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Thriller Korean drama "Search 05" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

ThrillerKorean drama "Search 05" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

Thriller Korean drama "Search 05" movie review Commentary material Afterthoughts

This little girl accidentally got lost in the woods

She wants to call her mother

But the signal is too bad, but she can't dial

Suddenly there was a movement in the grass

When she turned around to look

Is there still a humanoid monster living here?

She knew that just a few days ago

The military's special team

had just killed

A horrible virus infected person

Then the black figure in the woods

What is it?

Back in time 2 days ago

After the team completed the mission to kill the infected virus

Everyone was looking good and glowing

Because they were about to return

back to their respective teams

The villagers were also happy to leave the shelter.

But some were happy and some were sad.

Back in the dormitory, Dongjin found

The camera in the bedside table had disappeared.

He ran to ask Lieutenant Lee if he had seen it.

In fact, he was the one who took the camera.

But he won't admit it now.

To celebrate the completion of the mission.

Cui had prepared a sumptuous meal

after everyone finished eating happily

Yelin had to rush back to study the mystery man's corpse

so he was the first one in the team to return

This also means that Dongjin Ye-rim

it was time for the two lovers to part

both of them obviously care about each other a lot

But no one is willing to take the lead

This feeling is a little bitter

but a little sweet at the same time

As soon as Yelin returned to the institute

he started to work hard

Soon after, a new discovery was made

the mystery man was the same as the post-mortem Pvt. Wu

they both had marks of wild dog bites on their bodies

That means the virus in their bodies

They both came from the wild dog that was shot and danced before.

But there was no wound on this dog's body

The only possibility is that there is another host

Through blood or saliva

Causing the rabies virus in the wild dog to mutate

But at this time the special team members do not know this

They were packing their things and preparing to evacuate

Suddenly, the communications officer received a message.

Congressman Lee Hyuk was coming to inspect District 21.

Captain Man-gyu was not in the camp.

He was looking for something important

Looking for something important

Just a short time ago, Man-gyu received an important piece of information

When a conflict occurred in Border District 21 in '97

A North Korean officer was bringing

A North Korean officer was going to run to South Korea with a mysterious object

But halfway there, the person and the item suddenly disappeared.

The mystery of what the mystery item was has become an unsolved mystery.

All we know is that it was a strategic radioactive material.

It just so happens that not long ago

Ye-rim reported that the mystery man

was carrying some kind of radioactive material

That made Man-gyu's heart flutter

the two things are connected

Could this mysterious substance still be in Area 21

At this moment, on the detector

A strong radiation reaction was detected.

Man-kyu followed the signal

And gradually came to an abandoned building.

When he was about to go deeper

Suddenly, he received a text message from his comrades

He said that Congressman Lee Hyuk was coming to visit.

Man-gyu had to stop the operation and go back home

This made him feel very bad

The first thing he did when he returned

The first thing he did was to reveal the fact that Lieutenant Lee was

Lee Hyuk's biological son

This surprised everyone

Especially Dong Jin, he instantly understood

The camera was most likely stolen by Lieutenant Lee

So he quickly found him and confronted him face to face

To his surprise, Lieutenant Lee confessed.

His father, Lee Hyuk, was about to run in the election.

If the content of the video was made public

It would have a bad effect on him

After hearing this, Dong-jin was furious and denounced him

He doesn't deserve to be a soldier

He was even more scornful of his father's actions

When South Korean MP Lee Hyuk came to inspect the barracks

This soldier boy

He had no regard for his honorable status

Instead, he looked at him with contempt

Even when he shook hands, he didn't look at him.

But the captain's behavior was the opposite of his

He actually took the initiative to flatter Li Hyuk

He said that once he found the radioactive materials in Area 21.

He would offer it to him as a bargaining chip for his presidential campaign.

His direct superior, Han Dae-guk, was not worth following.

So the next day, the captain woke up early.

He planned to go into the mountains again to look for supplies.

He didn't even want to attend the disbanding ceremony of the special task force.

In the end, it was left to Lieutenant Li

The vice captain presided over the ceremony.

After the ceremony was over

All the members of the squad picked up their luggage

Ready to return to their respective companies

But at that moment

The radio suddenly sounded

It said that the village's Little Flower was missing

Ask everyone to help find the whereabouts

Not long after that

Little Flower's mother, Sister Hua, also rushed over

Asking for help from the special team

It turns out that not long ago

Hana was attracted by a squirrel on her way to school

She ran into District 21 alone

This was also captured by the borderline surveillance

When Lieutenant Li found out about it

Without saying a word, he immediately mobilized the team

Put on the equipment again and prepare to go into the mountains to find people


Ye-rim was still thinking about the host of the virus

She thought about the infected people she killed before

they all had red eyes

But the first time when she was in Area 21

the eyes of the black shadow she saw were clearly green

That means there is another target in District 21.

It could be a more powerful host.

She hurriedly told Dongjin her suspicions

Dongjin had also seen the mysterious person with green eyes

Immediately reported this to the vice captain

So the special team went to the mountain

In addition to the search and rescue of Little Flower

They also had to confirm the existence of another target person

Hearing this, Sister Hua

Hearing this, Hua became more and more worried

She said she wanted to go into Area 21 with everyone else

Dong-jin, who was on the other side, helped out.

She knows the mountains well.

