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Thriller Korean drama "Search 04" movie review Explanation material Afterthoughts

ThrillerKorean drama "Search 04" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Thriller Korean drama "Search 04" movie review Explanation material Afterthoughts

What's wrong with this man?

He's incredibly strong.

He's also incredibly fast

He can avoid machine gun fire

Perfectly avoiding the machine gun fire

Such a terrifying being

How to kill it?

I never thought that the special team

Could come up with such an amazing solution

Back to two days ago.

Soldiers Dongjin and Ye-rim were running wildly

They were running fast towards the base

They just received a message from their comrades

The mysterious man had appeared at the base.

The lives of their comrades inside were already hanging by a thread

They finally ran back to the base

The soldiers outside the gate were still confused about the situation.

Dongjin did not have time to explain

He rushed straight into the hall

He saw his comrade Xiao Jun flying in from afar

He was badly injured at that moment

He couldn't say a word

Suddenly the figure of the mysterious man reappeared

After several jumps, he rushed out of the camp

Dongzhen rushed after him with his dog

But the other side was too fast.

It didn't take long for Dongjin to lose the target.

He was concerned about the safety of his teammates

He quickly turned around and returned to the camp

On the way, he met a villager, Hua.

She was very curious about the gunshots she had just heard.

Dongzhen couldn't explain much.

He said hello and left in a hurry

But he did not know

Just after the enemy just stopped

The mystery man dropped a claw

And a piece of military rags

It happened to be found by Hua and her wife

When Dongzhen rushed back to the camp

He saw the cold body of

Comrade Xiaojun's cold body

He couldn't say anything at once

He hadn't even eaten yet

Dongjin felt that he had to do something for him

So he grabbed his gun and walked straight out

Ready to find the mystery man to avenge his comrade

But the captain stopped him

The mystery man is the team's common target.

It is not allowed to act alone like this.

Dongjin did not care about this at this time

He immediately shouted at the captain.

After hearing this, the captain did not care about the situation

He went straight forward and knocked Dong-jin down with one punch

That's what calmed him down.

The desire to kill

The desire to kill the mystery man also became stronger and stronger

But it seems that no one has a good solution.

The only one present at the time of the incident, Jun

Although he was the first to be attacked

But he soon fell into a coma

He was unable to provide any useful clues

When dealing with the aftermath of the death

Dongjin saw Xiaojun's parents crying in pain

His heart felt even worse

The death of a soldier

Not only does it bring loss to the country

It also means

A family is torn apart

He knew that it was useless to remain depressed.

Avenging his comrades was the right thing to do right now.

Soon his chance came.

The scouts installed surveillance at the entrance of the village

He saw the mysterious man infiltrate the village again.

The captain immediately saw the enemy

He had just lost one of his teammates in battle.

If anything happened to the villagers nearby.

Then the consequences are unthinkable

So he immediately mobilized all the team members

Centered on the village

Start a carpet search

Dongzhen and his teammates

Soon arrived at the village street

Suddenly they saw Hua's daughter, Xiaohua, all alone

If this encounter with the mysterious person that will be a disaster

So Dongzhen immediately separated from the team

Intended to send the girl home first before

She has always been very kind to Dongzhen

So when she was about to arrive home

The little girl handed an old-fashioned camera

And gave it to the soldier in front of him.

He didn't take it seriously at first

But when he accidentally saw the contents of the camera

He was in a cold sweat

The footage recorded

The whole process of the inter-Korean conflict in 1997.

There was even a picture of Congressman Lee Hyuk and the commander of Handae.

To cover up the truth, he shot his teammate.

If this record is true

It will undoubtedly be a bombshell in the South Korean political arena.

It's a coincidence.

The original owner of the old camera.

It was Commander Han Dae-guk.

He sent Captain Man-gyu here on a mission.

He was secretly instructed

He had to find the lost camera.

But it was washed up in the village by the river

And then Hana found it

She gave it to Dongjin.

At this moment, Lieutenant Li, the deputy captain

Also saw the content of the camera

But his face did not show shock

Instead, he calmly told Dong-jin

This could be the footage taken during a military exercise.

The most important thing right now is to kill the mystery man.

All other matters should be put aside.

The reason he said that

The reason why he said that is because the video of Congressman Lee Hyuk

It's his father.

Dong-jin thought about it.

And he doesn't know

The person in the video is Commander Han Dae-jin

So he didn't hand over the camera

Soon Ye-rim's side brought good news

The research institute had cracked the virus in the mystery man

And has developed two tubes of inhibitors

If you ingest the back of the head

will kill him immediately.

All of Dongjin's thoughts were now

was focused on killing the mystery man.

According to the footprints on the mud at the entrance of the village.

He found the path the mystery man took every time he entered the village.

That's why it went so well.

Because the mystery man was carrying the rabies virus.

Some of his habits are similar to those of a dog.

And Dongzhen, who was born in the military.

He happens to know a lot about dogs.

He found out that the entire village outskirts

He found that the entire village was planted with a plant

It emits a smell

A smell that dogs hate.

