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Eddie (played by Tom Hardy) is a beloved news reporter who has been in love with his girlfriend Annie (Michelle Williams) for many years. Annie is a lawyer who takes on a case about the Life Foundation. In his girlfriend's mailbox, Eddie discovers the secret of the foundation's owner, Drake (played by Riz Ahmed). For this reason, Eddie not only lost his job, his girlfriend also left him.

Later, Eddie is approached by Dr. Dora (played by Jenny Slate) of the Life Foundation, who hopes that Eddie can help her stop Drake's crazy crimes. In the Life Foundation's lab, Eddie discovers evidence of Drake's human experiments and is accidentally possessed by the alien life form Venom. After returning home, a symbiotic relationship is formed between Eddie and Venom, and they have to deal with the waves of killers sent by Drake.



Today, I'd like to tell you about a science fiction movie called "Venom". As we all know, the main character of Venom is Eddie who is the most classic symbiote host, however, Venom in the comics has an indefinable love-hate relationship with Spider-Man. Peter Parker picked up a black liquid, then he was liquid body, which makes his standard red and blue color scheme battle suit transformed into a cool Black Knight battle robe. Peter Parker's ability was greatly enhanced, which making New York criminals even more frightened. Eddie, who had fallen to the lowest point in his life, went to church to pray. At this time, just out of Spider-Man's venomous symbiote fell on Eddie's body. The symbiote abandoned by Spider-Man met Eddie, who was also jealous of Spider-Man, and When they were combining together, Eddie became the most classic Venom in Marvel history.

At the beginning of the story, an American company's spaceship returned to Earth from space. Unexpectedly, there was an accident on the way back and the spacecraft crashed out of control in Malaysia. Rescuers rushed to the scene and found three samples of slimy alien creatures in the spaceship. In the accident, only one astronaut survived. On the way to take this astronaut to the hospital, he suddenly woke up and showed his inhuman abilities——slimy tentacles protruded from his body and instantly killed two medical staff. It seems that this astronaut should be possessed by an alien organism. The alien organism then attached itself to the female doctor and escaped.

The scene switches to the streets of New York City, USA. Our hero Eddie is a journalist. He has performed very well over the years, so his boss values him and gives him the important task of interviewing the owner of Life Technologies. It turns out that the crashed spaceship is their company.

The next day, Eddie did not ask about the spaceship during the interview with Carl, but asked about the dark secret of their experiments that killed people , which completely angered Carl. On the third day, Eddie lost his job. Not only that, his girlfriend Cuihua was also implicated and fired. The two men, who had been preparing to get married, also fell apart. Not long after, the alien slime was shipped to Life Technologies, and Carl began experimenting with it on living people, which killed many innocent lives. A female doctor felt that such experiments were too inhumane.So they secretly found Eddie, and they wanted Eddie to expose the crimes of Karl. At this time, Eddie was forced by life,  did not agree to the female doctor's request and turned away. At night Eddie came to Cuihua ......


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