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Sci-fi movie "Evolutionary Crisis" commentary text

Sci-fi movie "Evolution Crisis" narration text

Sci-fi movie "Evolutionary Crisis" commentary text

What kind of creature has completed the evolution of 200 million years of life on earth in only two hours, which may be the biggest threat ever encountered by mankind. The huge cavern formed by the meteorite impact has created an isolated and bizarre event, from unicellular to multicellular, from bird to primate, the extraterrestrial organisms are rapidly adapting to the earth's environment, what should the human beings, who are under the threat of survival, do? We recommend the movie "Evolutionary Crisis", and the show has officially begun. In the middle of the night, a sports car drives into the desert, and Chicken takes his inflatable girlfriend out of the trunk and drags her into a cabin, where she has to let herself go in the middle of nowhere. Who knows the chicken threw gasoline, actually a fire to the girlfriend to point. It turns out that he is preparing to take the fireman's exam, specially ran here for surprise training, on this pompous acting and bad action, want to pass the test is afraid of hanging, just at this time, a ball of fire towards him, instantly blowing up Chicken's girlfriend and the sports car, the camera panned out, the hero Lao Bai is lecturing. He was originally an army colonel, now fell to the university as a biology teacher, at noon he went to find a good friend Xiao Hei for dinner, but obviously, the other side has eaten enough, Xiao Hei drove him to the meteorite crash site, lied to the Geological Association of the staff to go down to the investigation, the old white was surprised to find that last night, just fell off the surface of the meteorite has something to grow out, warped open the surface of the meteorite there is also an unidentified liquid outflow, he took down a piece of the He took a piece of meteorite ready to take back to the study, the laboratory of the old white put the unknown liquid under the microscope to observe, inside the net is some single-cell high biological, at this time is splitting at an alarming rate, not a moment even the slides are broken, after the genetic sequence analysis, it is obviously not the earth organisms. The next day the old white called small black to the laboratory, let him look at these single-cell organisms amazing splitting speed, small black a look but found that the single-cell organisms have evolved into multi-cell, the evolutionary process of the earth's life for 200 million years, these shapes of organisms in a few hours on the completion of the small black some excitement to obtain the Nobel birth of the time has come, they bring students intend to dig out the meteorite. Down to the cavern, but found that the meteorite has grown once around the mushroom fungus, the ground is crawling with striped insects, they can only survive in the meteorite transformation of the environment, as long as the entry of the air on the end of the game, in order to save the evolution time, these striped insects and even direct asexual reproduction, a night on the differentiation of three variations, the old white wanted to go deeper into the study, but found that the cavern has been taken over by the military, they continue to pretend to be the Geological Society The soldiers were so excited to hear Lao Bai's name that they wanted to take out their guns to fuck him. After entering the camp, Lao Bai realized that the commander was his old friend, and the other party introduced him to Sister Jin, an expert in epidemiology, and guaranteed that he would not be allowed to take part in the research if there was a chance to do so. Lao Bai was enraged when he heard this, which was clearly discovered by them first, and then took the military to court, where Sister Jin claimed that Lao Bai didn't have the ability to study the meteorite, and that he worked with the military to develop a vaccine. He cooperated with the military to develop a vaccine, the results of the side effects are too strong, 140,000 soldiers injected almost turned into eunuchs, no wonder that guard will be so excited, back to the laboratory they found that the previous research results were looted, the two men took advantage of the moonlight to sneak into the base to steal the samples, I did not expect that just the past three weeks, the caves have been transformed into rainforests, but also evolved all kinds of strange and weird creatures, just when Blackie was ready to Just as Blacky was about to grab the crayfish, he was attracted to a bug that was shaped like an ass, and a sharp-snouted mosquito in a tree had its eye on Blacky's ass, and easily scratched his clothes before drilling right into it.

