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Narration of the TV series "Twenty Not Confused

Today we are going to talk about the new film "Twenty Not Confused" starring Guan Xiaotong, Li Gengxi, Bu Guanjin and Dong Siyi. So what is this drama about? The story of four senior girls in the same dormitory at South China University of Finance and Economics, each episode will have a small topic, for example, the first episode to explore whether love is wrong. The short-haired girl called stone, addicted to the game, the family is very rich, the slightly fat girl called Dabao, addicted to eating, the family is very rich, the girl wearing glasses called Zhang Xiaobao, the family is not very rich, so addicted to the internship, has not been able to change the iphone5, fell down the toilet, along with the name of a few sent a piece of fishing out, oops, the late students are still quite humorous, fishing out after taking perfume to cover the smell I'm sure it's fine, continue to use. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get back from the interview with my internship supervisor, but I'm changing my shoes downstairs, and I ran into my ex-boyfriend who had split his leg, and I had a few awkward conversations, and my ex-boyfriend asked to be added back to WeChat, and Jiang Xiaoguo agreed. Then, this ex-boyfriend comrade is very insensitive to a sentence, (this iphone5 is not the second year of high school when I accompanied you to buy it? How now you also) a short sentence, at least contains two meanings, either you still remember me, or away from my phone can not afford it, or how to say scum an export, it will know there is no it. Later this ex-boyfriend also invited Zhang Xiaoguo to attend the reunion, ah, you really face like a naan ah, Jiang Xiaoguo said, go, have to go, which has what ah. (I do not go he really thought I thought of him, to his beauty) ah, this small strength, gun brother I appreciate, of course, the phone is also necessary to change, otherwise it is too fallen, the WeChat your wallet, I am not the same.

Narration of the TV series "Twenty Not Confused

(The actual fact is that my deposit has not been refunded yet, but when my mother called, I had to pinch ten numbers before I could pull it open, which is very smart. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. (You say you are single for so many years, how do not do something right ah? You are not owed to cut it, how I do not do serious things.) The mother-daughter dialogue is also a bit fierce ah, and then the mother asked her daughter to teach her how to bring up the money in WeChat. (You open that wallet, which wallet, is that buy food flowers ah, or the black one ah? No, I'm talking about my wallet on WeChat.

