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Drama film "Steel Piano" movie review Afterthoughts Explanatory text

Dramatic film "The Piano of Steel" movie review Afterthoughts Explanatory text

Drama film "Steel Piano" movie review Afterthoughts Explanatory text

In an industrial city in northeastern China

Chen Guilin, a steel factory worker

After the factory closes down

After the factory closed down, he formed a band

mainly for wedding and funeral ceremonies

and business openings

His wife, Xiao Ju

and he had already separated

The marriage between the two existed in name only

His wife, who could not bear the hardship

chose to stay with a counterfeit drug seller

She was living a good life

She came back this time

Not only to get a divorce

but also to take away

Her and Chen Guilin's daughter Xiaoyuan

Chen Guilin strongly disagreed

Chen Guilin let Xiaoyuan

learn piano from a young age

Her daughter also loves it very much

But due to the family's financial constraints

He could not afford to buy a piano

He could only let his daughter practice at night

to practice at school secretly

In order to be able to read the music

Had to light a candle

The school was always rumored to be haunted

which made people scared

So the teachers of the school

kept a special vigil this night

The truth was discovered

Xiao Yuan could no longer come to play the piano

Chen Guilin's friend Wang Dongmei

was also expelled by association

The unyielding Chen Guilin himself used paper

drew the keys and pasted them on his desk

He also borrowed a dozen books

Disguised the illusion of having a piano at home

Chen Guilin amused himself by

to tell his daughter

No sound

Can also play on the keyboard

The next day Xiao Ju came again

and tried to convince Chen Guilin

to give up custody of her daughter

This greatly stimulated Chen Guilin

Since he was a child, he wanted to make a name for himself

Unfortunately, the reality was bleak

So he hoped that his daughter

Can learn piano

Become a professional player

to make a difference

And his daughter said

Who buys a piano for her

She will be with whoever buys her a piano

Double reasons

Chen Guilin decided

No matter what, she must buy Xiao Yuan

Buy a real piano

Chen Guilin decided to borrow money

First, he went to his pig-killing friend, Daliu

It turned out that the financial power of his family

All controlled by his wife

He had the will but not the power

Then he went to his second sister

Second brother-in-law, who is a carpenter

The factory's future was bleak

They can't take care of themselves

Fathead stole the money owed by the worker

Chen Guilin took the initiative to advance the money

He did not appreciate it either

Only then did Chen Guilin learn from Fathead's mouth

When his friends heard that he wanted to borrow money

They all avoided him

Chen Guilin was a bit discouraged

And a bit angry

At this time, only his good friend Shuxian

As always, she supported him

But this money does not help

At this moment

Chen Guilin suddenly came up with a bad idea

He invited his friends to drink and dine together

In the midst of some strong words

Everyone drank their heads off

Agreed to Chen Guilin's unreliable idea

They laughed and laughed all the way

Driving to school

So they wanted to steal the piano

But the noise was too loud

They were discovered by the security guards at once

They were caught by the security guards.

