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Comedy "Five Boys Who Puffed Water" movie commentary copy

Comedy "Five Teenagers Puffing on Water" movie commentary copy

Comedy "Five Boys Who Puffed Water" movie commentary copy

This is a film that was rejected by the entire entertainment industry.

The director once offered 8000W

to invite a certain flow

The condition was that the shooting could not use a body double.

All the action had to be done in person.

As a result, no one was willing to act.

What are the specific requirements?

Someone who can beat the entire entertainment industry

The answer is four words.

Synchronized swimming

Synchronized swimming is also known as water ballet

Before 2006

This event was firmly monopolized by Japan in Asia

Synchronized swimming is not only difficult

It is a test of teamwork

The Japanese once claimed that

The Chinese don't know how to work together

There is no way to shake Japan's dominance

But in the 2006 Asian Games

China beat Japan for the first time

defeated the myth of the Japanese swimming team

And in the 2008 Beijing Olympics

With a magnificent song "Yellow River

wowed the world

Let the world hear the voice of China

But synchronized swimming is extremely difficult

The team needs a high degree of tacit understanding

Therefore, the director asked the actors

Two months of closed training

As a result, no one was willing to play

People told the director

No star would accept such conditions

But the director did not want to compromise

I said I want to shoot even if I use all new people

I don't believe it.

I don't believe that quality and sincerity won't impress Chinese audiences

Everyone thought the director was crazy

A film without stars

Who would go to see it?

That means no fans

No publicity

No one will go into the cinema for you

But after the movie was released

Many people look at the film with tears in their eyes

Although there is no familiar face in the whole movie

But it was hailed as the best youth film this year

Because it has captured the

The real years of youth

This boy is Zhang Wei

He is the most ordinary person in the world

Not good at school

Zhang Wei

Students like you are my biggest problem

You'll be lucky to get a second grade in the future

In the first 16 years of his life

He thought his whole life

He thought his whole life would go on like this

His whole life changed.

To avoid study hall

His best friend Quyao pulled Zhang Wei

To join the school's swimming team

But he accidentally signed up for the wrong team.

Not the swim team?

Zhang Wei was completely confused when he heard the news

He thought someone was teasing him

Synchronized swimming

That's water ballet.

Only girls can participate

He was an old man

You want to go dancing in the pool?

But this time

Fate played a joke on him

The school swim team recruited an unprecedented five boys

One month later

Performing synchronized swimming in front of the whole school

Zhang Wei was stunned

Before he could react

The coach appointed him

to be the captain of the men's synchronized swimming team

Hearing this news

Everyone came to see his joke

Self-taught synchronized swimming ah

Wiggle your butt

Twist the upper body

What a pussy!

Zhang Wei was so ashamed

When he heard the news, his mother's face immediately darkened

Mom told him

The most important thing for you now

Is to study and get into college

If you don't go to school

You can't find a job in the future

We can't afford to support you

He knew he had no way out

But this is the first time in his life that he is the captain

Only students who study well can be captains

The word "captain

Represents the trust of teachers

The admiration of his classmates

This was the first time he had received this honor

Do you really want to give up like this?

Have you ever heard of gender bias?

You may not have realized

Gender bias rules us all

When you think of gentleness

Do you think of women?

When you think of strength

Do you think of men?

From childhood onwards

Pink toys belonged to girls

Tank racing belongs to boys

But we never thought about

Why these traits are tied to gender

From the moment we have gender

We've been told

Boys should be confident and brave

Girls should be gentle and kind

When we were young

Boys go to school for taekwondo

Girls went to dance classes

That's how gender determines hobbies

Zhang Wei was selected to join the synchronized swimming team

He was ridiculed by everyone

Is it because Zhang Wei's swimming is not good?


Just because he is a boy

How can a boy do the water ballet?

Zhang Wei could not stand the ridicule of the crowd

He approached his teacher

He said he wanted to quit the swimming team

The teacher laughed

He took Zhang Wei to the women's swimming team

He asked Zhang Wei

Did they swim well?

Watching the girls dance in the pool

It was beautiful

But he was a boy

How could he be like these girls?

The teacher saw what he was thinking.

He asked him in a loud voice

Girls can practice boxing

Can't boys practice horseracing?


Who says girls can't be masculine?

Boys can't be sporty

Ever since he was a kid.

He's been living in denial.

