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Chinatown Detective III


After Bangkok and New York, there is another big case in Tokyo. Chinatown detectives Tang Ren (played by Wang Baoqiang) and Qin Feng (played by Liu Haoran) are invited by detective Noda Hao (played by Tsumabuki Satoshi) to solve the case. The detectives in the "CRIMASTER World Detective Ranking" also arrived in Tokyo after hearing the news, and joined the challenge. However, the appearance of the top-ranked Q makes the case even more confusing. A battle between the strongest detectives in Asia is about to start laughing ......

Chinatown Detective III 


When Tang Ren and Qin Feng arrived in Japan, Japan's No. 1 detective Xiaobai had been waiting for a long time. In addition to that, there was also Thailand's No. 1 detective Jack Jah. When the two of them arrived at the bathhouse, they found that the mob boss had been waiting for them. Because of a recent unsolved case, the mob boss and another mogul negotiated in the lake. Both of them were poisoned and passed out. The place where they met was surrounded by water, and there were only two gang leaders present. The mob boss woke up and found another person dead. What is more, the mob boss was disguised as the murderer. At this moment, they happened to rush in and they found that the glass screen in the room at the scene was also shattered. The mob boss asked Qin Feng and the others to find the real murderer, and the reward was one billion yen. Due to the time constraint, they only had one week to find the clues.

Qin Feng arrived at the crime scene and found that it had long been cleaned up. The photos of the scene were the only clues so far. The first secretary who rushed in at that time must have known this clue. So now she must be found! Several people went to the secretary's house and found the door unlocked and the person missing. Obviously, she had been kidnapped! Qin Feng found the license plate number of the kidnapper in the surveillance and found that he was a notorious rapist and murderer! This is a big problem!

A few sleuths infiltrated the kidnapper's territory in the dead of night, and they found it very weird here.The kidnapper wanted to play a game with them——a poor man had two pieces of bread, and the kidnappers asked Qin Feng and the others to achieve fair justice with only one slice. Jackja recklessly sliced a loaf of bread, but his answer was wrong. They had two more chances. Xiaobai also gave his answer, unfortunately, the answer was also wrong. Because Inequality rather than want was the cause of trouble! The only way to get the right answer was for Qin Feng to kill others with knife. Because fairness and justice required sacrifice! Images appeared on the TV——the secretary was tied up in the secret room. The kidnapper still wanted to play games with them. And if they call the police the kidnapper will kill someone immediately. He asked Qin Feng to go to the busiest intersection in the world and check out how many people were passing by whenever the traffic lights were on. This was simply an impossible task!

When the green light came on, Qin Feng stepped on Tang Ren's shoulder and started counting with wide eyes. But how could this be accomplished! If he gave a random answer, that answer would definitely be wrong. This test wasn't that easy! Qin Feng had an idea! He ran to the top of the bus and started to scatter money, and people were flocking to the bus despite the traffic lights!


Chinatown Detective Ⅱ


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