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Movie "Hold Your Breath" Review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Movie "Hold Your Breath" Review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Movie "Hold Your Breath" Review Afterthoughts Explanation Copy

Today, we will explain to you

The story of the retired old man who fought against the criminals

And this old man is totally blind

He hunts and kills criminals without being able to see

With a keen sense of hearing, and amazing skills

The fierce grandfather is like a beast, let the small criminals for the fear of

What kind of old man is it?

The young gangsters were so scared

The movie starts in the early morning in the deserted street

A gray-haired old man

is dragging a girl towards the house

Because a horrifying incident has just occurred

The story begins with three young thieves, a small gang of thieves

They stole from the house when the owner was not home.

Because the amount of money stolen each time is not much, so many victims did not report to the police

So the thieves have not been caught

This day, the three decided to do a big job, and then wash their hands of it

Through observation, the three men found out the situation of the target villa.

They were about to attack an old man's house.

And the old man was blind.

This is as easy as picking up money on the ground for the habitual thieves.

Soon, as night fell, the trio went into action.

The first problem they had to solve was the guard dog outside the house.

Tom immediately took care of it instantly with a special sausage

Then they broke the glass of the toilet and climbed in.

The alert Jenny also used the universal remote control to disable the alarm device in the house

Everything was going very well.

At this time, the three in the house made a noise, or alarmed the old man John

But because John could not see, they did not feel nervous at all.

Unbeknownst to them, they were close to disaster

John is a former Navy SEAL.

He was retired, but he was a good fighter.

The fierce John gave David a lethal chokehold.

In pain, he immediately begged John for mercy.

But unexpectedly John backhandedly killed David, the action is a clean and crisp

Jenny on the side was instantly stunned

She understood that this time they were dealing with an extremely ferocious demon

Now she has almost fallen into the devil's den

Fortunately, John's eyes were blind, and Tom was almost exposed.

The alert John immediately locked the door.

Even the windows were nailed shut with wooden boards.

Now Jenny was terrified that this demon was right next to her.

Jenny also accidentally saw the combination to John's safe.

After John left, Tom was ready to drag Jenny away.

But Jenny got the idea for the safe.

She took all of John's pension and savings of $1 million.

As they were about to leave with their backpacks.

John the Terrible returns to the room again.

It turns out he's here to dispose of David's body.

The two men watched their companion being dragged away, not daring to make a sound

But John, who had a keen sense of hearing, detected something strange in the room.

Fortunately, the two calm and collected

Then they went to the basement, hoping to find a way out here

At that moment, John smelled a foot odor

Following the smell, he immediately found the two men's shoes

John rushed over to open his safe to check

It was empty, his life money was gone.

But it was already empty, his life-saving money had disappeared

This completely angered this demon

A hunting war was about to take place.

On Jenny's side, they were still in the basement looking for a way out.

Suddenly the two of them were stunned by the scene on the side

A young girl, Mary, was being held captive by John in a completely enclosed room.

Seeing hope, she immediately handed a note to Jenny

It turns out that years ago, she accidentally killed John's daughter.

But the law found Mary not guilty.

Angry, John imprisoned Mary in a fit of rage.

While they were preparing to rescue Mary

There was the sound of footsteps coming from upstairs.

It was John who came, but they unchained Mary.

The two men were ready to take her out of this horrible place

But unexpectedly, the basement exit was blocked

Fortunately, Tom is a good locksmith, instantly opened the wooden door

And the cunning John was waiting for the three at the door

Then he gave them a rapid-fire burst

Poor Mary received a box of food on the spot

Terrified, the two hid in a corner.

Now John is looking around for their traces

The thoughtful John locked the wooden door again and blocked the opening with nails.

The way was completely blocked by John.

He also turned off the electric switch and the basement was plunged into darkness.

The two men also lost their vision, and could only feel their way forward

Under the same conditions, it was clear that John was the better man.

He put the gun directly against Tom's head

Fortunately, there was no bullet in the gun.

In a moment of crisis, Tom overturned the iron frame

The two finally escaped from this horrible basement

But as soon as they got out, they ran into a vicious dog.

In the blink of an eye, the dog pounced on them, and the two men had no choice but to run upstairs.

They ran into a room, but the window was also locked by John.

Now they were trapped in here.

And John was coming, and he was about to break in.

In a moment of crisis, Tom told Jenny to crawl through the ventilation ducts first, and he would take the back seat.

