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Horror "Closet" movie commentary copy

Horror "The Closet" Movie Commentary Copy

Horror "Closet" movie commentary copy

This is definitely one of the scariest movies of the past two years.

I'm sure it will scare you.

The story originates from this strange closet.

The father and daughter in the car are the main characters of this movie.

The hero suddenly stops the car.

A row of crows in front of him blocked the way.

The hero gets out of the car and looks

Flocks of crows were pecking at the deer carcass.

And the mother deer can only stare at it.

The hero inadvertently

The daughter sneaks out of the car.

The hero looked back at the open door.

So he goes after it.

The shot of the woods is the new house where the father and daughter will live.

Hey, here comes the horror movie trope.

The hero goes upstairs with his things to pack.

Suddenly came the sound of children playing.

The hero opens the window and looks down.

But there was nothing.

Perhaps misheard?

At that moment a crow suddenly hit the window.

Look at the window covered with blood

The hero is caught in a memory

It turns out that the hero used to be busy with work.

It was the mother of the children were taking care of them.

But not long ago there was a car accident.

The hero and the child survived

The mother passed away

Since then the child also suffered from severe autism

The main character also suffers from panic disorder

The kind that loses control when he is frightened

He was sadly watching the video he made with his mother

Watching it, he was crying.

At that moment, there were two knocks on the door

interrupted his emotions

She turned her head to look over but there was no movement

The young heroine thought she had heard wrong

But then there were two more knocks on the door

This time she heard it clearly

The sound came from the closet

She went up to the closet and opened it.

There was nothing inside

The hero heard the sound and ran upstairs quickly

But this time the little girl opened the door with a smile on her face

told her father that nothing was wrong with her

The man was not sure and went in to look

And did not find anything strange

Just saw the broken doll in his daughter's hand

Very strange

But because his daughter liked the doll very much

so did not pay too much attention and left the house

After that day, my daughter seemed to be a different person

She also became a better eater

After eating, she told her father that she was happy

She also made a new friend

The man was also very surprised

This is the new house.

How did he make new friends?

That day when he came home from work

He told his daughter that he was going away for a while

He would hire a nanny to look after her

You've already made up your mind

Why are you discussing with me?

The man saw that the conversation had failed

He left his newly bought doll and went downstairs

In the middle of the night, he was drawing a design for his work

At that moment, he heard the sound of playing the piano from upstairs

He saw that his daughter had fallen asleep

When he was about to leave

He noticed that the closet behind him was open

He went up to close the closet and was about to turn around and leave

The closet opened again

It was just a dream

But he turned around and saw

His own design was messed up

He went to his daughter's room

He found that the room was also in a state of disrepair

At that moment he saw his daughter downstairs in the courtyard

With a knife in her hand, she was scraping the bones of a crow

And then showed a triumphant expression

The man thought his daughter was just playing a temper

So he left his daughter with the family nanny

and went to work

But not long after

The nanny called

She couldn't stand the little girl anymore

Surprisingly, she put live goldfish in the milk and wanted to leave

And the man was busy with work

He didn't care about anything else

Anyway, only half a day to go

Then it's not too late to go home and take care of her daughter

At this time, the daughter at home was muttering something

The girl was pulled in by the closet in front of her

The man who did not know the reason

Thought his daughter was simply missing

He spent his days and nights on the streets handing out search notices

On the Internet to do the search live

After a long time

All kinds of comments have appeared

Some people said

The man had all kinds of psychotropic drugs in his house

There was even talk of the father endangering his daughter

The news of the search on TV soon reached the hotel

The man in front of me

The man who was checking the search news at home

Suddenly, there was no internet access

He must be bored.

The bored man went to his daughter's room

Thinking he could find some clues

He remembered his daughter's piano sheet music

He picked up the sheet music and turned to the last page.

The picture in front of him made him confused

He saw a picture of a crazy woman on the paper

and the closet behind him

The man walks up and tries to open the closet

to see what was there

At that moment the doorbell was rung

Went downstairs to see

A man came into the house

He claimed to be a worker repairing the electrical network

The man took out a prop from his bag

He took the prop and went to the little girl's room

Came to the closet

He took off his glasses

Isn't this the same man from the hotel?

At that moment

There was another person at the door to repair the network

The man was confused

So the man upstairs is here to visit the house?

The hero dragged his clothes and tried to get rid of him

The man tells the hero that he is an exorcist

His name is Lao Xu

He has been following this case for ten years

The number of missing children is 32.