(Your wallet in WeChat, where do I find it, I'm talking about WeChat) What not to say, teach your parents to use WeChat Alipay understand. The phone is completely broken, but unfortunately the money to buy the phone is still short of 300 yuan, how to do it? It just so happens that Wang Wei in the next dormitory applied for a grant, this sister owes Xiaoguo 300 yuan, and has not returned it, so Jiang Xiaoguo carried three bananas and knocked on the door. (I'll send you three bananas.) Oh, Jiang Xiaoguo, "The Legend of Wu Lin" did not watch it, when Guo Furong owes Lv Xiu Cai two money of silver, they are not also this way to ask for money? (Have you ever been to the second spring of the world, the second spring of the world next to the second Qing Guan, the Taoist priests they like to listen to the second spring next to the second beard, named the second spring reflecting the moon) to say so much string, Guo Furong also did not understand, this time the same, bananas want to close the door, Jiang Xiaoguo had to make the words clear, Wang Wei said, hey, I thought to return you it, so what, my scholarship has not yet arrived, to the I'll give it back to you oh, bye. The five words posted on the door, please close the door softly, issued the ruling maniacal laughter, get, 300 did not want, finished also took three bananas, then one day, the three people shopping supermarket, saw Wang Wei bought new clothes, but the money has not been returned, Jiang Xiaoguo chased up to ask a question, Wang Wei said I bought clothes to attend the job fair. Jiang Xiaoguo said, then your grant of 4,000 yuan not to spend it all, right? Wang Wei said I have to buy a new pair of shoes ah, this gun to me will have to criticize you, tomorrow students in order to train hard stink feet, but also only a pair of broken shoes to wear, then how girlfriends are rushing to raise money to buy him new shoes it, you should not reflect on their own, how to do the gap is so big? Of course, Jiang Xiaoguo may not have seen the sweet blast, did not expect to be bludgeoned from this angle, soon, the two sides fell into a long argument, the next paragraph of the screenwriter for us to present a textbook-like owed money not to return the three axes, the first axe, not on 300 dollars. (For 300 yuan, you want to humiliate me like this? Wang Wei, only 300 yuan, you do not have to?) The second axe, I need this money more. (For you, this money is an entertainment expense to buy a cell phone, but for me, it is a brick that can change my fate) The third axe, I am poor and I have a reason. (You people who wear designer shoes, simply do not understand, you were born with good luck, let me once and what.) The three axes, any one of them alone can not stand, but how can it be a set of combination of skills, you reason with her, she talked to you about feelings, you talk to her about feelings, she played with you scoundrel, the upper and lower road to you blocked, just two roommates and next to persuade Jiang Xiaoguo not to force too tight, quarrel can not be fully engaged, so did not take advantage of much, and then one day, Jiang Xiaoguo saw Wang Wei is The first thing you can do is to take a look at the two of them, and then you can take a look at the two of them, and then you can take a look at the two of them, and then you can take a look at the two of them, and then you can take a look at the two of them. (You so relentlessly looking for me to return the money, is not because of vanity want to get a new phone? Yes, I want to change the phone for vanity, both like you want to change shoes for vanity) You see, Wang Wei dumbfounded it. Next, Wang Wei began to show weakness again. (I don't even have the money to buy a train ticket, why do you guys have to force me like this, can't you have some compassion?) Jiang Xiaoguo continued to choke back, you are weak does not mean you have reason. (You want to spend money, you can work part-time, you can go to work ah, you want to get something for nothing, then why should I help you ah) If I were to add another sentence, not to mention the money to buy train tickets are not, tomorrow students also buy movie tickets are not money, that is not by themselves to work a few jobs to live in a big house, hug the rich white girl. Oops, just found tomorrow so inspirational. Okay, back to the topic, Wang Wei this side of the reasoning can not be, and began to resort to feelings. (How do you know how to reason ah, you can not be kind ah?) Jiang Xiaoguo still treats others in the same way as others. (Kindness is to ask yourself, why kidnap others ah, and you are so kind, why she came to our dormitory to borrow money in the first place? Since you are so kind, the money you pay back for her.) See, the other party moral kidnapping, we have to be more than the other party will moral kidnapping, so that the other party to lift a stone to hit their feet. Three rounds down, Jiang Xiaoguo's every line is a classic debate material, you learned? The money is back, the same phone as the mother, and finally patiently teach the mother how to press the keys? The ex-boyfriend's party also does not go, really put down also does not matter to go not to go, everything is happy, however, the whole thing I most regret is, Jiang Xiaoguo first and Wang Wei public argument, the crowd recorded a video, and then not to blame Wang Wei do not pay back money but have accused Jiang Xiaoguo too unkind, gun brother I want to say, do not pay back the money more and more people, only let the people willing to lend a helping hand The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. It's not that I didn't say it on purpose, but at first Guan Xiaotong didn't have a heavy hitter, either. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. (Who told you to put things on my bed? (10:30, turn off the lights, I want to sleep.) The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. (Of course we welcome you back, but we are just curious why you suddenly came back, yes, you care.) My God, the surprise of the imperial lines, the following please select, the following four scenes, which two from the same play, choose the wrong students must forward the collection of this test questions, repeated study, we put again. Of course, the joke is a joke, look back a few episodes will find that Guan Xiaotong's performance this time is indeed an improvement, shaping the character is also fuller than before, once again, the gun brother I really did not cha rice, because this play is worth presenting a lot of details, a video can only say this, will there be a second phase, temporarily do not dare to promise, the pit of mental illness has not yet filled it, and recently a large number of new plays on line, the gun brother I I can only write one by one, I hope you understand.

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