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The film "skin attached" commentary copy

Movie "skin attached" commentary copy

The film "skin attached" commentary copy

Today to tell you about a 6 people tattooed with the same tattoo to the villa vacation

I thought it was a good start who thought the tattoo is actually a death countdown

The story begins with three men and three women coming to a remote villa for vacation

The six of them met each other in a trauma recovery center

Among them are David, the captain of the group, Lucy, the woman who organized the vacation on her own initiative.

And Mr. and Mrs. John, and finally, Willie, who is in a wheelchair, and his girlfriend, Devon, who is a nurse.

Soon after arriving at their destination, the six of them took their luggage inside the house

They sat down on the sofa and talked and talked.

Mr. and Mrs. John also showed the tattoo they got before coming here.

I thought it would be a surprise, but I never thought we'd all have the same tattoo.

Perhaps it was a coincidence that they entered the same store and were recommended the same tattoo.

We all felt incredible, but each other to see each other's tattoo pattern

Really exactly the same, even the tattoo body numbers are also all "6"

So the six people thought it was an accident, so they did not take it seriously

Not long after John's things forgotten in the car, want to go out to get back

But just put his hand on the doorknob and felt an electric shock

Even the tattoo area is particularly painful, and he only thought about the pain

At that moment, someone else noticed something strange.

Everyone's cell phones were turned off.

As if by arrangement, Lucy thought the phones were out of battery.

So she decided to go to the car to get the charger, but just after she opened the door and stepped out of the room.

Even the number on the tattooed part turned to 5.

We do not know what is the situation, see John also went out

Approached the car to open the door and again felt the pain

To the driver's seat to check the tattoo also found his number has become 3

John did not know what it meant and decided to drive away from here

But before he could start the car, his number started to decrease again.

His skin was festering and he told the five people in the house.

John's numbers went straight to zero.

The next second the skin began to decay like crazy, leading to the death of si

At this moment everyone was stunned they did not know what had happened to John

Only heard that he did not let everyone out and saw that his husband had suffered this situation

John's wife was immediately stunned, and afterwards discussed what was going on.

They thought they couldn't come out of the house or they would die instantly.

The remaining five people had to sit and wait for help, not daring to venture out of the room.

But at that moment, Lucy suddenly remembered that there was a landline in the villa.

She wanted to call for help, but just as she touched the landline

Lucy was electrocuted again and the number was reduced to 4 again.

So it seems that everyone has guessed the pattern, once the number decreases or goes to zero.

The person will die a violent death, and now we can only watch the numbers to survive.

Maybe the person will die a violent death, and now we can only look at the numbers to survive.

Hearing this, John's wife broke down again. She thought it was Captain David who had caused the death of her husband.

Otherwise, her husband would not have died, and then she grabbed a knife and stabbed David.

Fortunately, Lucy stopped her in time, but she was also cut a knife

And surprisingly, Lucy stopped her action to increase a point

So we all realized that if we hurt each other can still get extra points

After the incident calm down in a wheelchair Willie saw Lucy still bleeding

So he asked his nurse girlfriend to get a medical kit from the car to help stop it first

His girlfriend, Daphne, didn't hesitate and rushed out of the trunk of the car.

In a short period of time, Daphne got the medical kit back.

As a result of checking the number on the tattoo, we found that the number had only decreased by one

Now we have unlocked a new pattern.

At the same time, Willie found that his own number had changed.

He convinced his girlfriend to do it, so he added one.

The tattoo number became seven, and that was all.

But Willie didn't tell anyone.

At night, Lucy had another idea. She found the computer she brought with her.

She told everyone that since the phone didn't work, the computer could be used to call for help.

But it didn't work out that Lucy's numbers were reduced to two before she could call for help.

Now she was in danger of dying and even her skin had changed.

Nurse Devine also suggested that we can balance the distribution

This way, we might be able to save everyone's life.

David did not want to participate but the other three are very supportive of Daphne's approach

But the next second, the number changed again.

All three of them were down by one and added to Duffin's, and as Lucy was down to one.

Willie suggested that the others should hold down Nurse Devine, who had the highest score.

Lucy would then be able to increase her number, thus prolonging her life.

But when they did, it backfired.

Lucy not only increased the value, but was again deducted from the only 1 left, and the skin began to fester, leading to si death.

And as for Lucy's 1, it was added to the proposed Willie

On the other hand, everyone stopped sitting around and started counting each other's numbers.

At the same time John's wife also found out the truth about the trauma behind

It turned out that someone had paid off Captain David to cause the tragedy.

John's wife was furious and went straight to David to confront him.

But before the matter could be clarified, John's wife talked about the plan to save her life

The plan was to team up with David to screw the others and get their values.

David agrees, but the next minute he's doing it to John's wife.

In fact, before John's wife could make a proposal, he had already planned it in secret.

So David got all of John's wife's numbers as he wanted.

At the same time, Willie stopped waiting.

Now that he was out of his wheelchair and standing up, he was about to hurt Devon.

Who would have thought that his legs were not yet strong enough, but he was shaved by Daphne.

Soon after hearing the sound of David had come this way with a knife

Now the only survivors left were him and Daphne, so they had to fight to the death.

But as soon as he saw him, Dafen ran away and when there was no way to escape

David watched as she waited in silence.

Instead, she got some equipment from the basement.

Instead, she got some equipment from the basement and prepared to fight with David, but she was no match for him.

It was no surprise that David was still shaved, leaving David alone.

Now he had reached 23, and thought he could leave with this number.

But he forgot that in addition to him, there was an older man hiding in this villa.

There was also an uncle hidden in this villa, and it was no surprise that David also received his lunch.

The camera gave him a close-up

It turns out that his number is as high as 643. It seems that he has killed many people.

Who did not expect to kill the gold in the end will be cut off by others

At the end of the film, a group of people came here again for a vacation

But unbeknownst to them, there is a pair of eyes upstairs in the attic watching them, and new prey has come

It seems that the uncle is just waiting for the harvest to give people an unexpected and fatal blow

As for the reason why they have the same tattoo

Or why they kill each other the film does not explain anything at all

If you are interested, you can guess or comment section analysis of a wave

After watching this film, I feel that the human heart is the most horrible and scary

In front of survival and living, everything seems so fragile and weak


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