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Film "Young Police" commentary copy

Movie "Young Cops" commentary copy

Film "Young Police" commentary copy

Two uninvited guests arrive at a bar late at night.

Hwang Ki-joon and Kang Gwi-yeol, students at a police academy.

They are called the DS duo, and the two years of closed training at the academy have left them physically and mentally exhausted.

The two of them are physically and mentally exhausted, so they discuss it and leave the school.

They left school and came to a bar in search of youthful passion, lying that they were going home to visit their relatives.

Soon after entering the door, the two were attracted by the handsome men and women in the middle of the dance floor.

The two of them were attracted by the beautiful men and women in the middle of the dance floor.

They then look for a girl they like to talk to.

Kang Cheol came to the group of girls with his uncoordinated body and scared the girls who were drinking.

The girls who were drinking were scared away and Hwang Ki Joon was even funnier.

The girls were scared and ran away. Cops.

The girl lifted her cell phone and pretended to call and turned her head away.

At this time they have been with the current young people do not fit in.

After the two simply left the bar to find a pub drinking booze.

After a full meal, they walked to the door with their shoulders bouncing.

At that moment, the young and beautiful Seok-joo walks up to them and turns the DS duo upside down.

Hwang Ki-joon thinks that the opportunity is too good to miss.

The two of them then decided who would go up to them by using rock-paper-scissors.

In the middle of the fight, a black car suddenly appeared behind Seok-joo.

Then a man got out of the car.

The two of them use rock-paper-scissors to decide who will come forward.

At the same time, the DS duo also saw the scene.

As future police officers, the two of them did not say anything and chased after him.

But two legs can not run four wheels in a short time, the car disappeared without a trace.

Seeing this situation, Huang Jijun first - time to call the police.

The incident and the license plate number all told the police, but the police did not find the car.

Unfortunately, the police did not find the car.

The two of them took a taxi to the nearby police station to report the incident.

However, at this time the police received orders from their superiors to

However, at this time, the police department received an order to search for the missing grandson of a major corporation.

So there is no time to take care of the DS duo to the police according to the knowledge learned in class.

Missing adult women are usually within seven hours of the accident.

Seeing this situation, the DS duo decided to apply what they had learned.

They returned to the scene of the crime to look for clues.

They found the fried rice cakes that Seok-ju had left on the ground.

The DS team then started a series of deductions.

According to the amount of rice cakes, there were at least 4 servings because the rice cakes were easily swollen.

So Seok-joo's house is nearby.

And the black car was parked on Seok-ju's way home.

It is likely to be a planned crime or an acquaintance.

The first task now is to find Seok-ju's house, and how to find it becomes a problem.

The first task is to find Seok-joo's house.

Maybe the people there know Seok-joo, so they do it.

The DS duo finally found the store through their tireless efforts.

Although they couldn't find Seok-joo's home.

The DS duo finally found the shop, and although they couldn't find Seok Joo's house, they found out that she works at the ear-digging place across the road.

The two then arrived at the place and now they were faced with two choices.

If they were caught by the police in a place like this.

If the police caught them, they would be expelled from school.

If they didn't go in, they couldn't find any more clues.

This puts them in a dilemma.

Kang Ki-joon said, "How about you go in and I'll give you a look.

I'll go in and I'll watch out for you.

The two of them were in a dilemma.

The first time, he went in reluctantly.

Reluctantly, he walks in.

He was on pins and needles while waiting in the room.

Soon, a girl with big breasts comes in and communicates with him.

Meanwhile, Hwang Ki-joon, who was in charge of the lookout, was shivering from the cold.

At that moment, there was a big brother in the convenience store across the street who was eating instant noodles beautifully.

Hwang Ki-joon muttered to himself that it must be very good, no, no, no.

The first time I saw a bowl of instant noodles, I couldn't let it get in the way of my business.

The other side of the big brother actually ate a kebab sausage at this moment also indisputably stomach screaming up.

Hwang Ki-joon persuaded himself to sit at the convenience store to watch the same, so he took a big step towards the convenience store.

So he took a big step towards the convenience store to have a beautiful bowl of noodles.

I had to add two sausages before I finished eating the accident happened.

A police car pulled up in front of the ear-digging room in a hurry.

The police officers came out and shouted "dead cops!

When two police officers heard him, they started to chase him all over the street.

As he runs, he turns around and continues to provoke them.

The two police officers started to chase him down the street.

The two police officers heard the story and started to chase him down the street.

He was forced to run away from home, and as soon as he got Seok Joo's current address, he left.

He was forced to run away from home.

He was walking around with a policeman and ran into Hwang Ki-joon.

The first time I saw him, I saw him.

The two of them got rid of the police and came to Seok-ju's house.

When they came to Seok-ju's house, a young man with yellow hair opened the door.

When they heard that the DS duo were police officers looking for Seok-ju, the young man immediately closed the door and came from behind.

The young man immediately closed the door and fled through the back window.

The DS team realized that something was wrong and immediately split up to look for the young man.

He cautiously explored inside.

The young man suddenly comes out of nowhere with a dagger in his hand.

Kang reflexively knocks the dagger out of his hand.

