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Chinatown Detective Ⅱ


Tang Ren (played by Wang Baoqiang) tricks Qin Feng (played by Liu Haoran) into participating in a world famous detective competition in New York for a huge prize. However, with the ludicrous competition with detectives from all over the world, the two discovered a bigger secret hidden behind this challenge...

Chinatown Detective Ⅱ 


Today to see the second story of the web series "Chinatown Detective", the beautiful young lady who attracted me finally made her appearance. Hurry up and click like, let's see the front face. Okay, let's start from the beginning.

The main character is Lin Black Dog——Lin Mo, this time his identity is the scavenger. The so-called scavenger is responsible for handling the scene of a homicide. Today's task is to deal with a man who was strangled to death. Lin Mo's manipulation made the murder case into a secret room suicide by hanging. The director also knew that the fight was not very friendly, so he immediately arranged for a new girl to make an appearance. This girl is awesome! She has special powers to communicate with the cat, so I think this is actually a superhero film. This girl should be the legendary Catwoman. Because Lin Mo's nose is very sensitive, it is more appropriate to call him Black Dog Man. Although the cat girl is still young, but she likes Lin Mo very much. She told Lin Mo to be careful, because the cat said that recently he might have an accident. But nothing happened to Lin Mo. On the contrary, something happened to his master. Master Lin was killed by a mysterious man named Smiley. Lin Mo always wanted to seek revenge on Smiley. But in fact, Smiley was their boss and all these scavenger jobs were arranged by Smiley. Unfortunately, Smiley is a mysterious person, and Lin Mo does not know who is Smiley.

On the other hand, the police are investigating the suicide by hanging. The dead man was a private detective. Lin Mo's skillful technique smoothly deceive the police, and the scene can not find anything broken, so the case was immediately identified by the police as a suicide. The rapid closure of this case has a lot to do with the person in charge——Officer Duro. He got the director with a massage. The director promised that as long as there are no major murders in the district in the next few days, Dur will be promoted to the position of deputy director. In that case, the murder can only be a suicide. But female police officer Sasha thinks it is not a suicide, she is going to go to the archives to find information. While looking for information, Sasha runs into the archivist——Uncle Boon, and the two of them talk very well. But Sasha didn't find any new clues. In another ten hours, Duro will be promoted to deputy director, and The minions are already complimenting him. But I didn't expect that there would be a murder tonight.Lin Mo received the task and has already set off!   

Lin Mo found a wheelchair in the middle of the road. He got out of the car and found that the wheelchair was stuck in a tree branch. Lin Mo helped push the wheelchair to the side of the road, but the old man in the wheelchair is showing a treacherous smile! What's even more exciting is that the handle of the wheelchair is actually a knife! In this case, there would be Lin Mo's fingerprints on it. Could it be that someone wanted to kill and frame Lin Mo?

Lin Mo continued to do his job as a scavenger without knowing it. He used various operations to avoid the cameras and entered Room 305 of the Shanghai Building. At this time, the police station was partying to celebrate Duro's promotion to deputy director, but an alarm call broke Duro's beautiful dream. When he looked at the time, it was not even after 12 o'clock and there was a murder in Shanghai Mansion. The police immediately went to Shanghai Mansion. At this time, Lin Mo was at the scene of the murder. According to his judgment, the deceased should be a writer, and he had a business card of a florist in his pocket. There was also a strange smell on the dead man's body which very similar to the smell of Lin Mo's mother when she was killed. Lin Mo had not yet started work, but the police had already arrived at the door. Lin Mo couldn't clean up the scene in time, so he rushed to escape. This time it's a murder case without a doubt!Duro was so frustrated that his dream of becoming a deputy director was gone. And I was a little frustrated too. Another episode, Miss how not yet out. I tell you a good news, there is a big beauty to come!


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