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Sci-fi movie "Attack on Titan: The Aftermath" commentary text

Sci-fi movie "Attack on Titan: The Aftermath" commentary text

Sci-fi movie "Attack on Titan: The Aftermath" commentary text

The story is set in a world of giants that exist to devour humans. After a brutal history of being preyed upon by the giants, the humans who survived built huge walls to prevent the giants from invading and live in a small, circled world all year round, losing their freedom to travel to the world outside the walls for safety. The main character, Alan, possesses strong mental strength and extraordinary power of action, and has a stronger longing for the world outside the walls than anyone else. He goes through trials and tribulations that are unimaginable to ordinary people. Allen, together with Amin and other young people with different backgrounds, finally become qualified members of the Investigation Corps. They were ordered to carry out their first off-wall investigation, but they ended up being hunted by the dreadful giants and suffered heavy casualties. In order to save his best friend, Alan lost his life in the giant's mouth, but in the giant's belly, the mysterious gene in his body awakens. Transformed into a giant, Alan went on a rampage and defeated wave after wave of giants with overwhelming strength. After the vicious battle, Allen regained his original form, and his sudden change aroused great concern from the government.

The chief thinks that Alan is dangerous and wants to shoot him. A-Ming tries his best to put in a good word for Alan, but the chief doesn't listen to him at all, he directly ordered Alan to be shot and labeled A-Ming as a rebel. Just when the chief is about to execute Alan, a giant falls from the sky, and a heavy object falling from the roof smashes the chief to death, it's obvious that the purpose of this giant's trip is to kill Alan. After finishing off a few soldiers, he grabbed the unconscious Alan and left the place, when Alan woke up, he found himself in an isolated room with music playing around him, Alan was a bit panicked, when Captain Kojima suddenly appeared, he claimed that it was him who saved Alan from the giant, and talked about the story of the origin of the giants, which put Alan in a daze. The first giants were mutated by the ruler who conducted human experiments, for some reason, humans also mutated. The first giants were mutated by human experiments conducted by the rulers, and for some reason, humans started to turn into giants as well, and were very rampant.

You never know when the people around you will turn into giants, small island touched Alan's chest and said I've been waiting for you for a long time, don't know also think that these two people have a love affair, after listening to the small island's words, Alan decided to overthrow the government together with the small island, a group of people have just walked out shortly after the group encountered the A-Ming and others, they are transporting duds ready to go to repair the wall, but at this time, the small island said that his plan The bomb was used to blow up the middle wall and the inner wall, and let the giants come in to take advantage of the chaos to overthrow the ruler in one fell swoop, Alan and A-Ming feel very wrong, what is the difference between this kind of practice and the ruler, which will sacrifice more innocent people, Alan is also an impulsive person, directly go up to fuck the small island of the people, just Alan is not a small island's opponent, the small island is even more arrogant, he even forcefully kissed Alan's ex-girlfriend Rong Rong, which makes Alan Can't stand it, helpless Alan still can't beat the island, good thing he has a group of powerful partners, which fat brother in order to hold back the island sacrificed himself, and finally Alan and A Ming and others escaped from this without any danger.

But let them did not expect is that the island even followed up, and then began to self-mutilation, offering the heart of the island transformed into a giant, in fact, he is the previous captive Alan the giant, the face of the giant, Alan and A Ming and others simply do not goad, go up to dry, although Alan in order to save his teammates by the giant slapped hard on the wall, but he is also therefore transformed into a giant, the two giants together, the early Alan was suppressed by the island, late Allen was suppressed by the island, later he found the opportunity to complete the counterattack, and the duds stuffed into the cracks in the wall, physical exhaustion, he eventually turned into a human being, when everyone was ready, the chief did not die, but also to Allen and others shot, teammates are not to be messed with, and directly to the chief a few arrows.

Just what we did not expect is that the chief can also change into a giant, but a particularly large kind, the hole in the wall is this bastard made, all the people died because of him, Alan and others tried to stop the chief, but unfortunately, a few people are not the chief's opponent, in the moment of crisis, a sudden change of nature of Kojima even stood up, pick up the duds and stuffed them into the chief's mouth, this move let him and the chief with him to die, also This action made him die with the officer, and also blocked the hole below, and mankind was saved.

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