She really needs a guide

And Ye-rim took the inhibitor again

Ready to go back to Area 21

Everyone soon entered the mountains and started searching.

This time the military dogs finally came in handy

Following the scent of the missing girl's toy

All the way to track to an abandoned building

In front of the entrance.

The military dog seemed to sense that there was something terrible inside

It was lying on the ground and didn't move.

Dongjin had no choice

He had no choice but to leave him at the door.

The rest of the team went in one after another

Inside the building was pitch black.

Only a little light came in through the broken walls

Everyone was moving forward cautiously.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of everyone's eyes

It was Captain Manqui, who was out alone.

Both sides met awkwardly

It was the vice captain who spoke first

Reported the purpose of their trip

Man Kuei didn't say much

Instead, he told everyone to follow the lieutenant's command

Due to the limited space inside the building

The vice captain decided that he and Dongjin would search deeper

The others would stay outside and keep watch.

The two of them looked all the way down the room

No suspicious signs were found.

Dongjin could not help but get a little anxious

He came to the door of the last room.

At the moment of opening the door

A black figure flashed away

The only thing left in the room was the missing Little Flower standing in place

The good thing is that the little girl is safe and sound

She was still chanting

It was an uncle who lived here who saved her

But suddenly disappeared

Dongjin had some doubts in his mind

But the most important thing right now is

To ensure the safety of Xiaohua first

After the rest of the team received the news

quickly arrived at the entrance of the building

At that moment, Ye-rim also arrived from the Institute

He was carrying two tubes of inhibitors for the mystery man

Dong-jin was always obsessed with the black shadow

From Hana's words

He likes to greet people with a punch

He became more and more strange

So he asked the lieutenant to take Hana out first

He went back to find out what was going on

But when Captain Man-kyu found out

He was worried that Dongjin had found something else inside

So he immediately took some of his team members into the building

From a distance, he saw Dong-jin running into a door and disappeared.

Just as the young man reached a dark room

He immediately sensed movement from the corner

Through a bright flashlight

He saw a soldier with gray hair

When he was surprised

Suddenly something fell from above his head

The white-haired man pushed Dongjin away

So that he was not hurt

Dongjin thought he was different from the mysterious man he killed before.

He didn't seem to mean any harm.

And that's exactly what happened.

After Hana met with her mother

She told the story of her previous experience

When she was lost in the woods.

When she was about to step on a mine

The white-haired man appeared and saved her

At that moment, Dongjin wanted to try

Can she communicate with him?

So he punched him with his fist

to show that he didn't mean any harm

But he did respond.

When he was about to extend his hand

The captain and his men suddenly arrived

The white haired man was frightened by the bullet

Immediately turned and ran out of sight

It was incredibly fast

Wen Zhe, who was guarding the back door of the building, was unable to dodge

He was knocked to the ground.

When his teammates found out, they immediately came to regroup

Unfortunately, the white-haired man had already disappeared.

And Wen Zhe's injuries were more serious than expected

A fracture in his spine

He had to recuperate for two months to heal

Because of the sudden appearance of the white-haired man

Originally intended to disband the special team

Had to stay on

Until the truth is clearly investigated

And at this time, the captain helped Lee Hyuk

The radioactive material that the captain helped Lee Hyuk to find also came to light

Through the detector, we can basically confirm

It was hidden in the abandoned building

Knowing the news, Lee Hyuk is very happy

Not only that.

He just received the International Peace Prize.

This will be another big boost to his presidential campaign

As the saying goes, happiness brings sadness

Lee Hyuk suddenly received a bad news

Commander Han Dae-jin is going to hold a press conference

He said he had some important news to announce.

It turns out that all these years he has been feeling guilty

He felt guilty about the way he shot his teammates to cover up the truth

The truth about the incident is about to come out.

So Commander Han decided to take the initiative to confess to the media

Wanted to get his own peace of mind

But no one expected

Lee Hyuk suddenly appeared at this time

After seeing the other party's notes.

immediately guessed what he was going to do

He didn't hesitate to have his men

Han Dae-jin, a long-time comrade, was brutally killed

The scene of the incident was also handled seamlessly

All the investigation results

All the findings pointed to the fact that Han Dazhi was under stress.

He swallowed pills and committed suicide.

Before Lee Hyuk could be pleased with himself.

The news suddenly broadcasted

The video of the truth about the inter-Korean conflict in 1997

He was so angry that his whole body became hideous and horrible

He was very confused

Didn't the camera get destroyed?

How could the video footage still be reported?

It turns out that everything

was the work of his son, Lieutenant Li

When the camera was destroyed

Lieutenant Lee secretly kept the tapes inside

He originally wanted to persuade his father to withdraw from the presidential race

As a kind of compensation for his father's previous mistakes

But the other party had promised to do so.

But after learning that the camera was destroyed

suddenly reneged

Lieutenant Lee finally saw his father's face

So he sent the video tape to the media

Dong-jin saw the video on his computer at the time.

The clearer picture made him notice more details

One of the Korean officers was holding a photo

It was Dong-jin and his mother.

Apparently the murdered Korean officer

is Dong-jin's father.

This sent Dong-jin's whole body

He was in deep shock.

He obviously couldn't accept this reality.

He didn't know how he should react next

What is the origin of the white-haired man?

All the answers will be revealed in the next episode

The show's finale will also come


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