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Sci-fi movie "Attack on Titan Live Action Prequel" commentary text

Sci-fi movie "Attack on Titan Live Action Prequel" commentary text

Sci-fi movie "Attack on Titan Live Action Prequel" commentary text

Today we tell you about a human being being attacked by a giant

Sci-fi movie "Attack on Titan: The Prequel

100 years ago.

A huge giant appeared on Earth.

They quickly ate up more than half of the human population.

The survivors built a 100-meter wall to defend their home.

To keep the giants out.

Alan and his friends Mikasa and Min

Live on the outskirts of the city.

A stone's throw from the wall.

Since the giants have been gone for 100 years.

The city's inhabitants and soldiers

And the soldiers guarding the city have gradually lowered their guard.

They've never seen a giant before.

Had never seen a giant. They didn't even believe in them anymore.

Alan and his friends saw a design of the sea

On a bomb, Alan and his friends saw a picture of the ocean.

It's a big world. I want to see it.

So the three of them decided to climb the wall.

To see what's out there?

But as soon as they reached the bottom of the wall.

They were spotted by the guards on patrol

A fight broke out between them.

Luckily, Alan's uncle appeared in time to solve the crisis.

But the next moment, the wall began to crumble.

In the midst of the smoke.

A giant with a hideous face appeared.

He kicked a huge hole in the wall.

Then, the giant, several dozen meters tall, poured into the city through the gap.

The soldiers defending the city quickly opened fire.

But these slow-moving, strange-looking giants.

How can not hit the dead can be resurrected by the blood.

In the face of these enemies with the body of immortality

Humans can not do anything but watch.

We can only watch our compatriots become food in the mouth of giants.

Alan and his friends ran back to the city.

But the giants soon entered the city.

The weaker humans were instantly turned into food for the giants.

Fearful people rushed into the tiny church.

In the midst of the chaos.

Mikasa tried to save a lost baby.

She was trampled by the crowd.

And Alan, who was forced into the church by the crowd.

He wanted to open the door to save Mikasa.

But the people in the church, who only wanted to protect themselves, stopped Alan.

Alan could only watch as the giant

Slowly walking towards Mikasa.

At that moment, the earth suddenly trembled.

Alan and all the people in the church were overturned to the ground.

Alan realized something was wrong and rushed out of the church.

But there was no one outside, and Mikasa disappeared.

Those who hid in the church were found by the giants.

They soon became food for the giants.

Two years later, with the destruction of the agricultural area.

The survivors retreated to the commercial area in the inner city.

But due to the influx of refugees.

The city's food supply was seriously insufficient.

So in order to regain the lost agricultural area.

The military decided to send people to repair the broken walls.

And Alan and Min, who always wanted to avenge Mikasa.

Have also joined the military's investigation corps.

They will leave the commercial area and go to the agricultural area

They'll meet up with the scout team guarding the explosives.

Together, they will complete the repair of the city wall.

In the barracks, Allen and Min met a man

Alan and Minnie met their uncle, Aida, who had been drinking to paralyze him.

The pain of losing his wife and son made him choose to join the army again.

And his teammates, who had never even seen a giant.

They were going into battle without ever having seen a giant.

They didn't seem to know what they were getting into.

Before they set off, Han-gil, the squad leader, told the team.

"Giants are strange creatures without reproductive organs.

How they reproduce remains a mystery.

Since giants, like humans, sleep at night.

So the Corps' convoy will travel at night and arrive at the outer wall before dawn.

They will arrive at the outer wall before dawn.

They will meet up with Captain Shikishima's scouting party.

As the gates of the city opened.

As the gates of the city opened, the vehicles of the Corps of Inquiry slowly entered the agricultural area.

The agricultural area has long been occupied by giants.

Halfway through the convoy, the captain suddenly saw a figure ahead.

The captain suddenly saw a silhouette in front of him.

The soldiers quickly got out of the car to check.

But they didn't find anything unusual.

But just as the captain gave the order to move on.

Hina heard a baby's voice in the abandoned building.

She rushed to check it out.

Alan, fearing for her, followed her.

Instead, they saw a huge baby inside the building.

When the baby found them, it cried loudly.

This attracted all the giants in the neighborhood.

The inexperienced team could only run in all directions.

During the process, the clumsy Min fell to the ground.

Luckily, her teammates were able to knock over the giant in time.

Amin was able to escape.

By now, Commander Kubal has ordered the evacuation.

The abandoned people could only run to the far side of the building.

Hanji prompted them to run to the far side of the building.

Just as they were about to reach the outer wall.

They were stopped by a giant of a man.

They were in a state of despair.

Luckily, Captain Shikishima, who was guarding the explosives, appeared just in time.

He was able to maneuver around the giant with the help of a three-dimensional maneuvering device.

