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Sci-fi movie "Attack on Titan Live Action Post-Sequel" commentary text

Sci-fi movie "Attack on Titan Live Action Post-Sequel" commentary text

Sci-fi movie "Attack on Titan Live Action Post-Sequel" commentary text

Today I'm going to tell you about a man who stabs his sword into his heart.

Then his back ribs start to mutate.

He becomes an armored giant tens of meters tall.

"Attack on Titan: The Second Part".

In the last episode, we talked about how giants are immortal.

The only way to kill them

The only way to kill them is to cut off the back of their necks.

So what's the secret behind the giants?

Behind the giants?

Today, we'll reveal all the truth about the giants.

In the last movie.

In the last movie, we all witnessed

Alan's transformation into a giant.

When the military learned that Allen could transform.

They immediately captured him as a monster.

Alan woke up from his coma and was interrogated by Kubal.

Are you a human or a giant?

Why did your arms and legs grow back after being cut off?

Alan was also confused.

He didn't know how to explain his transformation into a giant.

It turns out that when Alan was a child.

His father and uncle Aida had been

They were secretly researching the secrets of giants.

They soon broke through all the technical barriers

And injected the cell division drug they developed

Into Alan's body.

Just when they were about to witness the miracle

Kubal found them with his guards.

Alan's mother saw this.

Allen's mother had no choice but to let Aida escape with her son.

Kubal took her and her husband away.

Although Alan survived.

But when he grew up, he had already sealed his memories.

Kubal ordered the guards to shoot Allen.

Kubal ordered the guards to shoot Allen.

In a moment of crisis, Amin rushed out to tell everyone.

Amin rushed out to tell them that there was another dud on the outer wall.

There's enough gunpowder in it to repair the breach in the wall.

Hanji, the squad leader, supported Amin's claim.

Because a living Alan is the best material to crack the secret of the Giant.

But in the face of everyone's resistance.

Kubal believed that there was already a traitor inside the walls.

The theft of the explosives was the best evidence.

At that moment, the only person who knew the truth was Aida.

Sagitta, the only one who knew the truth, was ready to speak out.

But before he could speak, Kubal shot him dead.

Just when Alan's life was at stake.

An armored giant suddenly fell from the sky.

It killed Commander Kubal.

The soldiers rushed to fire.

But the armored giant was so tough.

Ordinary bullets couldn't hurt him at all.

Amin jumped up to attack the back of the giant's neck.

But he soon realized that the giant seemed to have intelligence.

He knew how to protect his own vitals.

The armored giant did not want to fight.

The armored giant was not interested in fighting.

When Alan woke up from his coma.

He found himself in a closed room with Shikishima.

Shikishima was calm and collected.

Shikishima calmly told Alan the terrible truth about the birth of the giant.

It turns out that 100 years ago.

In order to create super biochemical warriors.

To create super biochemical fighters, the military began to modify human genes.

And succeeded in creating tall giants.

But the military soon realized that there was a flaw in the drug.

People kept turning into giants uncontrollably.

This led to the destruction of the entire society.

The survivors could only build a wall 100 meters high.

To keep the giants out. But after a hundred years.

However, after a hundred years, the people inside the wall gradually forgot the fear of the giants.

They began to resent the ruling class.

And it was during this time that the giants

The giants reappeared and broke down the walls.

And brought untold slaughter to the outlying agricultural areas.

It was all just a brutal way for the ruling class to maintain stability.

They don't care if the people live or die.

They only want to use the shadow of death brought by the giants

They only want to use the shadow of death from the giants to control those who try to resist.

Shikishima also showed Alan

Shikishima also showed Allen the weapons that were left behind

Before human civilization was destroyed.

He also hid some explosives.

On the other hand, under the leadership of Min.

Hanji and the others have already loaded the duds onto a truck.

The two sides met on the way.

When they realized that Captain Shikishima had no regard for the lives of civilians.

He insisted on blowing up the inner wall.

He wants to destroy the cruel system that controls human beings.

Learning the truth, Allen and Shikishima fought.

