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Movie "Breaking Jail" commentary

Film "Breakout" Commentary

Movie "Breaking Jail" commentary

In Akita prison in Japan, the guards carry out their usual rounds, but when they arrive at a single surveillance, they find that the surveillance has been empty for a long time, and someone has escaped from prison. Three months later, Kozo suddenly appears at Uraeda's home. It turns out that Uruma also served in Akita prison in the past, during his tenure, Putty never scolded the prison guards and bullying of Osamu, and thus Osamu in his prison career the most trusted person, this time Sakuma found Putty, is to ask him to help reflect to the Yoshinaka suffered in prison all kinds of inhumane treatment, so Sakuma did not expect, but Putty said that he went to wash his feet when secretly reported his whereabouts to the prison Sakuma. Sakuma, and thus was imprisoned again, which.

He was detained in Abashiri prison in Hokkaido, coincidentally, shortly thereafter, Putian was transferred to Wang Go prison as head guard, Putian went to monitor the situation of Sakuma the first time she arrived, she soon found that the current prison confinement measures taken against Sakuma still has a great deal of oversight, Sakuma may open the shackles on his body to escape at any time, the night warning to go on special rounds, and indeed found Sakuma open shackles on the body, it turns out that it will barrel on the iron bone with teeth, then open the shackles with metal pieces store days to him very well, soon just early warning to find Sakuma mouth and anus in the hidden metal pieces, in order to prevent Sakuma escape again, the prison guards to Sakuma put on a special, not a single seam handcuffs and shackles, in order to do the work of Sakuma's mind, so that too much cold drink Sakuma Opened his heart to lay the brick city.

heard Sakuma's hometown visited Sakuma's wife, wanting him to write to the left nine keys, although Sakuma peace of mind to serve his sentence for early release Sakuma's wife did not hesitate to refuse Sakuma early escape from prison to go home to reunite, only to make her day and night looking forward to the pavement, after hearing only reluctantly left, during detention, Sakuma's special shackles, because of long-term failure to open, strangled into the flesh, the wound grew a lot of maggots, yesterday communicated with Sakuma, as long as Sakuma promise not to break out of prison, he will find a way to have someone open Sakuma's special shackles, so that Sakuma no longer suffer, Sakuma but think Putian and other hazing his prison guards and not to, and more hypocritical, he said forcefully that he will choose to break out of prison when Putian is on duty, so that Putian disgrace Sakuma maggots on his body more and more, the prison after weighing or choose to temporarily open, he carried the trait, shackles called Sakuma.

first to go to the shower time, prison guards on the single cell where Sakuma was a full search, all places are not found abnormal, but Putian still on Sakuma uneasy case warning again to Sakuma with this special handcuffs and shackles, time passes day by day, Abashiri area into the cold winter, Sakuma is located in the single cell temperature often below 0 degrees, quilts, pillows as well as the walls will be frozen every day On this day, Puti brought hot water with salt for Sakuma to soothe his frostbite and get rid of the cold, and during this process, Puti kept persuading Sakuma to give up the idea of escaping and serve his sentence without fear. Remove the special shackles to Sakuma and take advantage of the cold winter that Sakuma fears the most, probing him to attend the meeting.

After all, they have expressed opposition, but under the painstaking explanation of Puti, eventually everyone agreed to Puti's proposal soon Sakuma's body trait, shackles were removed, the winter slowly passed At this time, because of the strength of the U.S. military, Japan's defeat in World War II, Abashiri prison young guards were also sent to the battlefield in batches, including those responsible for guarding Sakuma's warning Nomoto, the day is about to run to the battlefield Nohon last watch hand Sakuma saw Sakuma once again violated the rules, sleeping with his head covered, disturbed Nohon broke out, he rushed to the cell a tear Sakuma quilt, in an argument with Sakuma originally choked Sakuma's neck ride, he heard the commotion rushed to the prison guards pulled Nohon away, this conflict made Sakuma again the idea of escape, one day in April, in order to prevent enemy aircraft air raid, the prison organized an emergency drill, and the inmates of the General Wang were transferred centrally according to the drill plan.

air-raid shelter, this time it is Sakuma into since the first time to breathe the air outside, looking at you is far away Sakuma, Putian came up to talk to him, but unexpectedly was interrupted by a prison guard who came to report the news, the original was sent to the battlefield warning also Ben was killed in action not long ago Sakuma listened to the face intentional after the end of the exercise, Putian suddenly ordered the warning to Sakuma changed to the original kind of special shackles, it turns out that Putian's judgment is accurate, one day in July, Sakuma used a nail in the floor to slide out a few deep scratches, seems to want to smash through the floor with nails, so as to escape from prison Sakuma this behavior was soon discovered by prison guards and was severely beaten, Poutine absolute Sakuma, this time the practice is puzzled, Sakuma how to use such childish means to escape from prison? You know the floor underneath is reinforced with cement, simply can not use nails, Hayakawa the next day, the guards actually found during the patrol of the eaves of the roof someone is picking the situation work.

Nine between, he once again about about the crowd puzzled, Sakuma in fact how to do it? After investigating the warning found that Sakuma is actually through the daily meals in the miso soup a little bit of the trait, shackles corroded at pick up the wind, yesterday's will be opened before the floor with nails, just want to divert everyone's attention, it is simply divine, to where to find Sakuma? Putida came to Sakuma's home, and asked Sakuma's wife to convey a message to Sakuma, do not think that escape from prison can be free, as long as born in Japan, the country, you have no freedom, a year later, the United States dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan declared defeat originally to resign Putida sound prison staff shortage was hired and transferred to Sapporo prison, coincidentally, Sakuma at this time and for Accidental murder while stealing was caught soon to be sent to Sapporo prison, this time must not.

But at this time, the defeated Japan was completely taken over by the United States, and even the prison management was subject to American interference, so Putty's plan to customize the cell failed. hot water Sakuma put his hands into the hot water, recalling that when Abashiri prison, Putu had also used hot water to help him drive away the cold, the two talked, Putu encouraged Sakuma that he would not be sentenced to death, as long as he served his sentence well, he would eventually Chuyu, but Sakuma was not sure he could appeal successfully, he escaped again at night, four years Sakuma's whereabouts were discovered and caught again, this time to find out the facts of the court exonerated Sakuma Sakuma's death sentence Sakuma, sentenced to 20 years in prison for manslaughter, through news coverage many times.

For the success of Sakuma instead became a folk legend, did not become the king of Showa's Cantonese, at this time, Putian has become old and decided to retire, this time it was his last mission to escort Sakuma, they had to send Sakuma to Tokyo's Fuchu prison train fill to Sakuma an apple, wishing him a happy birthday, it turned out that this is Sakuma's wife sent at the station Sakuma took the apple and finally Opened his heart, he has decided not to escape, these years of rogue life let her resolve, this time he has to serve his sentence well, early return to reunite with his family, after more than a decade, Sakuma really kept his promise, not in the jailbreak until the completion of the release of the film has since come to an end, the film is based on the history of the dynasty and the real experience of the king of the Cantonese language Hundred Bird Arion adapted itself with a legendary color, the subject matter is very is coincidental, plus a number of actors and actresses such as Takeshi Kitano Yamada Takayuki join, the overall effect of the film is relatively.

Outstanding watchability is very strong, can be considered a rare masterpiece in the Japanese drama, well, this issue is here, I am XX, we will see you next time.

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