buy batteries

When he reached the entrance of the village

He saw his grandmother looking for him anxiously

Ayu finally couldn't help but cry out loud

This time he really knew that he was wrong

Hearing the cries

Grandmother rushed over

rubbed her grandson's bleeding knee

Then she dried his tears and gently stroked him.

Finally, the old man handed Ayu a letter

It was sent by his mother from the city

It turns out

She had found a job.

She'll be back in a few days to take him away.

But after he left

Grandma will be all alone again

She didn't even have someone to talk to.

The night before she was about to leave her house

Ayu taught Grandma how to write over and over again.

I miss you.

I'm sick.

But Grandma's eyes are old and blurry.

She couldn't write at all

Ayu was so anxious that he cried and said

You can't talk

And you can't make phone calls.

So you have to write to me.


(If you get sick)

(Just send me an empty letter)

(So I know it's you.)

(I will come to see you as soon as possible)

Grandchildren cry

Grandma cried too

That night

Ayu didn't go to sleep.

Instead, he threaded his grandmother's needles one by one

Because he was afraid that if he left.

No one would help Grandma thread her needles

At that moment

Ayu also finally understood

The bond between his grandmother and his family

But he understood it all too late

Soon the day of separation finally arrived.

Mom took him to the car.

Grandma kept knocking on the car window

Wanting to see him again

And Ayu kept his head down

He didn't want his grandmother to see him in tears

After the car started.

Ayu finally couldn't resist

Run behind the car window

He drew circles on his chest just like his grandmother

Not only to say goodbye and apologize to Grandma

Thanks to Grandma these days

Taking care of herself and forgiving herself

The movie is called "Love~Home

The grandmother in the movie has no lines

Succeeded in making countless people cry

And this grandmother is not a professional actress

The director found the old lady in a ravine with only eight families

The old lady was found

The old lady's name was Jin Yifen

She was over 70 years old at that time

She had a boy and two girls.

Her partner died 10 years ago

She was left alone at home

At first, she refused to act in the film

Thought she was dressed too dirty

It would be embarrassing to the children

But it was her unique simplicity

has allowed countless people to see

her own grandmother's shadow

After filming

Playing the role of her grandson in the movie

Korean actor Yu Seung-ho

often took time to visit her

He also fulfilled his promise in the movie

On April 17 this year

Grandma's actress

Kim Ye-fun passed away

At the age of 95

But she will always live on in the image

And in the memories of the audience

If your hometown

There is still an old man who cares about you

Remember to visit more often when you have time

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