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Narrative text for the movie "Naked Return

   Hello everyone, today we introduce you to a movie "Naked Return

Narrative text for the movie "Naked Return

This is a story of a billionaire who pretends to be a beggar and goes home to experience all kinds of life. Since childhood, Qin Jun's family was penniless. His father was an alcoholic, and his mother worked hard to raise the three siblings. Qin's mom often needed to borrow money from others in order to make ends meet, but the people in the village did not borrow even if, but also a mockery of Qin's mom. In order to ease the burden of his mother, Qin Jun went to the city to work when he was a teenager. A few years later, Qin Jun's life gradually got better and he saved a little money. He stopped working and opened a bar. This made the people in the village very jealous, especially his second aunt, maliciously spreading things, saying that the money he made in the bar by other things, this money is not clean ......

Dah Ming is Qin Jun's friend, one day, Dah Ming to Qin Jun borrowed 100,000 yuan, and said loudly that 10 days on the return, the soft-hearted Qin Jun will be their own bar mortgage, enough 100,000 lent to Dah Ming. 10 days later, failed to pay back the money on time Dah Ming ran away. A few punks came to Qin Jun's bar to ask for money, but also molested Qin Jun's sister, Qin Jun in a fit of rage killed a punk. Afterwards, Qin Jun, who thought he had made a big mistake, went home with his sister. After knowing the cause and effect of the incident, Qin's mother drove Qin Jun away under threat of death. Qin's mom felt that the only way to save Qin Jun's life was to go far away. Unexpectedly, the punk merely fainted and didn't really die. He found Qin's mom and asked for 60,000 yuan in compensation. In order to pay off Qin Jun's debt, Qin Ma worked and gardened until the debt was paid off. Qin Jun's younger brother, Xiaobing, who was not doing his job, felt that it was all because of his elder brother dragging the family down, and lived to piss off Qin Ma. Then, he sold the family house privately and took his wife up to the city to live in a big house, while his sister and father were left to live in a ramshackle house that leaked all over the place. A few years later, dressed in rags Qin Jun is ready to go home, he saw an old beggar in the train station to ask for money, without saying anything will be on his body 50,000 are given to the old man. Reporter Xiaomei saw and felt very strange, followed Qin Jun all the way until Qin Jun back to his hometown. Into the village, dressed in rags of Qin Jun let the second aunt and other villagers saw, and became the object of ridicule, although the second uncle has been invited to sit in his home, but the second aunt did not let, Qin Jun smiled and walked away. Back home, Qin Jun heard about his brother, and went to his brother's house. But the poor elder brother let the younger brother and his wife look down on, Qin Jun slapped the thin brother, and left. Qin Jun went to his former friends' home, but those so-called friends all treat him like a beggar. Finally, Qin Jun came to Qin mom's grave, crying, repenting. The reporter talked to Qin Jun after the news that Qin Jun donated 50,000 dollars to the beggar was sent out. News also reported with the station. The village people know also surprised, can't figure out what in the end this sells what gourd. A few days later, Qin Jun's female employees drove Audi to the village. And the village people came to know, the original Qin Jun is a billionaire. He pretended to be a poor man to go home because he wanted to experience the warmth and coldness of life and test the hearts of the people. Qin Jun, who had been kneeling in Qin Ma's grave for a few days, was forced by the employees to pull him onto the bus. And Qin Jun fainted during the struggle. Qin Jun was hospitalized for a day and went back to his hometown with the female reporter. The snobbish brother and sister-in-law came to the hospital but pounced. Villagers have come to the village to meet Qin Jun, but Qin Jun just smile, who's gift did not receive. Before leaving, Qin Jun heard that the second uncle's son had an accident outside, owed people 300,000 yuan. So, Qin Jun put 300,000 into the hands of the second uncle, turned around and left. The second aunt who regretted what she had done all these years could only kneel on the ground and watch Qin Jun's car go farther and farther away. Those villagers who once despised Qin Jun wanted to catch up with his car and apologize, but in the end, they did not.

The movie ends there. This is a story that tries to test human nature. To be honest, even though people's lives are getting better and better, people's hearts have become colder and colder. I don't know when many people start to value money more than family, friendship and love.

Well, that's it for today's movie. See you next time for more exciting videos!

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