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Drama film "Son of the Sun" movie review Afterthoughts Explanatory text

Drama movie "Son of the Sun" movie review Afterthoughts Explanatory text

Drama film "Son of the Sun" movie review Afterthoughts Explanatory text

The car guards in the underground garage are lifted one by one

After locking a Mercedes-Benz

Three boys nervously and nimbly set up a jack

Start stealing tires (actually, the whole wheel)

The small man on the lookout looks suspicious and is caught and questioned by the security guard

critical moment

The head of the children quietly went up to the security guard and forced him to use a knife

Then take the small man quickly fled

The little man angrily in the crotch of the security guard to add a kick

This opening scene is cut very harshly

Four teenagers full of emotion

With the background sound effects to create a typical Hollywood-style tension and excitement

But this is an Iranian film, "Son of the Sun".

The Iranian authorities have selected this film to compete for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar this year

The child's head is Ali, and he and his three young friends

He and his three friends work in a tire company as cheap child laborers

They also steal tires for their boss from time to time

The four youngsters have their own hobbies

Each has his own vision of life

Big hair and mature dress

Ali's image shows that he is a natural leader

Ali has two wishes: one is to date Little Bean's sister, Pearl

Little Bean's family is a refugee from Afghanistan

Her father has died and the family is living a hard life.

Pearl sells things on the subway every day after school to earn pocket money.

Ali is not a big man, but he is quite skillful in pleasing girls

Ali's greatest hope is to bring her mother home from the hospital

His mother is mentally disturbed because her father was killed in a fire at home and was burned.

Ali was caught by the gangster's men because he stole a pigeon from the gangster

But instead of being angry, the big man was gentle and offered him housing

Help him get his mother back

This is a fatal attraction for Ali

The big man's offer was for Ali to help him dig up the treasure

There is a cemetery treasure in an underground drainage tunnel.

But to enter the cemetery, you have to go through the basement of the Sun School across the road.

So the first step to find the treasure is to enter the Sun School

Ali and his three partners were very excited

Looking at various pictures of the treasure of the cemetery on the Internet

Dreams of riches are flying

School of the Sun is a charity school for street children

The four teenagers were successfully enrolled with the help of the honest and kind teacher Fei

During the placement test, Mr. Fei discovered the little bean's talent in mathematics

On the first day of school Ali turned in his paper early and secretly found the entrance to the basement

After getting a reward of the lock picking skills of the big man and a cell phone

Ali began to go to school, work, fighting, treasure hunting life of multiple

One fight with his classmates Ali defeated three by himself

He attracted the special attention of Mr. Fei

After Ali confessed his fault for the fight

Explained to Mr. Fei in detail the practical skills of head to nose combat

Ali entered the basement and found the entrance to the underground pipe

The small space of the dark cave seems to be hidden with a lot of unknown dangers

The exploration of the dark tunnel is very difficult and the more difficult is to keep it secret

To do so unnoticed

After being accidentally discovered by the teacher

Ali and the big man, Mud, cleverly pretend to smoke to dispel the teacher's suspicions

The biggest change for Ali comes from within the small team

Big Mud's father is a drug addict.

He doesn't work himself

But he asks Mudd to work full-time.

Of course, Mudd doesn't want to leave his little friend

Little Bean's mathematical talent is particularly valued by his teacher

Mr. Fei wants to recommend Little Douzi to participate in the math competition

The other little buddy, Lei Zi, has a great talent for soccer

His ball skills let the little brother win a lot of gambling money also attracted the attention of Mr. Fei

The different family backgrounds and personalities of each little buddy have different visions of life

Hinted that their teamwork has long had potential variables

One after another

Suddenly one day the school gate was unlocked

No teacher or student could enter

The landlord inside has a tough attitude

The landlord inside, who had no access for teachers or students, had a tough attitude.

If the rent is not paid immediately, the whole building will be repossessed.

The principal begged and pleaded

He wanted to make an accommodation for the children

He said that private donations could not be collected

The rent will be paid as soon as the government subsidy arrives

The landlord's insulting language finally annoyed the principal

The principal waved his hand and the children took over

The children took over the school for the time being

Ali's treasure hunt can continue

This episode graphically illustrates the plight of education in Iran

Poverty coupled with a severe lack of government investment

This creates a vicious cycle of more and more out-of-school children

Mr. Fei recommends the soccer club to Lei Zi, a talented soccer player

With tears in his eyes, Lei Zi says goodbye to Ali and is the first to quit the team

The father of the big man, Marder, approached the school and threatened his son with suicide

He wanted him to work full time at the docks.