He was able to kill the giant with a single stroke of his sword.

It turns out that the giant is not immortal.

His weak point is the back of his neck.

If you cut off this piece of tissue, the giant will be destroyed.

What Alan and Minnie didn't expect.

The female warrior behind Shikishima.

It was Mikasa, who had disappeared long ago.

It turns out that during the disaster two years ago.

Mikasa was protecting a baby that was eaten by giants.

She was rescued by Captain Shikishima and became close to him.

This also made Alan realize

The relationship between him and Mikasa was long gone.

After that, Commander Kubal opened the underground entrance

The underground entrance where the explosives were hidden.

The soldiers then loaded the explosives onto the trucks.

And Hina threw herself at Alan.

She wanted him to be the father of her daughter.

Allen was at a loss for words.

He realized they were surrounded by giants.

Hina was dragged out by the giants in the blink of an eye.

By now, the squad leader had already spotted the giants.

She sounded the alarm.

Shikishima and Mikasa joined the battle.

But there were so many giants, they could only do their best.

They couldn't care less about the safety of everyone.

During the battle, team member Riko's boyfriend was killed by the giants.

She was devastated.

At that moment, a masked thief took advantage of the situation.

A masked thief took advantage of the chaos and drove off with a truck loaded with explosives.

But his plan didn't work.

Riko wanted to avenge her boyfriend's death.

To avenge her boyfriend's death, Riko rushed into the truck and took over the driver's seat.

She drove the truck towards the giant.

With the sound of a huge explosion.

All the explosives used to repair the gap in the wall were detonated.

This was a huge disappointment for Hanji.

Because the giants have the ability to repair themselves.

The bombs couldn't kill them at all.

Alan looked at the tragic scene in front of him.

He had the courage to jump down from the top.

He was inexperienced in combat.

He was unable to attack the giants.

Luckily, under the guidance of Shikishima.

Alan managed to kill a giant.

Due to his excitement.

He crashed into another giant's mouth.

The giant bit off Alan's left leg.

And threw him to the roof a few dozen meters away.

Alan fainted after losing his left leg.

At the same time, one of his teammates was surrounded by giants on the rooftop.

In order to help him escape from the giant's clutches.

Hanji fired a flare.

The rest of the team made a lot of noise.

And the rest of the team made a lot of noise to get the giants' attention.

The giants are coming towards us.

Sasha, carrying a quiver of arrows, blinded the giant.

The young man, Sanjay, wielded an axe and cut off the giant's hamstring.

The giant's hamstring was severed, and the giant fell to his knees.

The giant fell to his knees, and his teammates, who had managed to escape, quickly activated the device on their belts and swung their swords.

And then they swung their swords and killed the giant.

But just as they were about to leave.

Minnie was grabbed by the giant.

Seeing that the giant was about to eat Minnie.

Everyone rushed to help.

But their attacks had no effect on the giant.

Minnie was finally put into the giant's mouth.

At that moment, the injured Alan was struggling to wake up.

In the moment of crisis, he crawled towards the giant with all his might.

And when Minnie was about to slide into the giant's stomach.

He threw Minnie to safety.

And he was swallowed by the giant.

Only a broken arm remained on the ground.

Alan, who had lost his arms and legs, quickly slipped into the giant's stomach.

Looking at Hina's corroded body

Alan let out an angry hiss at once

On the other hand, Minnie told Mikasa about Alan's death.

Mikasa ignored everyone's advice.

She went into the giants again.

But her three-dimensional maneuvering device

But her three-dimensional maneuvering device soon ran out of gas and malfunctioned.

She fell to the ground.

And the giant that ate Allen

Suddenly came in front of her.

Just as Mikasa was about to receive the sentence of death.

The giant suddenly foamed at the mouth.

And then, a huge giant.

Suddenly, a huge giant came out of his body.

The giant's scarlet eyes reflected the light of death.

Without saying a word, he rushed towards the other giants nearby.

He quickly slaughtered all the giants.

Mikasa seemed to recognize the giant.

So when the giant came at her.

She didn't run away like the others.

She called out Alan's name.

Mikasa's call seemed to awaken Alan's consciousness.

The giant fell to the ground in the hot steam.

Hanji, on the other hand.

Hanji was already curious about this unique specimen.

She rushed up to the giant.

"and tried to dissect the giant in a hurry.

Ellen's uncle stopped Hanji.

Mikasa also rushed up and carefully sliced the back of the giant's neck.

And as everyone watched in amazement.

Alan, wrapped in a membrane, hissed and rolled down from the inside.

Now he had regrown his arms and legs.

It was a shock to everyone, but unlike the crowd.

But unlike the crowd, Shikishima, who was watching the battle from the rooftop, seemed to know about it.

He also smiled intriguingly.

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