A group of doctors pushed the patient into the operating room, and the man wailed with a grim expression of pain. An insect was swimming down his leg, the doctor suggested to just saw off the leg, but the other party strictly refused. At this point, the insect turned its direction and burrowed towards his cock, and the man shouted, saw, saw the leg off. Well, the insect turned again and drilled into the rectum, the doctor without saying a word directly took out a 40-meter-long surgical forceps and reached in, after fumbling for a while, the insect was successfully removed, back to school, Chicken has been waiting for a long time, since the last time he was struck by a meteorite, he failed his firefighter's exams because of this, and had to go to the pool party to work as a waiter, but just happened to see a shocking scene, a man was on a date at the golf course, and he was emergent at the bottom of a lake The Chicken arrives and brings the monster into the water; it seems that the creatures of the earth have begun to spread outward, only they haven't yet adapted to the earth's environment. The camera pans out to show the housewives chatting, one of them notices the bugs on the floor and opens the door to the pantry, where an ugly-looking green sandpiper is hiding. Her small hand owed children had to go up to touch a hand, the result was a bite, the other people rushed to report to the police, the old white people followed the police a piece of the scene, this is the chicken but a big discovery, the scene in front of them stunned the old white. The empty space lying in pieces of the monster body, this creature is like a dinosaur with wings, looks like it should not be able to adapt to the earth's air suffocation, suddenly a monster stood up, spit out a ball of meat and fell to the ground and died, broken out of the cocoon is a monster cub, but it does not seem to be afraid of the oxygen, shaking the wings of monsters flying into the distance, the old white saw the situation immediately drove to catch up, if you let the If we let this monster continue to reproduce, the human race will be finished, a turn of the wrist monster flew into the department store building, the three rushed with a gun, but no sign of the monster, the chicken looked at the side of the microphone could not help but sing a song. Lao Bai raised his gun to hit him, this singing is too hard to hear, I did not expect the monster's music appreciation level is also quite high, rushed to the chicken on the pounce, the upstairs of the old white see the opportunity, even fired three shots to put down the monster. The three of them returned to the base in triumph, only to be told the bad news.

Can you imagine someone predicting the existence of a new species 18 years ago? It all started with the monster attack, after the reports, the story went viral and the governor rushed to the base to inquire about the progress of the treatment, however, the situation was not good, at the rate of evolution of the alien creatures, the whole state would be finished in less than a week. The commander suggests using incendiary bombs or even nuclear bombs to completely destroy them, but the governor doesn't want to use weapons of mass destruction. At this time, one of his men made a new discovery, the cave has evolved primates, are destroying surveillance everywhere, both also trying to escape from the ground, for a time the base alarms were loud, the soldiers aiming at the stairs waiting for the alien creatures to show up, I did not expect that these primate creatures are so powerful that they jumped directly out of the dozens of meters deep hole, although in the end they managed to prevent them from escaping, the governor was scared to pee in his pants, and he Approved the commander to use incendiary bombs to destroy the monsters, Old White and the others had no use for them and drove away, and the residents along the way had begun to evacuate. In the lab, Old White looked at the meteorite liquid that stopped metabolizing due to freezing, if the operation fails, human beings can only wait for death, Blackie lit a cigarette in frustration and casually threw away the match, the burning match fell into the meteorite liquid, almost instantly, the alien creature quickly split and expanded to cover the entire lab bench, the flame accelerated the evolution of the cells, Old White rushed to notify the Commander of the news to stop him from using the incendiary bomb to burn the meteorite, Old White hurriedly notified the Commander of the news to stop him from using the incendiary bomb to burn the meteorite. Incendiary bomb burned the meteorite, but the other party apparently did not want to listen to him than than, this can really only wait for death, chatting in the process of the old white noticed that the periodic table of elements behind the sister of gold, for carbon-based organisms, arsenic is a poison, that nitrogen-based organisms, selenium may also be fatal to deal with the beasts at least 500 liters of selenium, a short period of time is simply not possible to collect, a side of the students have an idea, the shampoo contains A large amount of selenium sulfide, it can be used instead, Kei drove a fire truck to fill up the shampoo, they need to rush before the incendiary bombs are dropped, the unlucky thing is that the commander detonated the incendiary bombs in advance under the governor's urging, after the violent explosion, a huge creature burrowed out of the ground, the attack of the guns was almost useless, seeing that he was about to split into two, the old white drove the car rushed in, finding the After the monster's hood, Blackie finally waited for the opportunity to take revenge, he violently inserted the fire hydrant, a truckload of shampoo after the enema, behind the monster blew up into a paste, and then the governor of the state to honor them, but the old white is busy to give Sister Jin injection, quietly left the scene, the film ends here. The supporting male characters are laugh-out-loud funny when they open their mouths, and the naturally dull heroine is very likable, which should make this a successful attempt at sci-fi horror nonsense comedy.

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