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Horror "Bar" movie commentary copy

Horror"Bar" movie comment ary copy

Horror "Bar" movie commentary copy

Never seen such a crazy homeless man

Sniffed his hair as he approached the woman

Then reached out and touched it

The woman was startled

But the next second

He actually wrapped his arms around the woman

At that moment, a man came out of the bar

Suddenly there was a gunshot

The man was shot in the head

The people outside were running around frantically

They came up to watch

The street that was busy a moment ago

Instantly there was no one there

They found him still twitching

The clerk picked up the phone and called the police, but there was no signal

At that moment, someone went out to rescue the man despite the discouragement

Just ran out to prepare for rescue

A shot rang out

He was shot in the head

Then all the people in the bar were stunned

Hurry to hide

At that moment they also thought

There was a sniper outside watching.

If they went outside, they would be shot.

They thought it was going to be on the news.

They kept changing the program.

But they didn't report it.

While the people were talking.

The old woman noticed that the two bodies were gone.

Even the blood was wiped clean

At this time, the atmosphere inside the bar was unusually heavy

People began to suspect each other

The man in the suit thought there were terrorists between them

Backpack with bombs and other weapons

Because we don't know who it is

The police had to kill the people who went out

The bearded man on the side got nervous

Surreptitiously kicked the bag to the side to hide

This action was seen by the man in the suit

Several people went up to control him

The clerk took the bag out

Several people opened the bag to see

Inside only a few pieces of clothing and a hard drive

The bearded man explained that this is his design materials

Mei Mei could not stand it

Stepped forward and grabbed the hard drive and slammed it on the ground

Directly on the foot to stomp

The bearded man who was released felt very unhappy

He pointed to the briefcase of the man in the suit

Said that there is a problem inside

But the man in the suit did not want to open it

Nine people a big fight

The tramp grabbed the bag when everyone was not paying attention

Immediately open the case

The crowd was so scared that they held their heads

But inside are some women's underwear

No wonder he did not want to open

So there is this fetish

At that moment there was a sound from the bathroom

But the door was locked from the inside

The clerk ran into it

The door did not open and fell on his face

A retired police officer with a white beard

See the situation directly two shots to the lock off the door

Push open the door to see

Inside a man

Mei Mei went forward to help

See the big needle on the ground

And his ear suddenly flowed blood

Mei Mei was scared and put down the needle and left

Just then

A truck came up

A group of people wearing masks got out of the truck

They piled tires on the ground

Then with a flame gun ignited black smoke everywhere

No matter how the crowd tapped on the glass

The crowd was ignored

At that moment the news reported

They had a major fire here.

They had evacuated everyone in the area.

These people were trapped in a bar.

If they go outside, they will be shot in the head

At that moment a man came out of the bathroom

But he was already infected with the virus and was hopeless.

His eyes were protruding.

Then he falls to the floor.

Several people learned from his cell phone that he was a soldier

And in the phone with a picture of the epidemic prevention staff

Now it all makes sense

This man must have been infected with some kind of virus

He escaped to the bar.

So the police thought everyone in the bar had been infected.

Locked down the place to stop the spread of the virus

And they were treated as an infected group and were to be killed.

Just when everyone was desperate.

The bearded man found that the soldier's cell phone had a signal

He called his colleagues to help.

At this point, the clerk thought he was talking nonsense.

He grabbed the phone and yelled at them

Unexpectedly the colleague side directly hang up the phone

At this time, the boss lady thought that the person who contacted the phone

might have been infected

Those who hadn't touched the phone thought it made sense to huddle together

Threatened them with a gun and sent them to the basement for quarantine

Several people do not want to go

Whitebeard shot the slot machine next to them

Several people had no choice but to obediently go into the basement

Just to the bottom of the fat sister can not breathe

Climb to the container and knock on the roof

A shaking of the beer shattered all over the floor

Because there is no basement water

Under the newspaper found the sewer

The homeless man opened the sewer

Measured the depth with a bottle

He thought he could run away from here.