The group was thrown into the bureau

Fortunately, the school did not give them a hard time

Just let them return to the original place

Chen Guilin, who had failed all the way

He was very frustrated

Coincidentally, Xiao Yuan asked about his

about his recent thoughts

Chen Guilin was furious for a moment

He thought Xiaoyuan was greedy for the

The new things he brought

He had already decided to leave

He pushed her to the door

and tore up the fake piano

When he turned around

Seeing Xiaoyuan staring fixedly at him

Chen Guilin realized

his own impulsiveness

And understood that he

could not lose his daughter

I can't buy a violin

Then build a piano

Chen Guilin decided to save the country

He borrowed a book from the factory's library

He borrowed the book "Piano Making

But the book was full of Russian

He was so dazzled by it

Shuxian instructed him to

To get help from an engineer from the factory

Wang, an engineer from the Soviet Union, to help him


Chen Guilin personally caught some fish

to visit Wang

After his retirement, Mr. Wang

Recently, he was studying

The two chimneys of the foundry were blown up

Local people

especially the old workers have signed

Joint letter to refuse

Chen Guilin but predicted that the chimneys were bombed

was an unstoppable thing

For the superiors

The chimney had lost its value

Chen Guilin's words

made Wang Gong ponder

Strike while the iron is hot

Chen Guilin made his request

Although the situation is complicated

But the kind Wang Gong

agreed to help him draw piano plans

Wang Doumei took the initiative to ask for Sui

to help him

Chen Guilin also found

Ji, the former head of the steel factory

Brother Ji is currently responsible for excavating

buried iron and steel scrap

Faced with Chen Guilin's request

Brother Ji readily agreed

Lend Chen Guilin the land to make steel

Chen Guilin went to see Daliu again

Under his persuasion

Friend reluctantly agreed

Jing promised to lure his second brother-in-law to come too

Fat head told

Chen Guilin's former workmate, Racer, had returned

He is working as a key maker

He was perfect for nailing the piano

Chen Guilin had to pay a high price

to hire him over

Ready to start work

Fathead came anyway

Although one hand was broken

He still wanted to be like other old friends

To do his part

Under the guidance of Wang Gong

The work started in a big way

Everyone did their own job

Everyone does their own job

Although there was friction between Racer and Fathead

There is still friction

But with Ji's intervention

Still can unanimously build the piano

After some time of hard work

They found that the wooden structure of the piano

Difficult to build

So they switched to steel structured pianos

They encouraged each other

to take on the challenge

The work proceeded in an orderly manner

Xiao Ju wanted to get custody faster

Chen Guilin was sued in court

Chen Guilin had two big heads at once

His heart became more anxious

Shuxian advised him to take it easy

Give the child to the mother

It is not a choice

Chen Guilin, who was concerned about his daughter

But he thought Shuxian was selfish

She was worried that

After they got married

The child would become a drag

She never thought that her good intentions would be so misunderstood

Shuxian was hurt inadvertently

After giving her harsh words

Disappointed, she left

Fathead's daughter is unexpectedly pregnant

Fat head is very concerned about his daughter

He wants to teach his daughter a lesson

An Changye, who abused his daughter

He left without saying hello

But everyone mistook him for a runaway

Just when a fight was about to break out

He finally told the truth

Unexpectedly, Racer, who had a problem with him

Offered to help

The brothers went out together

To help him teach An Changye a lesson

Everyone chased after the delinquents

Surrounded them

Seeing the young and ignorant An Changye

The fat head finally

But he didn't have the heart to teach him a lesson

Entering the new society

The chimney's role was diminishing

The development of the times demanded his departure

But the people were still in love with it

In their eyes, the two chimneys

Have long been a part of their hometown

In order to win him back

Wang Gong, based on Chen Guilin's suggestion

Vocal and emotional call for everyone

to renovate him

After everyone got comfortable with the process

Piano making also advanced step by step

Wang Dongmei together with Shuxian

Responsible for everyone's meals

Spending more time with each other

Wang Doumei was funny and entertaining

He made Shuxian laugh a lot

This inadvertently

stimulated Chen Guilin a bit

One night

He went to look for Shuxian

But Shuxian brushed him off

She wouldn't let him in the door

He suspected that Wang Dongmei was in the house

They had nothing to say to each other

The next day

Shuxian rode Wang Doumei's bicycle

She came to work happily

Chen Guilin burst out

He chased Wang Dongmei and tried to beat her up

One of them ran

One chased after her

One stopped him

The scene is in a mess


Shuxian was angry and cursed

Chen Guilin only stopped

Things come in piles

Because of the report of the sale of stolen goods

Ji was taken away by the police

Before leaving

He did not forget to finish his work

Too many setbacks came his way

Chen Guilin was discouraged

Announced the breakup

Chen Guilin realized

After his own helplessness

met with Xiao Ju again

Finally decided to entrust Xiaoyuan to her

Chimney renovation plan

ultimately failed

The workers watched it leave

Except for the sound of the chimney explosion

It was silent

An era

After all, it was goodbye

Chen Guilin and Wang Doumei resolved their differences

He also divorced Xiao Ju

And then took the initiative to ask Shuxian

asked for marriage

Shuxian quietly leaned on him

Fathead's daughter is pregnant with a girl

But the granddaughter's father

also decided to go out to make a living

People teased the world

There is one more person who will die in the world

It's over - a pile of worries

All of us majestically and proudly

came to the factory

To resume the piano-making business

With the help of all the people

Finally the piano was ready


Chen Guilin's father also passed away

The old man who always thought about

The old man who always thought about the chimney was gone

The era of the past

also faded away

Xiao Ju brought Xiao Yuan to see the piano

This time

The piano really has a sound

The story

The story ends with the sound of the piano

The long piano sounded again

The time has come to an end

The curling smoke no longer comes

Where to send my thoughts

This is full of laughs

And nostalgic film

It's as if all the things in the film

Not the narrative of film and television

It's a replay of past life

A group of workers working together

It's like the same old story.


The current of time

It's moving.

Some things

Have long since retired from the stage of history

But people...

Whether or not we can keep up with the times

To move with the times

The passion in our hearts

Must not change ah


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