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Commentary text for the movie Kim's Drift

Movie "Kim's Drift" narration text

Commentary text for the movie Kim's Drift

Hello, everyone, today I'll tell you the story of a down-on-his-luck uncle who is stranded on a deserted island and grows a crop out of bird poop in order to eat a bowl of fried noodles, "Kim's Drift". Lao Jin is an uncompromising loser, owes a lot of debt to the bank, and was abandoned by his wife, ready to commit suicide to end this life of the middle-aged man, however, when he jumped into the Han River and woke up again, he found that he was unharmed, this week seems to be a deserted island look, but after confirming the environment, he learned that this is nothing more than a small island in the heart of the river, the life of a man, after a night of cold and hungry, Lao Jin was Cruise ship's siren woke up, sales do habit of him, rushed to roughly organize the appearance of instrumentation, while calling for help while also full of smile, although a tourist noticed, but because he could not hear the sound of the other side to see him in a suit and full of smiles, even thought it was in the greetings with their own, waved in response to the farther and farther away, at this time the old Jin's cell phone is finally turned on, but only virtual power, he hurriedly hit the rescue! The phone, the results of the other side heard the Han River, deserted island, scolded a retarded, then hung up the phone. Call his ex-wife, the other side heard the ex-husband, without saying a word, hung up the phone, after receiving a sales call, Lao Jin sadly found that the phone is completely out of power, looking at the other side of the river Lao Jin summoned up the courage to intend to swim over, but after a burst of dog-planing, he seemed to appear before the near-death of a variety of memories of the fragments, there are the fear of learning to swim when he was a child, there is the fear of the rejection of interviews for a job, and the fear of the ex-wife because of his own incompetence, resolutely Fear when he left himself, because he could not swim, the instinct to survive, and finally sent him to the shore, iron will to leave this world Lao Jin, thought of hanging, but the city fire drills sharp sirens or let him stop the action, was ready to continue, suddenly the colon reacted to the critical moment to go to the toilet, you say angry. Is the solution to the three urgent time, the front of the sage let him excited, the petals of the nectar seems to be a century have not tasted, he will die when he can still find the long-lost joy of childhood, simple but beautiful, remembering the years of their own downfall, the old man Jin sobbed, and finally he suddenly wanted to break the pot, he is anyway in the community as an invisible person, simply stay here first, where the day, and the world, and the world, and the world, and the world, and the world.

