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War movie "Ice Sea Fall" commentary copy

War movie "Ice Sea Fall" commentary copy

War movie "Ice Sea Fall" commentary copy

You should have seen a lot of war movies.

But the professional and mysterious submarine combat movies.

How many of them have you seen? Not many, right? Because there are only a few good ones.

Today, I will explain one of them to you.

Today, I'd like to tell you about a good submarine warfare movie "Ice Sea Fall".

The story takes place under the glaciers of the Barents Sea in northern Russia.

An American submarine is secretly following a Russian submarine.

The Americans have nothing to do anyway.

The Americans have nothing to do, they like to make small moves, we just get used to it.

But then the Russian submarine in front of it suddenly exploded.

The Russian submarine suddenly exploded, and then received some noisy distress calls.

In such a situation, everyone would choose to save others, right?

But the captain of the American submarine was just about to help.

But as soon as the captain of the American submarine was about to help, a torpedo was fired.

It was too late to dodge the torpedo, and their submarine was destroyed.

On the other side.

The U.S. Pentagon's top officials.

They didn't know about their submarine.

But they were so anxious that they couldn't contact them for two hours.

So they sent another submarine to investigate.

They wanted to see the body of a man alive.

And the captain of this submarine is our hero, Gerard Butler.

The captain of this submarine is our hero, Gerard Butler, nicknamed the President's rescue professional.

In this film, he is a novice captain in danger.

Although not from the class.

Although not from the class, but in the submarine force for most of his life.

Experience that is definitely quite rich.

We do not talk nonsense a line of people just set off in a big way.

After arriving at the wrecked area, we saw that

The U.S. submarine had been completely disfigured.

We didn't have to guess that more than 100 officers and men had died.

The head of the submarine was torpedoed with a big hole.

The man is still very alert.

As soon as he saw the situation, he ordered the whole crew to prepare for battle.

As a matter of fact, two torpedoes were fired.

Two torpedoes came from another Russian submarine hiding under the glacier.

The man ordered to dodge sideways while the situation was urgent.

He ordered a torpedo to be fired.

A few moments later, the torpedoes hit the target.

The torpedo hit the target and blew up the Russian submarine on the spot.

Although the Russian submarine was destroyed.

The Russian submarine was destroyed, but the two torpedoes it had fired were still in operation.

The submarine was destroyed, but the two torpedoes were still in operation.

In a desperate situation, the hero has an idea.

The hero, in a hurry, lured them to the wrecked American submarine to get out of the crisis.

Then the question arises.

Why did the Russian submarine attack the American submarine?

We don't know.

At this time the first Russian submarine to wrecked again made a distress call.

The first Russian submarine to be wrecked made a distress call, and when we walked in, we saw that it too had a big hole in it.

But it's not the same as the one on the wrecked U.S. submarine.

The iron was turned outward.

This means that it had exploded from the inside out.

This means that it exploded from the inside out, rather than being torpedoed.

So we can guess that

It was their own people who sank the submarine, and there was a mole inside.

The hero's men did not want to save him, after all, they were the enemy.

Only the man himself wanted to rescue.

And he sent a lifeboat to rescue the survivors.

Because he thinks the survivor may know something.

At least it will be useful in the future.

The survivors are actually three people.

An old Russian captain and two men.

They were already shivering from the cold.

If the party gets any later, they'll probably freeze to death.

On the other hand, in the nearby naval base.

Russia's defense minister has brazenly kidnapped his own president.

The Russian Defense Minister has kidnapped his own President.

To start World War III, regardless of the circumstances.

Apparently he ordered the attack on the American submarine.

The Americans were prepared for both.

In addition to sending the submarine where the hero is.

They also sent four special forces to investigate.

They caught the execution of the Russian president's bodyguard on camera.

They found out the truth about their kidnapping.

The White House exploded.

The president held an emergency meeting to discuss what to do.

Some suggested that we should go to war with Russia.

Others suggested not going to war.

Some suggested that we should just kill the rebellious defense minister.

Others suggested rescuing the Russian president.

Because that would stop the war.

After much deliberation, the President finally decided.

First, raise the defense level to level two.

Put the carriers into operational positions.

To fight or not to fight, you have to show a little momentum, right?

And then send someone to rescue the Russian president.

If we can avoid a war, of course, the best.

And the rescue mission fell on the head of the four special forces, no surprise.

Because they are the closest and have the strength.

The plan was that they would first infiltrate the base and rescue the president.

The plan is this: they first infiltrate the base to rescue the president, and then escort him to the main man's submarine that came to meet him.

It sounds simple, but it's dangerous.

Because they have to rescue someone else's president on someone else's turf.

It is not dangerous? The main character's side is also difficult.

And the hero side is also a lot of difficulties.

Because they are not waiting in place.

But also to infiltrate the naval base near to pick up.

The man's side is also difficult because they do not stay put.

And sonar monitoring system in the bay.