Everyone told him

You can't do anything with a person like that

For the first time in his life, someone believed in him

Encouraging him

Zhang Wei was determined

He would show all those who laughed at him

He could do this

that everyone thought was impossible

Led by Zhang Wei

Five team members

Training officially began

The coach told them

To become a really good swimmer

Firstly, they need to practice the basic skills

Second, you need to have the best moves

For the basic skills

The team members wake up before dawn to run

Training the upper body with dumbbells

Swim ten round trips every day to train the lower limbs

High-intensity training

The teammates were so tired that they could not get up

But the coach said coldly

No one cares whether you are tired or not

They only care about whether you can do it or not

Keep going.

The next step is the trick.

Their trick.

Is a person in the water to complete the flip

As the captain Zhang Wei is duty-bound

But the water flip is too difficult

No matter how hard he tried

Can not complete the action

Flip completely ah brother

The coach was furious

He told Zhang Wei

Without this move

Your performance has no chance of winning

In order to complete this super difficult move

Zhang Wei repeated it over and over again

He practiced until he was exhausted

He cried and said

I can't flip over

I'm not going to flip

Teammate Gao Fei caught up with the fleeing Zhang Wei

Angrily pushed him

Zhang Wei shouted at Gao Fei

I also want to flip over to calm down

I can not flip over what can I do

Not everyone is the same as you

Looking at the angry Zhang Wei

Gao Fei said

Are you going to give up like this?

His teammates encouraged him

Zhang Wei said to himself

Okay, then let's do it one last time

He took a deep breath

Dive into the water

Skillfully stepped on the hands of his teammates

From the surface of the water up in the air

This time

He finally completed a beautiful flip

Teammates excitedly shouted

So handsome, awesome captain!

But at that moment

News came from the school

The men's synchronized swimming team was to be disbanded.

What's the point of saying that the boys are doing synchronized swimming?

Zhang Wei couldn't believe his ears

He worked so hard for the first time in his life

But God didn't even give him a chance

Not even willing to give him a chance?

This is the most heartbreaking scene I've seen this year

The director recommended a movie live

He got hung up nine times in one night

Many people hung up when they heard the name

Others had never heard of it

In the end

He knew this method was stupid

But he had no other choice

Because this film is too special

Not a single star in the film

After the release

The official shake even issued 300 videos

Although every audience who saw it praised

But the attention of the film is still very low

But such a film

Dare to break into the blockbuster National Day

and create the myth of 50 seconds laughing 7 times

Viewers who have seen it have turned into water

Word of mouth depends on us

This is the newly released movie

Five Boys in the Water

In addition to the plot of the film

What touches me more is the external story of the film

On the shooting set

The young actors' lips were purple from the cold

But they persevered through the cold to finish the shooting

My predecessor Xin Boqing was very impressed by this

I wore a hurdle undershirt every day

When I was walking by the pool

I was already frozen to death

The kids had to go into the water

In order to reproduce the most realistic state of the flower swimmer

Five young actors entered the set two months in advance

Learn synchronized swimming from scratch

Every single underwater action in the film

They all do it themselves

No body double

Because of the tight schedule and heavy workload

Some of the actors had to practice with injuries

Some even fell and broke their bones

But these young people smile and say

It's nothing, right?

This is what we do

This reminds me of the words of Chen Daoming

What is the winter in the water

Wearing a big leather jacket in summer

Became an actor's credit

This is what you do

You are taking this Q

This is the professional actor's professionalism

This is the youth idol we should promote

Xin Yunlai, who plays the lead role

He has received the most rigorous physical training

No one knows

For a 5-second shot

Xin Yunlai was strapped to the apparatus and spun around more than 80 times

Dozens of times

By the end of the shoot

His abdomen was covered with purple bruises

But he didn't even have time to catch his breath

before he had to go into the next shoot

Like the five hot-blooded teenagers in the film

This tough experience

made the five actors form a deep friendship

There was a moment in the movie that struck me

The introverted prince suffered a head injury

He had to shave his head.

He thought he would be ridiculed by the other four

But when he arrived at school, he was surprised to find

Everyone else had shaved their heads in unison

That's what real friends are for.

They will warn you at peak time.

I will also lend a helping hand at low times.

Because of this group of friends.

Muster up courage.

Courage to pursue your dreams.

I really sucked at it.

No one ever seemed to

thought I was OK.

But now because of them

I want to win for once.

National Day

This movie

Can you and Zhang Wei?

Win once?

The decision is in your hands.

I am XX

Well this is the end of this issue video

Like friends do not forget to click on the attention

See you next time bye

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