Why don't you just stay here and try to kill yourself one day and then move on? Lao Jin began to eat raw mushrooms, drank the Han River water, tried to drill wood for fire failed, picked up a lighter to light a cigarette to rest, he really is a waste of wood, lying next to the campfire, Lao Jin threw away those credit cards, without which, he can also live very well. Lao Jin began to collect all kinds of garbage floating with the river, a discarded duck boat, on a pile of grass, became the new home of Lao Jin, his own efforts for seven years, a brick and a tile do not deserve to have, and finally can only live in a duck bed, desperately want to eat something else, but a variety of efforts have failed, can only continue to nibble on the mushrooms, to see a bottle of expired I do not know how many years of laundry detergent, do not forget the image of the management of the Lao Jin squatting In the river wash up the head, I have to say, this chemical product is really powerful enough, quickly poisoned a group of fish, unintentional willow into a shade of the old gold, this time can finally change a taste, did not finish eating the fish was a group of pigeons to the eye, when the old gold woke up and had an unexpected harvest, eat grilled fish eat grilled pigeons, life is simply not too perfect, all the signs show that nowadays human beings have been a hundred poison invulnerability of species, the old gold lying on the ground with enough to eat and drink, and the old gold, the old gold, the old gold, the old gold, the old gold, the old gold, the new gold, the old gold, the old gold. Eat and drink enough old gold lying in the wildflowers all over the grass, perfect boredom, in a residential building on the other side of the island living in a gray-grade housewife big beautiful, suffering from autism, she basically lives in a pile of garbage, dressed in a hundred, but as if a century of not washed canvas shoes, she suffers from autism, there is an ugly scar on her face, can not leave the house, she operates more than a dozen social networking accounts, the network can be used as a source of beautiful pictures. Beautiful pictures can be used as material to customize his daily life, in her fantasy world, beautiful clothes and shoes can be worn in their own body, in the virtual world, there are many fans is her, life is a complete female loser, three years did not go out of the room, but she has a strict rule, get up at a fixed time every day to eat a fixed number of calories of canned food, breathing fan to create the fresh air. At night, Big Pretty's hobby is to take pictures of the moon, in his opinion, there is no one on the moon, so she won't be lonely and isolated, she even has to make her pedometer reach 10,000 steps, not to be more healthy, but to make herself look busy, with which she escapes from the reality, afraid to face the crowds of people, she is most looking forward to is the spring and fall of each one of the fire drills, because in the 20-minute period of time, all the people and the cars have to get to the Designated places, as far as the eye can see are empty, take advantage of this time Daxie will be armed, pull open the curtains to bathe in the long-lost sunshine, holding a cannon to look around, she accidentally found the front of the old Jin painted a distress signal, and saw the old Jin was trying to hang himself, subconsciously pressed the shutter release of the camera, scared backward, since then Daxie fell in love with the every day! Observe Lao Jin's every move, see the effort to drag the duck boat Lao Jin, but also could not help but help him push in front of the camera, will be taken to wash out the photos, Lao Jin's HELP has become HELLO, the camera back to the Lao Jin side, now he is living on the island life is a joyful and leisurely, but also played a low version of the golf, play the style, play the level of the cruise ship's siren once again remembered, this time of him and the last time is different, even immediately hid, and so the cruise ship away after the old gold found the soles of the feet stepped on something, open a look, is a ready to eat fried noodles food bag, FYI cover pattern let him two eyes, inside fell out of a seasoning packet, this bag at once so that the meat on the shelves do not smell, he greedily sniffing the bag, as if so that you can smell the fragrance of the fried noodles, and even dreaming All dreamed that he was enjoying the delicious flavor, after waking up, Lao Jin decided to personally make a bowl of fried noodles, but the collection of ingredients, poured half a day to make a black paste, can not pinch the dough at all. Obviously there are big fish and big birds to eat, but only a bowl of fried noodles, recalling his own childhood on the fried noodles full of resistance, grew up only do not eat fried noodles, now think about it can be really in the blessed do not know the blessing ah. That day, Lao Jin was woken up by the sound of bird droppings falling down, and suddenly he was enlightened, he had a flash of light, there are plant seeds in bird droppings, aren't there? So, he began to collect bird poop grand project, threw away the credit card is finally useful, then he began the Nanniwan reclamation, reclaimed the open space, make ditches, busy he sweated, accidentally found that the sweat is salty, which for a long time did not eat salt for him is a big surprise, began to forget to lick up, two months past. Lao Jing's hanging special vip throne has been full of cobwebs, the leader was recycled and made into a scarecrow, Lao Jin and he happily embraced, the camera at this end of the big beautiful, eating Lao Jin day and night thinking of fried noodles, the wall is full of Lao Jin's photos, after these days of observation, big beautiful suddenly feel that they want to communicate with Lao Jin. Taking advantage of the night, she was heavily armed, using a small trick to avoid the eyes of the security guards, came to this tacky and strange world, towards the Han River threw a drift bottle, every day since then, she looked forward to Lao Jin's reply, but never responded. Time and the past three months, the old gold just like this place into a small home, at this time he is like a new era of Robinson, get up early to run in place, catch a fish, up a tree to catch a bird eggs, to a wave of healthy breakfast, collect their own sweat, usually can be used to add a salt and so on, and finally he found a big pretty that drift bottle, a large blank, the bottom right corner written a small HELLO, the Lao Jin realized that it must be the opposite side of someone to see their own, hurry to put on