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Movie "Seven Deadly Sins" commentary copy

Movie "Seven Deadly Sins" commentary copy

Movie "Seven Deadly Sins" commentary copy

Hello everyone

Today I will tell you a movie about human nature

Although many people have seen it

But I'll tell you

Sommer is a meticulous old detective

A typical intellectual of substance

When he was about to retire

Detective Mills was transferred from the field to be his deputy

An unruly and impulsive bearded man

He was informed that someone had died in his home.

He saw the scene in disarray.

Ants were swarming on the ground for food.

The dead man was a fat man.

The fat man had fallen headfirst into a plate of pasta.

There were all kinds of canned goods on the shelves.

Mills came to a decision.

He died of a heart attack.

But Sommer ignored it.

Under the table, he found the fat man's hands and feet tied.

Or maybe it was because he didn't like Mills' nagging.

Sommer sent him out to investigate the neighbors

The coroner verified that the fat man had been dead for a long time.

Strangely enough, his stomach was burst.

The anus was huge and had food residue.

The inner lining of the duodenum was burst

causing massive internal bleeding.

The coroner ruled that he had eaten himself to death.

Mills, however, based on the gunshot wounds left on the fat man's body.

He was murdered.

Satsuma believes that the killer kept the fat man eating.

And abused his body.

His body was broken and he died.

The killer also went to the supermarket twice during that time.

Satsuma thinks there's something to this.

But his boss didn't think so.

He just thought Satsuma was thinking too much.

Satsuma suddenly said he didn't want to take the case.

Because he was going to retire in a few days.

He couldn't leave a case unfinished to retire.

But also do not want Mills to take over the case

After some arguments, Samo was allowed to take over the case.

Mills took on another case.

Defense attorney Eli was murdered in his office.

The murderer drained him of all his blood.

They wrote a word on the floor with his blood.


The supervisor spoke to Satsuma

He wanted him to take over the case.

But Satsuma used other cases to excuse himself from taking over the case.

The supervisor took out the small film he found in the fat man's stomach.

He said that someone forced him to eat it.

Satsuma took the tablet back to the crime scene.

He found some traces on the side of the refrigerator.

Behind the refrigerator, he found

"gluttony" was written on the wall.

And a small note

The road to escape from hell

It's long and hard

After leaving

And the light comes

This is Milton's Paradise Lost.

Meaning it's just the beginning

There are seven deadly sins.

They include overeating, greed, laziness, anger, pride, lust, and envy.

Satsuma said there would be five more murders to come.

But he does not want to touch such cases.

The farther away from here, the better.

But Satsuma had a bad conscience.

He went to the library to check out the Seven Deadly Sins.

The two of them spent the night studying the data.

Eli had the butcher's knife in his right hand.

On the scales was a pound of human flesh.

No more, no less. No cartilage.

No hard bones, just fresh meat.

They went to find Eli's wife.

They found a picture in Eli's office that was hung upside down.

They went to the office to study the painting.

Half a day's research did not yield any results

But the ginger is still the best.

Satsuma found a set of fingerprints on the wall.

The prints on the wall were pieced together to form the word "help.

The prints pointed to a man named Alan.

He had a long history of mental illness.

He was later sentenced to prison for rape.

But because of the help of his lawyer

He was sentenced for a very short time

His lawyer was Eli.

The entire police department was mobilized.

They came to Alan's place.

But Alan was as dead as if he'd been dead for a long time.

The body still smelled bad.

But there was laziness written on the wall.

During the forensic examination

Suddenly woke up

A reporter came to the scene to take pictures

But Mills was furious and drove him away

Ellen endured a year-long captivity.

He was given a urinary catheter.

Had his hands chopped off to make fingerprints

He also bit off his tongue

Couldn't even communicate normally

Even shining a flashlight in his eyes would kill him

All of the above shows that the killer is so

He was very scheming and thoughtful

And also has a terrible patience

And the murderer studied the sinners of Jerusalem

All the sins in his hands are related to the seven deadly sins.

Mills' wife, Tracy, found Satsuma.

In this cold city, besides her husband.

The only person she knows is Satsuma.

Her husband was busy with his work

Tracy couldn't even find someone to talk to anymore

She didn't even tell Mills about her pregnancy

Satsuma took Mills to see an FBI man

They monitor what the public reads

What books everyone reads.

