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Drama film "three bags of rice" commentary copy

Drama film "Three Bags of Rice" commentary copy

Drama film "three bags of rice" commentary copy

His name is Zhihong

Other students sit and listen to the lecture

But he asks to stand in class by himself

Although Zhihong's family's conditions were poor

But his grades were always among the best

Zhihong's father left early.

His single mother supported the family alone

On this hot summer day

Mom was spreading chemical fertilizer

Suddenly fainted

Luckily, a neighbor found her and brought her home

Zhihong rushed back as soon as he got the news

He saw that his mother was fine

That's why he was relieved

The doctor advised Zhihong not to overexert his mother

So in the days to come

He helped the family with farm work outside of school hours

At night

It was raining heavily

Mom was afraid that the rain would be too heavy

that it would flood the crops

So she went to drain the water in the heavy rain

Zhihong was ready to go to help

Unexpectedly, Mom fainted again

She was admitted to the hospital

Zhihong didn't want to make his mother work so hard

So he wanted to quit school

To ease the burden of the family

The teacher persuaded him

His academic performance is so good

It was a pity not to go to school

But Zhihong's attitude was very firm

When his mother learned of this news

She came to school with the bankbook

The teacher took the bankbook

Seeing that there was 600 yuan on it

She questioned why she didn't take it out earlier

Zhihong almost had to drop out of school

This is for Zhihong's college and his wife

You can't use it unless you have to.

And the family still owes

More than 100 yuan of foreign debt

That's all.

Zhihong just broke off the idea

But the fact that his family had 600 yuan

The whole village knew about it

Now they were all pointing fingers at her

They all thought she had money and didn't pay her debts

Some people even took away her family's grain to cover her debts

She was surrounded by villagers

Forcing her to pay back the money

She wanted to explain about the 600 yuan

But when she looked at her son

She did not explain but said she was sorry for everyone

In the end, all her family's grain was taken off the debt

Zhihong gathered the scattered grain

He helped his mother to go home

Soon Zhihong was admitted to high school with the top grade

But he had to pay 30 yuan a month for tuition

And 30 pounds of rice

For the sake of her son's tuition

She had to beg the secretary

To keep the job of weaving fishing nets for herself

But the secretary said that it was reserved for the special hardship cases

The family had $600 in savings

She did not qualify as a special hardship case

Finally, she had no choice but to tell the secretary the truth

In fact, the $600 bankbook was a fake

There were only six dollars in it.

The two zeros were filled in by her

In order to allow her son to concentrate on his studies

The secretary was very reasonable.

So she was given a place in the fishnet weaving class.

Soon Zhihong took a bus to the city to attend high school.

But because he was behind in his tuition and food rations

He was called by the teacher to talk to him alone

The teacher told him to invite his parents to come.

But Zhihong was worried about his mother's health.

He didn't want to pay for the tuition

Finally he asked the teacher to stand in class

The teacher had no choice but to agree

And that was it.

Zhihong stood at the end of the class every day

But this did not affect his learning state

And at this moment, his mother

was working hard to weave a fishing net

But her rheumatism has returned

And long hours of high workload

She fainted once again

The doctor told Zhihong

His mother is anemic due to malnutrition

and that she could no longer do heavy work

He also advised him

to make his mother take her medicine regularly

Zhihong looked at his mother in the hospital bed

He shed tears of pain.

He returned home

He found the money his mother had saved for his tuition

First, he paid the medical bills

And bought canned food for his mother

When his mother asked him where he got the money

Zhihong told the truth

Mom felt a bolt from the blue

She had to work hard day and night to save 25 yuan

She was so close to saving enough money for school.

Now there was no hope.

That day, when Zhihong was cleaning up.

Some students from his class found him

and wanted him to help with his homework.

And he was paid to do so.

I didn't expect that just after receiving the money

The teacher found out

The teacher told him to return all the money to his classmates

She also lent him money for tuition

But Zhihong didn't take it

When his mother came to school

When she saw her son standing in class

She thought her child had made a mistake

The teacher talked to her about everything

And volunteered to help Zhihong pay for his school fees

Only 30 pounds of rations for her to find her own way

The mother fell to her knees directly after hearing this

Her mother was very grateful for the teacher's help

Because she has rheumatism

Her hands are not that flexible

The quality of the fishing nets she wove was not up to par

This caused her to lose her job

She walked alone in the street

But did not know where to go

Just when she felt desperate

She saw a beggar passing by

She had an idea

Changed into a ragged clothes

With crutches and a bowl, she begged along the street

But there were too few people to help her

Finally she had to go from house to house to ask for food

But she had all kinds of grains and cereals

Finally, she was able to get 30 pounds of rations

But the school only wanted rice

The teacher saw that she was a first-time offender

Did not give her a hard time

So he reluctantly accepted the food

Zhihong could finally sit in class

Mom was relieved to see her son.

In order to buy medicine for his mother

He openly sold cassettes at school.

Finally, the teacher found out.

The teacher was very angry.

When his mother found out the news

Came to school and slapped Zhihong directly

And took him to his father's grave

He made him kneel down and swear

Until he got into college

No more evil deeds

Zhihong could only listen to his mother.

After making the vow, he turned around and left

Mom looked at her son

The medicine she bought for herself

She also felt very bad

It was time to hand in the grain again

This time, my mother divided the food into categories

Each of them in one bag

The teacher saw this also very helpless

In the end, he just said that this would never happen again

When mom came to hand in her rations for the third time

The master said to her only rice.

This time, no matter what she said

no matter what she said, she would not accept any more mixed grains

Finally the mother had no choice but to tell the truth

After hearing this, the master

also very sympathetic to her

So he reluctantly accepted the grain

That day, as usual, Mom was begging on the street

It so happened that Zhihong saw this scene

The moment he saw his mother

His heart was breaking

But he didn't go up to say hello

Instead, he just left.

The mother didn't notice her son's arrival either

She continued begging.

At night Zhihong took advantage of his mother's sleep

He left a letter and left secretly

The next morning the mother found the letter

But she couldn't read or write

So she asked a neighbor to help her read the contents of the letter

It turned out that Zhihong was going to work in the south

He didn't want his mother to work so hard

The kind-hearted neighbor took mom to the dock

But the boat had already left

His mother called out to her son

But Zhihong did not dare to turn back

Because he wanted to earn money

To buy medicine for his mother's illness

He wanted to give his mother a good life

He didn't want his mother to go begging for his school fees

Mom just chased after him all the way

In the end, she jumped into the river in desperation

Zhihong saw this and jumped in directly

He saved his mother

Mom was sent to the hospital again

When the villagers found out the truth

They all donated money

They also put together a bankbook of 600 yuan

Zhihong also gave up the idea of dropping out of school

Three years later

Zhihong got into Tsinghua University and lived up to their expectations

After graduating, he stayed in Beijing to work

Finally he used his years of savings

Donated a hope school for his hometown

It is said that poor children become a family early

But too much understanding

Really makes the heart

In the life of adults

There is never an easy word either

Especially in many poor families

There are many children who have not yet grown up

At a young age

They have to bear the hardships of life

They all have all kinds of heartache

After experiencing the hardships of life

Then they will grow up more tenaciously

In fact, the road to success is not crowded

It's just that there are too few people who persevere

The day when the suffering is over

The whole world will applaud for you

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