The slightest mistake may be destroyed.

Fortunately, the hero was wise enough to rope in the old Russian captain.

Let him do a guide to play a role can not save you for nothing, right? I think so.

The old captain already owes a life.

He also wanted to rescue his own president.

So he quickly agreed to do it.

Under his command, the team crossed the dangerous bay safely.

Arrived at the designated pick-up point.

So sometimes helping others is helping yourself.

The vision is still to put a long-term drop.

It was the night that the special forces also launched the operation.

And in the middle of the road, they met a bodyguard who was still alive.

As the saying goes, the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

Both sides have a common goal to save the President.

So a couple of words and the alliance was formed.

Although the place where the president is being held is heavily guarded.

Although the place where the president was being held was heavily guarded, the bodyguard, who was familiar with the place, led the way.

The place was quickly found.

The next step was to escape.

But then the Secretary of Defense was alerted.

He immediately sent his men to attack on all sides.

The two sides engaged in a prolonged chase.

Each side suffered heavy casualties.

The Secretary of Defense's side only lost a few soldiers.

On the other hand, the special forces.

First, the bodyguard detonated a grenade to cover his master's departure.

He died with some soldiers.

But this action also blew up two special forces soldiers.

One of them was dropped dead on the spot.

The rest of them were shot by the president as they fled.

But they made it to the rendezvous point.

But on the way to the lifeboat.

Another Special Forces soldier was killed.

In the end, only the president made it to the submarine via the lifeboat.

The commander of the special forces chose to go back.

The commander of the special forces chose to go back, because one of his men fell behind and could not leave him behind.

And the Russian defense minister.

The Russian Minister of Defense was not willing to let the president go.

So he sends out a destroyer, the sub's natural enemy.

After discovering the submarine's demise.

The captain of the destroyer gave the order.

Ten rockets were fired into the sea.

Although he missed the target.

Although the target was not hit, but it was a severe shock to the hero and other crew members.

It was hard to survive the rockets and then came two torpedoes.

This thing we have seen at the beginning of the

Not a joke of a fatal blow.

At the same time, the hero actually identified the location of the destroyer.

could have destroyed it.

But for the sake of the old skipper, the hero did not order the fire, and then used a jamming round to solve the problem.

Then he used a jamming round to solve a torpedo.

The torpedoes were destroyed by hiding in the mud of the sea.

Although temporarily out of danger.

But after all this torment.

The hero's submarine was severely damaged and leaking water everywhere.

In a panic, one of the crew members was hit by a torpedo and fell into the water.

The crew rushed to help.

But their cries were overheard by the destroyer's listeners.

The destroyer's listeners heard their cries and revealed their position.

The destroyer then came back around.

The main man was unable to attack.

Because the torpedo tubes have been damaged, so we can only wait for death.

In this situation, the hero had an idea.

He thought of the old captain and asked the old captain to call the destroyer.

The old captain had a remarkable memory.

He called the destroyer crew by name and told them not to fire.

And told them not to fire.

Then the submarine surfaced.

The captain of the destroyer, a close friend of the Secretary of Defense.

He ordered his men to fire at the submarine.

He ordered his men to fire at the submarine, but they all disobeyed.

He had to report the situation to the Secretary of Defense.

The Secretary of Defense was very tough, and since you won't fight, I'll do it myself.

Then he sent four trucks full of shells.

They all aimed at the main man's submarine.

The White House saw this and once again exploded.

The supreme commander was so impatient that he ordered the hero to take the lead in firing.

In his opinion, war is inevitable.

However, he defied the commander's order and refused to fire.

The Minister of Defense was not slow.

After refueling, he ordered his men to launch several missiles.

In the nick of time, the hero cancelled the countermeasures.

He didn't even fire the anti-missile missiles.

Is he just waiting to die or is there another plan?

The moment the missiles came, the

The destroyer suddenly fired a bullet and

The destroyer shot up and destroyed all the incoming missiles with ease.

It turns out that the hero has played a big game.

He expected the soldiers on the destroyer to take action.

This not only protects the president and avoids provoking war is really a master.

But also a little bit of gambling element fortunately finally won the bet.

Then the destroyer fired two more missiles at the base's command.

The destroyer then fired two more missiles at the base's command, wiping out the Secretary of Defense and his party.

The battle was over.

At the end, the Russian president and the old captain were picked up by his men.

And the hero and the special forces commander, two heroes.

Finally, the hero and the commander of the special forces

The group returned safely in the submarine.

This is the end of the story.

This film was released in 2018.

To be honest, the plot is quite crazy, the Americans will be very happy to see it.

But have you thought about how the Russians feel?

It's a bit insulting.

President Vladimir Putin is said to have spat out a lot of shit after watching it.

However, the good thing is that in addition to the plot is quite a lot of advantages.

The scenes are explosive enough, the submarine combat scenes are exciting.

For everyone after dinner.

Hold the girl friend daughter-in-law and so on to watch.


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