It's all on record.

The FBI lived up to its name.

They brought in a bunch of lists.

All religious books related to the seven deadly sins.

The list led them to Doe's place.

While they were waiting for the door to open.

Doyle came back.

Six eyes met.

Without saying a word Doyle immediately shoots

Mills goes after him.

After a chase and gun battle

Instead, Mills was subdued by Doyle in an alley

But Doyle let Mills go

Doyle's actions made Mills very ashamed and angry

Doyle's residence is also creepy

Fine and neat tools

Handsome and stylish coat

Empty bottles of various medicines

A collection of organs of the deceased

A photo of the deceased at the time of his death

A list of leather goods stores

Covered with a beautiful blonde

Mills found a photo of him and Satsuma in the bathtub

Turns out it was taken by the reporter who showed up at Alan's place

Inside the study were thousands of volumes of death notes

A record of Doe's own psychological activities

This is a record that has been kept for years

That's when the phone rang.

It was Doyle calling.

Doyle was just expressing his admiration for the detective.

And apologized for injuring the detective.

It was full of sarcasm

Came to the leather goods store to learn where Doe's crime supplies came from

The unusual supplies were an artist in the eyes of the store owner

Blondes also surfaced

Her body is found in a drunken underground disco

One of the seven deadly sins, lust, is written on the door

Interrogation of the owner but no clues

The john is terrified and babbling.

The sickest thing is that Doyle forced the john to fuck the blonde's corpse

Samoan Mills is in the middle of a deep and emotional discussion.

The people of this city are indifferent, tolerant and unloving.

It's what makes their lives what they are.

It's impossible to live in a city like this.

But Mills does not share this view

Even if they did, they wouldn't run away and choose to live in a cabin.

The argument ends in disagreement

Another murder is discovered.

One of the seven deadly sins of pride was written large on the wall

And Doyle had cut off her nose and face.

And she's a public figure.

Doyle came to the police station covered in blood and turned himself in.

The skin of her fingers had been cut off years ago.

And no fingerprints left behind.

No credit history, no employment history.

Doyle's identity is a mystery.

All that's known is that he's very well educated.

He's rich and sick.

Doyle provided two other bodies that he hid.

He only agreed to take Mills and Satsuma there at 6:00 today.

If you don't accept the terms, you can't find the bodies.

He'll even plead insanity to get out of it.

If you accept the terms, you will immediately sign a full confession.

He had no choice but to accept the terms.

With a secret helicopter escort.

They drove all the way out of town.

Satsuma wondered who you were.

Doyle simply said, "Don't worry about who I am.

It doesn't make any sense who I am

You want people to listen to you nowadays.

It's no longer enough to just tap them on the shoulder

You have to wake them up with a big hammer blow

That's how they'll listen to you.

Mills was wondering why he was getting all the attention.

Doe was calm.

There's nothing different about himself.

There's nothing special about him.

It's just what he should do.

Mills continued to ask questions

He did not see anything special

But Doe said that when he finished it all.

It will be a masterpiece whose value cannot be denied

Even Mills himself could not avoid the value of the time

The reason why he killed them

The fat man overeats and gives up on himself

Alan's laziness and inactivity

Eli is using his position to make a lot of money

The blonde who has a contagious disease and keeps taking clients

The woman can't stand to live with her ugly face in front of everyone

Doyle led them to the other side

That's when a car drove up fast from the end of the road.

A courier delivers to Mills.

The delivery arrived at seven o'clock sharp.

Satsuma opened the box with anxiety

At the sight of the box

Satsuma panicked.

Samo runs over to Mills and tells him to put the gun down

Doyle mentioned to Mills about his wife Tracy

He envied him for having such a good life

Beautiful wife

I wish I could live like him.

To live like a normal person

But he couldn't do it himself

That's why the box contains his wife's head

This is what Doe did out of jealousy

Mills was obviously very angry.

But hearing that his wife was pregnant

Finally exploded in anger

Made the same result as Doyle predicted

And the story ends.

But who the hell is Doe?

Where does he come from?

Everything is still a mystery.

And what Doe did

The fat man died of overeating

Alan died of laziness

Eli died of greed

Blondie died of lust

Women die of pride

Doyle died of jealousy

And Mills let his anger get him down.

All correspond to the seven deadly sins

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