That's why the mystery man's route to the village was fixed every time

That is the canal where no lily of the valley was planted

And Dongjin also tested it.

Can cause the other party to have a temporary disorientation symptoms

Previously, when dealing with the mystery man

It had happened before.

So a mature plan

In Dongjin's mind.

We could install high frequency noise at the intersection

Install high frequency noise

To force him into a large warehouse.

And then use high power noise to put him in a coma.

It would be very difficult for the target not to take over.

The task force quickly began to prepare.

The first thing to do is to evacuate the villagers

We can't let them get hurt.

The villagers also cooperated

They all gathered in the

The village air-raid shelter for the time being

Then the soldiers started to place loudspeakers at various intersections

And then the soldiers started to place loudspeakers

Since this area is still some distance from Area 21

To avoid interference from shielded signals

So the drone can also be useful

When everything was ready.

All that was left for the special team was to wait

It wasn't long before

A mysterious black shadow appeared in the surveillance

The long-awaited soldiers immediately turned on the loudspeaker

It looked painful.

It worked!

The crowd was relieved

Using cameras and aerial drones to send back images

Every time the mystery man reached an intersection

A loudspeaker was placed in advance to make noise

Forcing him step by step to his final destination, the warehouse.

While all the soldiers were doing their best to carry out the mission.

Lieutenant Li, the deputy leader, looked very relaxed

It turns out that when he was stomping around the warehouse before

He pretended to fall and hurt his leg

Instead, he was asked to stay at the camp and take command.

Now he suddenly stood up

His legs, which were sick and cramped before, were back to normal

Quickly walked to Dongzhen's bedside

He took out the old camera

Then he went outside the courtyard and dropped it with force

The camera, which had recorded

The camera, which had recorded the congressman's crimes, was smashed to pieces.

The plan to kill the mystery man went well at first.

But when it passed the last intersection

something unexpected happened.

The loudspeaker here suddenly failed to work.

The mystery man did not follow the established route.

Instead, he coincidentally came in front of the scout

He slapped him unconscious.

Just as the mystery man was about to kill him

Sister Hua, a villager, happened to pass by

The two just stared at each other in disbelief

It's a coincidence that

Since Hua had never believed

that the village was attacked by wild dogs

At this time, she often paid attention to

Every move of the special task force

Rounding up a pack of hunting dogs

There is no need to make such a big fuss

And there have been several casualties in the village

According to eyewitness accounts

The killer was dressed in a military uniform.

Their appearance was similar to human beings.

So she was convinced that the soldiers were after

Must not be as simple as wild dogs

Sister Hua was originally born in the special forces

Will not just sit back and wait for a fee

A few days ago, she organized the villagers to save themselves

They dug traps in places where livestock gathered

This time the military asked the villagers to take shelter in the bomb shelter

Sister Fa kept an extra eye out

On her way back to get her daughter's toys

She happened to see soldiers standing by

She knew this was a big deal

Curiosity wanted to find out what was going on

Who knew that she would meet the right person here

But she didn't seem to panic at that moment

She picked up the rifle on the ground and started firing wildly

But the effect was really not good

At that moment

Dongzhen, who was standing guard in the warehouse, appeared

A few shots successfully attracted the attention of the mystery man

He was able to lure him into the warehouse very smoothly

The plan was finally back on track.

After locking the door of the warehouse

Ye-rim, who had been waiting for a long time

Quickly activated the high-powered loudspeaker

The mystery man immediately wailed in pain on the floor

Dongjin didn't stay idle either

He was shooting at the side

But at the critical moment

The loudspeaker suddenly stopped working because of the overload

The mystery man took the opportunity to crawl behind the wooden box

Got a chance to breathe

The wheel of fortune turns

Now it's their turn to be unlucky

In terms of small-scale single-armed combat

The mystery man is naturally very strong

Dong-jin and Ye-rim were not even able to fight together

Soon Ye-rim was cornered by the mysterious man

cornered and in danger

At the critical moment, Dongjin's universe exploded

leapt down from the conveyor belt not far away

Stabbed the dagger deep into the back of the mystery man's neck

I didn't expect it to have such a strong life force

It still had the strength to fight back

Strangled Dongzhen by the neck

Make him unable to move

Quickly took out the inhibitor prepared in advance

He ran to the back of the mystery man's neck

and stabbed him with force.

This tough opponent finally fell down

Soon after the other team members also arrived at the scene

Looking at the mystery man on the ground for a long time without saying a word

Lieutenant Li also learned from the radio

The mystery man was subdued.

He immediately reported the incident to his father, Lee Hyuk

At the same time, he also told his father about the broken camera

When Lee Hyuk found out about this

He also had a relieved look on his face

But could he really be cleared of his crime so easily?

This mysterious man who was subdued

What is the origin of this mysterious man?

Why does he carry the mutated rabies virus?

There must be a series of conspiracies involved

A series of unknown conspiracies

The answers to all the questions can only be revealed in the next issue


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