The next thing he knew, he was looking at the young man on the ground with three slaps to end the fight.

He looked at the young man on the ground and was amazed that he hadn't trained Chen for nothing.

The DS duo then gets the whereabouts of Seok-ju from the young man.

The young man was Seok-joo's roommate, and he saw that Seok-joo had left home and had been living alone.

The DS team then got the whereabouts of Seok-joo from the young man's roommate who saw that Seok-joo had run away from home and had been alone, and was short of money to spend.

He told them about Seok-joo's whereabouts for 1 million won.

Then the DS team found the business card of one of the criminal organization on him.

Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Kang Hwang and his team immediately rushed to the address on the card.

Seok-ju woke up and found herself in a dark room.

She was huddled in a corner, shivering, and at that moment.

At that moment, there were footsteps outside and a lecherous-looking man came in.

He took control of Seok-ju and injected her with a mysterious drug.

Then he gave Seok-ju a forged student card from a famous university.

So that a LZ can be sold for a high price of 80,000.

On the other hand, the DS duo came to a restaurant according to the address.

Hwang Ki-joon takes out his cell phone and dials the number on the card.

Suddenly, a customer at the front table's cell phone rang to identify the suspect.

The DS duo took out their cell phones and dialed the number on the business card.

The two of them were so surprised that they pulled it back.

The suspect actually dialed back the two people were completely exposed.

The two sides then started a fierce fight.

The DS duo, who were professionally trained, soon took the suspects down in one fell swoop.

Under questioning, they got the place where Seok-ju was being held.

They then rushed to the place.

The two of them rushed to the place, but these heartless bastards had arrested dozens of people to make money.

They opened the door to a room where a girl who had run away from home, like Seok-ju, was being injected and pumped with LZ.

They opened the door to a room.

They opened the door of a room and found a girl lying on the bed, tortured and dying.

They decided to save her.

Hwang Ki-joon decided to save the girl.

He picked up the girl and rushed to the hospital to wait for the police to come and save her.

However, just before they reached the door, they were surrounded by the criminal gang.

The DS duo had nowhere to go.

The DS duo had nowhere to go, so they grabbed a wooden stick and gestured to keep them away.

Just then, the leader of the gang, Blackie, comes out and looks at him.

The leader of the group, Black, comes out and looks at Kang, and without saying a word, he kicks Kang and knocks him to the ground.

Then Hwang Ki-joon was also knocked down and that's it.

The DS duo was caught and hung in a warehouse.

The DS duo was caught and hung in a warehouse, but Hwang Ki-joon was able to struggle to free himself.

However, when they were about to leave, the criminals found them on the street.

But just as they were about to leave, they were spotted by the criminals running down the street.

The criminals chased after them.

The two of them ran to the local police station and escaped.

They came to the police station in disheveled clothes.

Due to the inability to produce valid documents in addition to the language is a bit too aggressive.

Finally arrested by the police for disturbing public order.

The police arrested them for disturbing the peace, and Old Black was afraid that the incident would be exposed, so he moved all the girls to other places.

The next day, Professor Yang from the police academy learned of the incident.

The next day, Professor Yang from the police academy came to the police station to bail out the DS duo.

The two immediately told him what happened last night.

After that, he took Professor Yang to the place where the girls were held.

But from the bloodstains left on the ground, Professor Yang judged that the two men were telling the truth.

Then he called the authorities to find the license plate number of the criminal organization and applied for an investigation.

The answer was not as expected, but the car was a registered car.

The car was a registered car, and there were too many criminal cases recently to deal with this kind of human trafficking.

In order to ensure the safety of the students.

In order to ensure the safety of the students, Professor Yang sent Huang Jijun and the two of them back to school first and left the rest to the police.

After returning to the school, the hysterical cries for help from the girls kept echoing in their minds.

They couldn't just sit back and do nothing, so they found the devil instructor Medusa.

After a flurry of words, Medusa agrees to help the two find the whereabouts of the car.

But in the meantime, the DS duo is working hard to strengthen their bodies.

In the meantime, the DS duo worked hard to strengthen their bodies.

Soon Medusa found out through the surveillance system that the car was often in and out of a fertility hospital.

This shows that the traffickers have been working with this hospital to get eggs.

The hospital then sold LZ to some people in need.

The two of them again took time off from school and went to the hospital to squat.

The two of them again slipped out of school and came to the hospital to squat, and it didn't take long for the big black car to come to the underground parking lot of the hospital.

The girls were handed over to the director.

The two of them also came to the underground parking lot.

But they were blocked by Big Black's men, and then the two sides began a fierce fight.

After a fierce battle, the DS duo beat each other to the ground.

Then they took the elevator to the inside of the hospital.

Just after opening the elevator door, they encountered Big Black.

Two days of hard training so that the two turmeric combat power increased a lot.

Finally successfully subdued Big Black.

The DS duo with their own power, destroyed the criminal organization to save more than 20 innocent girls.

At the end of the movie, the DS duo returned to school and studied harder.

Because they aspire to become a qualified people's police.

Later, Seok-ju comes to the police academy with tears in her eyes to thank the DS duo.

The three of them walk around the school in a surprisingly calm mood.


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