Tom did not last long, the door was broken open by John

The vicious dog jumped directly at Tom

Frightened, he accidentally fell through the window

Tom fell heavily on the glass of the second floor and fell into unconsciousness.

Soon, John came down to look for him.

Fortunately, Tom caught the glass, and was not found by John

Jenny side, the vicious dog followed the smell into the pipe

Jenny hurriedly crawled forward, and then she fell to the first floor

Hearing the sound of John was instantly attracted to Jenny

But unexpectedly, he did not go looking for Jenny

Instead, he went to the second floor and fired a shot at Tom on the glass

Poor guy is now seriously wounded

When John came down to look for Tom.

He had to hide in a corner, holding back his fears

But John's sense of hearing was extraordinary.

Even the sound of rapid breathing, it seems to be able to hear

Then the two of them immediately wrestled with each other

John choked Tom, and was choking when

Tom grabbed a bottle and smashed it on John's head.

A fierce fight broke out between the two men

At this time, there was a lot of noise around, and John could not tell where Tom was.

He quickly turned off the washing machine

He shut the washing machine and gave Tom a fatal chokehold.

At this point, Tom also tried to reach for the pistol in front of him

But John did not give him the opportunity to fight back, and instantly was a severe beating

In the end, Tom still died under John's knife

Jenny's side, she struggled to crawl forward

At that moment, a breeze suddenly blew by

In front of her was the exit of the house

She kicked off the net with all her might, and just when she saw the hope

John instantly pulled her down from the hope

John once again took back the money bag that belonged to him

Angry, he gave Jenny a sharp kick in the wound.

Poor Jenny then fell into a coma

When she woke up

John was holding Mary captive in the same room where she had been before.

Jenny told John that she knew that Mary had killed John's daughter

But she was innocent.

At that moment, John also told Jenny a more powerful news

It turns out that John didn't kill her because he wanted Mary to give birth to his child.

But Mary was just pregnant when they messed up and died in an accident.

So John had to let Jenny take her place.

At that moment, Tom in the house actually came back to life

It turns out that just now John, in the excitement, put the knife in David's body

Tom was not dead.

On John's side, he doesn't like to force people.

He was ready to do an in vitro fertilization.

She was frightened and struggled frantically, and while John was doing it to Jenny

Tom came over with a sledgehammer and killed her.

Jenny was rescued.

The first thing she did was to beat the hell out of John.

Now John was handcuffed by them

But then a dramatic scene happened.

Tom was ready to call the police and make John pay for his bad deeds.

Jenny tells Tom that they can't call the police.

Because they still had to take the bag of money

In the end, the two men chose to leave with the money, leaving John here to die.

But just as they reached the door, Tom was instantly shot and fell to the ground.

It turned out to be the devil John came to kill

Jenny ran out of the house.

At this time she also taunted John, outside his life can not catch her

John smiled slightly, and then released the evil dog

In a moment of crisis, Jenny ran into the car

But the bag of money fell outside the car.

The dog was waiting at the front of the car to hunt its target

Then Jenny, who wanted money more than life, came up with a solution

She opened the trunk of the car and pulled on the belt.

As the dog lunged at her, she let go and instantly shut him in.

When the dog lunged at her, she let go of her hand and instantly shut it in.

Just relieved, the dog rushed out again

At the critical moment, she put a leash on the dog

Finally succeeded in locking it in the car

After a lot of hard work, Jenny finally got the money.

But the devil John came to kill again

Jenny was finally taken back to the house by him.

At this point, she was in despair.

Suddenly Jenny saw the universal remote control in Tom's hand

Then she activated the house burglar alarm device

Then she activated the house burglar alarm device

The alarm immediately made a loud noise

For John, who was already sensitive to sound.

This noise is like a deadly poison, so he can not stand

Jenny took advantage of the chaos and grabbed the iron bar

Just as she was about to attack John, the alarm suddenly stopped.

At this point, Jenny could not care less, and took the iron bar and swung it at John.

Jenny knew that there was no mercy when dealing with demons.

In the end, John was beaten by Jenny into the horrible basement.

Now the sirens were blaring all around

Jenny rushed to carry the small bag full of cash, to escape from this place

The end of the play

There is a small egg at the end of the movie

Jenny and _ a little girl sitting in a fast food restaurant eating two

And the girl's eyes are very much like a person

At that moment, the TV broadcast a news

John did not die, he was saved by the police who came later

John didn't give up the robber Jenny

And also concealed the loss of pension

A very good movie


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