He immediately took off his clothes

He picked up the oil and poured it on him.

He slid down little by little

But just halfway down, he got stuck

The crowd pushed down hard

Even kicked hard with their feet

But they could not get down

Suddenly there was a gunshot from upstairs

The people were afraid to hide aside

The gunshots from upstairs were one after another

People at the top of the building said that all the people above were killed

The bearded man saw this and immediately turned off the lights

A few moments later there was no sound upstairs

But there was smoke at the top of the building

It was the police who set the fire. They wanted to destroy the virus.

Now there was only one way out and that was the sewers.

Three people pulled the homeless man up

And the fat sister's brain is a little confused directly to reach out to push the door

The result was burned off a layer of skin

After the fire stopped the bearded man used a stick to open the door

The house has been burned to ashes

The doors inside the house were all blocked

quietly hide the gun when we are not aware of

Mei Mei picked up a cell phone

They looked through the messages and found the existence of the vaccine.

They started to search for the bodies of those people

They didn't find any.

The homeless man found the vaccine in the bathroom

But there were only 4 doses of the vaccine

And there were 5 of them

How was this to be distributed?

This woman was shoved down the drain.

The root of her thighs were rubbed with blood

But several people were still pushing hard.

She was screaming in pain.

But she couldn't help it.

Good thing she then slid down without incident

It turns out that the homeless people found the vaccine

As a result, the vaccine fell down during the struggle

Only the slender Mei Mei went down to pick it up

It took a lot of effort to finally stuff it in

She found the vaccine in the corner

They told her to tie the vaccine to the wire

So that they could pull it up

But she refused.

She was afraid that she wouldn't get her share if she handed it up.

She told them to come down if they wanted it

So a few people took the iron bar and started to smash it.

The sewer opening slowly became larger

And Mei Mei hid the potion

She came to the vent

Just see the police to disinfect the body

And at that moment several people smashed open the sewer entrance

Jumped down one after another

But the weight of the fat sister is really a bit old fire

Directly stuck can not move

Fortunately, the following few people struggled to pull her down

And the bearded man took the opportunity to drag the tramp down into the water

fought for the pistol

Sink together

After two gunshots

Bearded man with a gun floated up

But three vaccines or not enough for four people to share

The bearded man was about to kill the shopkeeper with the gun to share the vaccine

But Mei Mei persuaded to let him go

Several people in the darkness to find the hidden vaccine

In the process of the fat sister suddenly shot the clerk pushed down

and held his head down to death

The bearded man fired a shot to illuminate

Found out what Fatty was doing

Hurry to stop the fat lady

The shopkeeper was crying on the side who he had provoked

The fat sister now can not get the vaccine

Grabbed a pistol and went to the corner and ended herself

Mei Mei found the vaccine and gave one to each person to share

Suddenly the homeless man appeared behind her

A stick killed the shopkeeper

Mei Mei and two saw the situation is not right, rushed to run away

The homeless man chased the two with a large mallet

They found the sewer exit and quickly climbed up

The tramp caught up behind them

Mei Mei's foot slipped and the vaccine fell down

The two men struggled to climb to the roof

But the tramp was already catching up

Grabbed the bearded man's leg

So he gave Mei-mei his own vaccine

Then he and the tramp fell to their deaths

Mei-mei finally opened the manhole cover

Climbing out of the sewer

The pedestrians around looked at her strangely

The police were still cordoning off the bar

The kind people saw her soaking wet and put a coat on her

It all felt like a nightmare

When people are forced to despair and have no way out

Is it the greed for life or the humanity that is revealed?

This is the end of the story

The Bar" was released in 2017

A secret room with an exploding head

Isolation from the flames

Killing in the sewers

Those who turn their backs on the world don't want to see the world

Just don't want the world to see themselves

And there is no absolute good or evil in the human heart

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