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Drama movie "Emergency landing" commentary text

Drama movie "Emergency landing" narration text

Drama movie "Emergency landing" commentary text

This is a movie adapted from a true event, and is the first air crash movie in China's movie history, premiered in 1999.

At that time, the computerized stunts in this movie, which lasted more than 9 minutes, could be considered as the top level of domestic stunt production.

Even in Hollywood, it's a middle-range movie.

It's "Emergency Landing".

At the airport, a large airliner is undergoing a routine check before takeoff.

This is the captain of this flight, Mr. Li Ka Tong, who is a highly skilled and experienced pilot.

In the cockpit, they are preparing for takeoff as usual

With the command from the tower, Blue Sky 569, carrying 137 passengers, lifts off smoothly.

Everything was just like countless other flights.

Just then, the front landing gear malfunction light came on.

The captain ordered to do it again, but it still didn't work.

The captain ordered to do it again, but it's still not working.

What does it mean when the front landing gear won't go down?

It means that the airplane will not be able to land properly.

It will lead to a hard landing and a direct collision with the ground.

The risk factor is extremely high. If not handled properly, the consequences will be extremely serious.

The experienced captain understood that and immediately contacted the tower to request a return flight.

Inside the cabin, the captain is broadcasting to inform the passengers, and the flight attendants are making preparations for landing.

On the ground, the airport received the tower's report

Immediately took emergency measures, with Captain Liu Yuan acting as the ground commander to guide the landing.

At the same time, a group of experts and engineers dismantled an airplane of the same model

To study the possible causes

The commander-in-chief suspected a problem with the hydraulic system

He told the captain to follow the rules, but it didn't work.

At that point, an e-mail came in from the aircraft manufacturer.

It's the same thing. They're checking the hydraulics.

That means there's no experience to draw on.

We're on our own.

At this point, the National Aviation Administration instructed all flights to follow Blue Sky 569's schedule.

Air Traffic Control approved the airspace needed for 569.

City leaders and airline executives were on the front line.

Armed police, firefighters and medical personnel are all on standby.

At this time, 569 only has enough fuel to fly for more than two hours.

That means they must lower the landing gear within that time.

After discussion, the commander-in-chief decided to dump the landing gear.

Like this.

Drop the plane to a low enough altitude

Then climb quickly and use gravity and inertia to throw out the landing gear

But after the captain's perfect maneuver, it still didn't work.

So we have to try to land it in a more dangerous way.

Like this.

The landing gear is shaken out by the bumps when the plane hits the ground.

This is a very dangerous maneuver. If the nose of the plane hits the ground, the consequences will be unimaginable.

The captain asked the steward to move all the passengers to the back of the plane, where it would be safer.

And one of the passengers who realized the seriousness of the situation broke down.

A rich man, the stewardess he despised before, took him in her arms and calmed him down.

What a stark contrast. Quality and quality have nothing to do with money.

Once ready, the captain operates the plane and starts to land.

500 meters, 300 meters, 100 meters, landing, climbing rapidly.

The red light is still on.

We've tried everything we can think of so far.

In order to minimize the risk

To minimize the risk of putting down the landing gear in the sky

Commander Liu Yuan decided to take a risk

Have someone go down to the landing gear and take a look.

Lower the landing gear manually

At high altitude, the plane is flying fast, with strong winds and lack of oxygen.

It's dangerous for a person to climb outside the plane.

The captain said Liu has seen too many movies.

But China has no shortage of heroes.

The pilot rolled up his sleeves and took an axe.

He climbed up to the landing gear, but couldn't get it down.

After checking, they found a broken pin.

That means it's impossible to lower the landing gear in the sky.

We have to resort to emergency landing

The ground command team quickly discussed the situation

Commander Liu Yuan is running a simulation on the computer.

The first thing to consider is a forced landing on the runway

If the landing gear hits the ground too early

The friction with the ground

Will surely lead to a fire in the nose

The crew could be killed or injured

Then the unmanned plane will lose control

Or even run into the terminal building, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Then someone suggested to use the grass on both sides of the runway for a grass landing

This would avoid the fire caused by the friction between the nose of the plane and the concrete.

But the weight of the airplane plus the acceleration of the landing

It could have landed in the dirt.

Like a bulldozer pushing forward

In the process, the wings would break, the fuselage would break, and there would be an explosion.

After much discussion, it was decided to land on the runway.

But the runway must be sprayed with fireproof foam to reduce friction temperature and avoid fire.

The mayor ordered all the foam trucks to come over.

They must finish spraying the foam before landing.

At this point, the plane only has enough fuel for a 40-minute flight.

Allow 15 minutes for a forced landing.

That leaves 25 minutes for firefighting.

And 5 minutes to evacuate the runway.

20 minutes to spray at least 1,000 meters of runway.

Of course, that's not enough time. What should we do?

The airport firefighting commander has made some calculations.

When an airplane lands, the rear landing gear hits the ground first.

After taxiing for a while, the friction of the nose on the ground will start the fire.

Then the front section can be left alone. The center section is the key area.

All personnel concentrate on spraying in the middle section

After a while, the commander thought of the captain's skill.

He'll probably let the nose of the plane glide without touching the ground.

Until the speed drops, then he'll let the nose hit the ground.

The last section is the most important.

So he immediately sent a team to the back to spray.

On board the plane, they also started to prepare for the forced landing.

Led by the flight attendants

The passengers take off their jewelry and shoes.

They are doing the same thing as when the plane is landing.

The captain held up water in the restroom

"and slapped it on his face.

137 passengers and crew are on his shoulders.

God knows how much pressure he's under.

There's just over six minutes left on the clock.

An unauthorized press van

Because of the slippery road foam, it overturned in the middle of the runway.

Firefighters, who had already evacuated, had no choice but to rush in.

They pushed the car off the runway with their bare hands just seconds before the plane landed.

It almost caused a disaster, and all their efforts were ruined.

I don't know if they'll be held accountable afterward.

The plane landed smoothly on the runway.

The angle was perfect. The rear landing gear was on the ground and taxiing fast.

As it slowed down, the nose touched down slowly.

After a few moments of friction, it reached a section where there was no time to spray foam.

The nose of the plane immediately rubbed and caught fire, and the fire got bigger and bigger.

Firefighters, paramedics and other rescue vehicles immediately entered the scene.

They followed the plane and tried to rescue it as soon as possible.

Just when the fire was about to get out of control, it reached the last runway sprayed with foam.

The fire went out immediately and the plane came to a safe stop.

Fire trucks sprayed foam to cool down the airplane

Rescue crews are quickly in place to evacuate the passengers

At the end of the movie, after all the passengers have been evacuated, the crew chief walks into the cockpit.

The captain is soaked to the skin and his eyes are empty as he sits in his seat.

He's a hero, no doubt about it, but at the same time, he's just an ordinary guy.

The movie is tightly plotted, the actors are good, and the picture may not have the clarity of today's movies, except for the equipment used back then.

But other than that, it's a great movie.

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