But he's not very good at what he does, so he can't fight back.

In order to help Alan.

Minnie wanted to threaten Shikishima with a bomb.

But Shikishima was not afraid.

Come on, let's hurt each other!

Minnie was in a dilemma. He didn't know what to do.

At that moment, one of her teammates rushed over to her.

He used all his strength.

He pulled the bell tower behind him and detonated the explosives.

Although the sacrifice of his teammates made everyone suffer immensely

But they soon realized.

Shikishima, who had managed to escape, had come after them.

He stabbed himself with his sword.

Not only did he not die, he instantly sprouted huge ribs.

He transformed into a huge armored giant.

The giant who saved Alan was Shikishima.

Faced with such a powerful enemy.

They had to work together to fight Shikishima.

Sasha shot the armored giant in the left eye with his bow.

He took away Shikishima's sight.

Mikasa cut off the giant's finger.

Alan also cut the giant's hamstring from the ground.

The giant fell to the ground.

The team wanted to pursue the attack.

But the giant recognized them.

Alan in order to save his teammates

The giant punched him into the wall.

While Shikishima was preparing to take away the dud.

Alan's cell division drug was activated again.

He turned into an armored giant just like Shikishima.

Alan is obviously no match for Shikishima.

He was quickly knocked to the ground.

Luckily, Alan was quick.

He picked up a steel plate from the rubble.

And inserted it into Shikishima's body.

Then Alan flew up in the air

He crushed the giant's head with his knee.

And Alan, still in his giant form.

Helped the people to carry the bomb to the wall.

And pushed the bomb into the cracks of the wall.

With the mission accomplished, Alan returned to his original form.

Just as Amin set up the detonator

When she was about to leave with everyone.

Kubal reappeared on the wall.

He threatened them to hand over Aaron.

He threatened them to give up Alan and offered to let them enter the inner wall and become nobles.

But they refused.

Angrily, Kubal opened fire and wounded Amin.

Sasha, enraged, fired three arrows at Kubal.

Commander Kubal then fell from the wall.

But the next moment, he transformed into a 100-meter giant.

It was Kubal who transformed into the giant who kicked a hole in the wall.

His purpose was to make the people

He wanted the people to stay within the walls and submit to his rule.

The 100 meter giant was about to take the duds.

To stop them from repairing the wall.

Allen and the others activated their maneuvers.

And once again, they charged up to fight the giant.

Because the giant was too powerful.

And his body was emitting intense heat.

Ordinary people can't get close to it.

In a moment of crisis, Hanji, the squad leader, came to their aid.

He used a weapon left over from the old days.

He succeeded in crushing the giant's cheeks.

Alan jumped onto the giant's back.

He tried to cut off the flesh of the giant's back.

But the giant's body was as hot as lava.

As soon as Alan stepped on it, his shoes melted.

He endured the pain.

He managed to cut the back of the giant's neck.

So this is where Kubal was hiding.

He was controlling the giant with his own consciousness.

When Allen was ready to kill him.

"he realized it was just a trick.

The giant then pinched Allen in the air.

He tried to kill him with a slap.

At that critical moment, Shikishima transformed into an armored giant again.

He climbed the wall with a bomb.

The radical Captain Shikishima was determined.

He died with Kubal's 100 meter giant.

He left the future in the hands of Alan, who had a different vision.

The falling debris blocked the opening in the wall.

When Alan and Mikasa climbed up the wall and saw the sea.

At that moment, they realized

Human beings were just mice kept inside the walls by the giants.

There is a big world out there.

But humans can only live within the walls.

Although their safety is guaranteed.

But the dignity of a higher intelligence is lost.

The human race is subjectively confined.

To achieve the goal of spiritual domination.

There are two possibilities for the truth.

One is that the rulers want the people

To live within the walls

So that no dissenters would arise

That could lead to an attack by giants.

Another explanation is that the space inside the walls

Inside the walls is a laboratory of sorts.

And the humans living inside are just mice to be experimented on.

I don't know what you think about this.

Feel free to leave your responses in the comments section

See you next time.

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