pants, the whole set of their own feel the most handsome attire, sitting on the beach, and with a stick to write down the reply, how are you. excited big beautiful almost fainted, will be printed out the photo, every day looking at the top of the old Jin, bad is the feeling of heart, the old trick again threw out a drift bottle, this time the old Jin received in time, the two dialogues I translated. The two men's conversation I will not translate, after all, after 90 that is no one knows no one knows, in the meantime, the old gold ground also grew corn, he was happy like a 200 pounds of children, know that the old gold obsessed with fried noodles, big pretty decided to invite him to eat a bowl of fried noodles, spent 100,000 won to the deliveryman, let him send to the opposite island to go, this is really a dare to point, a dare to send ah, the deliveryman is the cost of a nine bulls and two tigers! The delivery man is working very hard to get to this small deserted island. Lao Jin's home let him down is the back of the cold, trembling put down a variety of flavors of fried noodles, as a relief turn away, who knows Lao Jin unexpectedly all the food as much as possible back to him, and let him on behalf of the message, the fried noodles on their own, symbolizing hope, hope to fight for their own, the little brother and spent nine oxen and two tigers, stepped on the boat will be sent back to the fried noodles to the big pretty, in the doorway to see the big beautiful After seeing the appearance of big beautiful in the doorway, scared to death, this is definitely the darkest day in the life of this delivery boy, big beautiful in the drift bottle wrote sorry, apologizing for their own destruction of the hope of the old gold. In the days that followed, Lao Jin did a variety of performances on the beach, but also a kind of exchange with the big beautiful, day by day, the crops on the beach are ripe, after a series of processes, Lao Jin finally made the dough, with the lid of the can as a knife, hand-made fried noodles, and then took out the packet of seasoning that had been stored for a long time, looking at his own carefully cooked bowl of noodles, Lao Jin a face of piety, full of rituals he He was so proud of himself that he was able to make a bowl of noodles with his own hands, while stirring the handmade noodles with fried sauce and shedding tears. In the past six months, everything he did was for the sake of this bowl of noodles, although the noodles were a little chunky and although they were a little hard in the middle, at this time he felt that they were really delicious. Perhaps this is the taste of hope, although it is nothing special, it is enough to make a person shed a tear. Looking at the photo of Lao Jin, Daxia gently wiped his face, she could not sleep for the first time in the house piled with bubble wrap, but went out to sleep in the moonlight. Quickly, Lao Jin received a drift bottle from Da-beauty, on which was written congratulations. Lao Jin's face was full of despondency, perhaps in that moment felt no hope, do not know what to do next, right? He began to fantasize about this English-speaking person in the end what kind of person, from the sunshine to wake up the big beautiful, saw the old gold of the words, who are you? extremely low self-esteem of her became at a loss, open the computer, a burst of carefully selected, printed out a network of beautiful women's photographs, but never the courage to give the old gold, never waited for a reply to the old gold, heavy write why. witnessed the scene, the big beautiful, turned off the SLR, the big pretty, and then the big pretty, the big pretty. The big beautiful, turned off the SLR, pull the curtains, continue to live back to the days of the home girl, but open the background of the social network, the netizens have recognized her layer of camouflage, the beauty of the virtual world instantly collapsed, those relentless abuse, so that the big beautiful heart is broken. On this day, the rainstorm came, Lao Jin's crops were all destroyed, try as hard as possible to save, but it does not help, he consoled the scarecrow wearing a raincoat, but also as if to comfort themselves, everything will pass, but in the end, he worked so hard to operate out of the beauty of all gone, and even the duck boat away from him, this time Lao Jin once again lost everything, after the rain, Dai Pretty through the lens found that the old Jin's home has been a complete mess, the old Jin's home, the old Jin's home, the old Jin's home, and his home, and the old Jin's home. Desperate Lao Jin wrote fuck you on the beach, a turn to clean up the garbage of the island of environmental protection personnel, found Lao Jin, Lao Jin subconsciously began to escape, the camera this side of the big beautiful recorded this chase, agile Lao Jin, finally or outnumbered, was captured by the crowd, to see the life of the last piece of pure land was destroyed, Lao Jin's eyes gradually lost light, this time big beautiful made a solemn decision, the old gold, the old gold, and even the duck boat left him. Beautiful to make a solemn decision, she is going to find the old gold, this is the first time since her illness in the daytime unprotected to the outdoors, by intuition, he ran all the way, finally she saw the old gold homemade shoes, at this time the old gold bus card even money, he intended to take the bus to the tallest building on the self-immolation, listening to passers-by mentioned a primitive people like the people on the bus, the big beautiful all the way to go after, but just a little bit, exhaustion. So a little bit, exhausted, she is no longer able to chase, just when she is ready to give up, the fire drill siren sounded, all the cars have to stop, big beautiful regained hope, once again run up she finally got on the bus, her eyes firmly towards the old gold, word for word in broken English to tell him, finished, the two looked at each other, tears in their eyes and laughed, and the story ends here perfectly! This movie is not Robinson Crusoe, nor is it the rest of the desert island, the focus is not on how to survive, but on another question, when we have nothing, what will become of us, the two self-isolated island, and ultimately have to be integrated into the big world, fortunately, no matter how terrible the world, there is still a person around, know their own imperfections, but still choose to get closer to, so it's good to meet you, so it's good to meet you, so it's good to meet you. In fact, we are all drifting in the crowd, then wish us a safe landing.

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