Now there is no other way

Can only bring Lao Xu back home

Old Xu showed the man a video

And then told the man

His own mother was also an exorcist

20 years ago

When the first child disappeared

It was his mother who did the spell

But the power of the ghost was too strong

In the end, her mother was killed by the ghost

Recently, every parent of a missing child has said

Maybe his mother wanted to warn everyone to leave the closet

Lao Xu told the man

Your daughter was brought to the world of the dead by an evil spirit

But the daughter is not dead now

She still has three days to live

At night, Lao Xu made a spell in front of the closet with his own blood

Then he sealed the closet with a charm

Together we went downstairs and waited for the evil spirit to appear

Suddenly the lights began to flicker.

The closet door snapped open

They put their eyes together to see

Suddenly the door snapped shut

They went to the room to look at the doll they had set up

Lao Xu decided to use a bigger doll and blood to attract the evil spirits

Then they went downstairs again and waited for it to appear

In the process of waiting

Lao Xu learned that the man does not know anything about his daughter

He didn't even know what he liked to eat

At this point in the screen began to appear a flicker of

But the old Xu has begun to snore on the side

How can not wake up

The hero decided to go up to repair the prop himself just fixed

In the room came the voice of his daughter

The hero pushed open his daughter's door and went in to check

He opened the closet to see

Arranged the dolls are all in the closet

Lao Xu voice from the headset told him to close his eyes

Not to mention that Ghost really can not see him

The hero followed Lao Xu's command and climbed out step by step

The signal was blocked

He was about to rescue the hero

See the ghost king appeared in front of him

Ghost sister furiously whooped

On the old Xu screwed in mid-air

Old Xu fixed the situation to see

This is the sister of Ming who disappeared 20 years ago

The main man's watch rang in the house

He threw the watch aside

The ghosts all rushed to the watch

The hero also took the opportunity to run out

He came downstairs and opened the door

Old Xu had a dagger stuck in his stomach

Then Lao Xu was taken to the hospital

The hero searched and found the information of Ming's sister

Ready to go to find his father

And in the hospital old Xu sat up with a start

20 years ago

An economic crisis hit the region

The man was already bankrupt

And in debt

The damned bastard.

Locked his daughter in a closet

Ignoring his young daughter's pleas for mercy in there

Locked the closet mercilessly

Outside the closet was the smoke from the burning charcoal

And the girl's mother had already collapsed

But who knew that the man had survived on his own?

But the ghost of the daughter now came to the man

And pulled him into the ghostly world of the closet

On the way back

The main man and old Xu also kind of know

Why the girl will become an evil ghost

Those missing children are also the same as the girl

Either they don't have the love of their parents

Or they are hated

That's why the girl took them away

At the midway point

The hero asked Lao Xu to help him enter the space created by the girl

to get his daughter out

There is no other way than this, right?

Old Xu could only agree to return home to the two of them

They lit a blazing fire

Lao Xu told him that this fire is the same as your life

When the fire goes out, you can not get out

Then he told the man to sit in the closet

When the hero came out of the closet again

Outside the scene is completely different

That is called a gloomy ah

At this time a few flying knives flew over

The hero rushed out of the house

Suddenly a man ran out in front of him

Threw the hero downstairs

This tree is full of people

The hero climbed up and wanted to leave

But then he saw his wife with a knife

running towards him

He was about to be stabbed

Old Xu outside threw a charm into the fire

Inside with a knife turned into a girl

And also can not move

The little girl ghost knew right away

Is someone outside to help the hero

The spell was broken in one fell swoop

Outside the circle of candles are also extinguished

The closet also stretched out a bunch of ghost hands

The old Xu had no choice

He had to use his own body to block the hero

The hero ran into a dense forest

In front of him was a group of children playing

The hero weakly called out

Daughter's name

Attracted the attention of all the children

The hero panicked ah

Seems to be surrounded by the kids

At that moment he saw his daughter in front of him

He pushed away the kids around him

Ran forward to embrace his daughter

But he was hit by a big truck

When the man woke up, he saw the little girl ghost in front of him

He tried to reason with the little ghost

But the little ghost seemed to hate to remember the past

The man was knocked into a tree with a snap

And instructed the hero's daughter to kill him

At this time, the old Xu outside removed his own Buddha beads

Summoned the little ghost's mother

The little girl changed back to her original form

After all, the mother is good ah

The girl cried and went to hug her mother

But because the old Xu power is not enough

So the mother disappeared

The man now went up and hugged the crying little girl ghost

Look around at the children

Their painful past

At this moment all imprinted in front of the hero's eyes

The little ghost finally took the little kids with her

disappeared into space

The hero also went to pick up his daughter

And left this other dimension

At the end of the film

The man and Lao Xu pick up their daughter from school together

From the daughter's smile can be seen

The man treats her better than before

This is a horror film

Under the wrapping of a warm reflection film

I hope everyone can treat their families well

Children or not

Parents too

Well, this is the end of this video

If you like it, don't forget to pay attention to it!

We will not see you next time!

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