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Sci-fi movie "Attack on Titan Prequel" commentary text

Sci-fi movie "Attack on Titan Prequel" commentary text

Sci-fi movie "Attack on Titan Prequel" commentary text

This is a chaotic world of Battle Royale, the whole world is occupied by oversized human beings, their only food is to eat human beings, until they eat all the human beings, the cause of everything is because the N country did a inhumane experiment, although the experiment got a breakthrough success, the earth is letting these 40-meter-tall giants occupied, and eventually brought a devastating disaster to the human beings themselves, these giants body The speed of cell division is very amazing, the speed of transmission is also very fast, after being infected for a few seconds there will be convulsions, vertigo instant changes, all weapons in front of their eyes like firecrackers, not worth mentioning, the human race can only be in a designated area to live, built up a hundred meters high wall to protect the attacking giants, so the human race peacefully spent a hundred years of peaceful life, the bears within the walls of the children of the The bears inside the wall were more and more curious about the outside world. This day there are three teenagers sneak to the bottom of the wall, this is the first time they see this kind of legendary wall, was guarded by the soldiers found, at the same time, a loud noise came, broke the hundred years of peace here, as if something is smashing the wall with force, a more than a hundred meters of a huge head, from the top of the wall stretched out. This is one of the biggest giants in the past hundred years, just one big head is as big as a 30 meter high floor, a sneeze, a sky of stones flying towards the center of the city, the wall was torn open a gap of several dozens of meters, a small giant walked in from the outside, the scene is very scary, the following picture will be a little XX, please watch with caution. Human weapons to these giants is like scratching an itch, this peaceful for a hundred years of the city was broken today, one by one, a normal small human was eaten, the people inside the city fled in all directions, there is no power to fight back, can only watch the giants wreak havoc on the city, babies were abandoned on the ground, unattended, the mayor of the town ordered all the people to go in to the house inside the house to take refuge in the crowded, in the crowded, the house quickly overcrowded. The house was soon overcrowded, the people inside locked the door behind them, and they could only hear the agonizing wails of the people outside, David he opened his mouth to say that he thought some more people could come in, at the same time, none of the people responded to him, if he said one more word, he would surely be thrown out by these people.

Watching the giants in front of them to eat people, mouth also issued crunching creepy sound, David drummed up the courage, they went out to want to do a little fight with the giants, look back but several giants uncovered the lid, is eating all the people inside the house, a lot of pairs of blood-filled hands are asking for help, David is close to madness, strutting forward, death in their face money is not so important, the money in their face is not so important. These images would never be forgotten in their minds, two years later the walls of the city shrunk, leaving only a few thousand men and a small army, their task now was to repair the walls and eat, there was nothing else to think about, the only thing everyone here wanted was to never see a giant again, as long as they could survive there would be hope to rebuild the homes of the human race, they had to go out and look for food because of the food, these giants only ate people, other animals didn't interest them, meanwhile, David and Beauty were inside a building that was about to collapse, and found a huge baby eating something there, when suddenly the baby fell down the stairs, almost killing them both, making a particularly ear-splitting sound. In such a quiet place, how horrible it is to hear this kind of sound, and the sound is very loud, obviously, the cry of the giant baby attracted more giants in the back to quickly run towards the squad, a three-meter-tall giant, which a much bigger fat man stomped to death, and also revealed a weird smile, smiling at them, the squad did not want to wait for them at all, and drove to start to run away, more and more giants behind them came in the They came in this direction, one after another people were eaten, in the critical moment, the big fat with their own brute strength to the giant to a over-the-shoulder wrestling, to save David and pretty, but so keep running, certainly not the way, and will even lead them to the base is located in the side of the fence.

David he remembered the usual instructor's guidance, these giants are not immortal, although firearms can't do any harm to them, but they have a weak point in their neck, suddenly a mysterious person appeared, as if Superman, will be in front of a few giants to take out to save them, it is obvious that these people have been specially trained, and also is the last defense of mankind, therefore, left a deep mark in David's heart One of the women was the one who was eaten by the giant in front of his eyes two years ago, now looking at David's eyes full of hostility, at the same time, the captain handed over an apple to make him make a very happy, in this world can eat an apple is what a happy thing, the captain arranged a teammate for David as well, and in their hearts, they all know that if they continue to procreate, maybe which one of them will turn into a giant. At the same time, has been a huge eye opened to look at them, this can be a few people scared, just like this, David's teammates were mercilessly eaten, countless giants have reached their location, they just seem to move a little slow, in fact, their speed is far faster than these tiny humans, although you can barely kill a few of them. But the relative price to pay is also more painful, their only way is to run fast, keep running, there is no way, Huizi utilized a whole truckload of explosives, it just stops these giants from advancing, these giants are essentially exactly the same as human beings, in addition to not having a human's mind and intelligence, all other animal instincts are present, more brutal than the animal instincts of the nature, and the only hobby is to eat human beings, although the Humans have built themselves up to be very powerful, ultimately they can't control these giants destroying the world, now in the world, humans have become rare animals, giants are flooding the place, Mikoto is trapped on the rooftop, five giants hands grabbing at him, wanting to eat him at the same time, a flare flew by, it's his teammates who are taking pots and pans and are drifting around there, attracting the giants' attention , trying to make help him, escaping when David was caught, at the same time, Ryoko also arrived, killed a giant at the same time, saw his teammates were fighting hard, in front of him was the giant, as if he didn't know the pain, normal giants would be in pain when a bow and arrow was stuck in their arm, but this one wouldn't even even even axe chopped at his heel, as if chopping a tree, there was not any slightest sensation of it, the neck to the insertion of wounds A few cuts are useless, just like this, David was stuffed into the mouth of the giant, the critical moment was grabbed by his brother grabbed, a life for a life, looking at his brother's arm fell in front of their eyes, David did not have any way to do it, Sebban into the giant's stomach acid at the same time, issued a roar, from the giant's abdomen broke out of the body, turned into an even more terrifying giant, it is clear that this is the giant is the Sebbanzo change lost arm, and the giant will not be able to do anything. Easily killing all the giants here in a horrific scene, Ryoko was grabbed by Saban and went limp to the ground as Saban crawled out of this giant and the rampaging giant disappeared as a result, and that's it for the Attack of the Giants prequel.

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