Mudd is disgusted by his father's actions

But when he saw his father under siege, he felt sorry for him

He finally gave in

Mudd didn't say goodbye.

Silently followed his father out of school

One day Little Douzi came to Ali out of breath

He said his sister Pearl was caught selling in the subway

Ali asked Mr. Fei for help

He came to the police station and released Pearl on bail

She was released with a sad expression

Mr. Fei gently lifted the hood

She found that her hair had been shaved.

This is a great insult to a Muslim girl

After sending the children to the car

Mr. Fei returned to the police station in a rage.

Using a technique taught by Ali, he hit the officer on the bridge of his nose.

Because of the hardship of life in Iran and the beginning of stability in Afghanistan

Little Douzi sadly told Ali that his family was moving back to Afghanistan

Ali was very helpless

But at that moment, the security guard of the school

caught the two of them sneaking into the tunnel

Under the fierce questioning of the security guard

The two men finally confessed that the tunnel led to the treasure of the tomb

After school, Ali returned to school with a lot of fear.

He had to negotiate with the security guard to make sure he didn't tell the principal.

Sure enough, the security guard closes the door and enters the secret passage to get the treasure for himself.

But the cave was too narrow and there were too many silt obstacles.

The security guard opened the door and let Ali in

The old man and the young man became a strange new partner

The colorful cinematography gives the film a full sense of beauty

It also greatly enhances the suspenseful tension of the story

Will they be able to climb through the passage?

What is the "treasure" at the end of the passage?

The school bell is broken

This is an important twist in the film

It is also a profound metaphor that the hope represented by the sun will be dimmed from now on

Teacher Fei, who is full of justice and kindness and really cares about children

He was arrested by the police for breaking the nose of a police officer.

Ali's reaction

shows the explosive acting skills of this young actor recruited on the street

Mr. Fei's removal meant the sun was gone from the children's hearts

A few days later, when Ali came back to find Douzi

he found the entire Afghan refugee compound empty.

His best friend was gone.

The beloved girl, Pearl, was also gone.

Ali's purest and simplest emotions had just sprouted and withered.

When he approached the big man for advice on the next step.

Ali was surprised to find

Big Brother and his men had been taken away in a special police car.

When he returned to the school, he found the big security guard and some students

packing up desks, chairs and office supplies

The school was unable to raise funds and eventually closed.

Even the big security guard had to pack up his family and leave with his wife and daughter

To the mental hospital

Ali could only watch his mother from a distance through the railing

The sky was cloudy and raining

The hope of getting his mother back seemed even more remote

The school was empty and no longer a school

Ali continued to explore and search for treasure

Because he was close to his goal

The school tunnel was only a wall away from the drainage channel

Ali was no longer worried about being overheard banging on the concrete wall.

When he was about to exhaust himself, the partition wall leading to the treasure was finally broken through.

Ali's spirit to expand the hole

And then try to put his arm inside to feel

It was raining heavily outside and the rain began to pour into the drainage channel

Ali's hand felt in the water for half a day did not feel the gold coins and jewelry

But felt a square white sealed plastic package

Ali looked at the package and cried in despair

It turned out that the big brother asked him to search for the package they were chased by the police

Ali cried out and threw the white powder into the water

Rain began to fill the channel

Ali safely back to the ground and face great danger

The earth collapsed blocking the passage desperate moment

The water washed away the old stalks of the channel

Ali was washed to safety

Ali was lucky to return to the ground when passing the building

He repaired the electric bell that Mr. Fei had half repaired by hand

The electric bell rang

But the whole school was empty

The sun was shining after the heavy rain

But the gloom in the children's hearts

It seems that it can no longer be dispelled

It's a subtle ending, just like the fade in of the title at the beginning of the film.

The poetic narrative style of Makidi is preserved.

The dynamic electric bell with the static school building drives people to think

For the millions of children living in poverty

What is the role of education

What is wrong with education in Iran?

This film won the top domestic film award in Iran

Faji Film Festival (Best Film and Best Screenplay) and other major awards

and entered the main competition of the Venice Film Festival

The film was eventually defeated by Chinese American director Zhao Ting's "Land of the Unwanted".

You may have sensed that Makidi has placed special emphasis on audio-visual effects in this film

while adding intense dramatic changes to a simple narrative thread

This makes the film more like a Hollywood-style commercial film

The film is almost completely free from the Iranian director's previous documentary style.

Some believe that this purely entertaining approach weakens the subject matter in a less Iranian way.

Others see the film as a bold breakthrough for Makidi and a sublimation of Iranian cinema.


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