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Movie "Noah's Ark Journey of Creation" commentary copy

Today we introduce to you a movie about saving the world, named "Noah's Ark Journey of Creation".

Movie "Noah's Ark Journey of Creation" commentary copy

The hero of the movie is called Noah, as the offspring of Adam, was born with a difficult mission. When Noah was a child, his father was killed by a man who loved to spit everywhere before the seriousness of the obligation to protect all things in the world to him. When Noah grew up, took a wife who could put him to sleep, but he always had nightmares, dreams of the world was swallowed by a great flood, all creatures are submerged in water, slowly Noah realized that this is the Creator entrusted him with a dream. Creator to launch an angry roar to destroy the world and punish the cruel and heartless human beings. Noah did not forget his father's dying advice, determined to save the world. So dragged the family ran to find the grandfather living in the mountains, seeking help, Noah's family on the way to rescue and adopt a little girl, the little girl's small abdomen was stabbed with a knife, resulting in infertility. The girl later became the daughter-in-law of Noah's eldest son. Under the leadership of the stone monster guarding Grandpa, Noah found the balding, white-haired Grandpa, who was very optimistic that things would not be too bad already.

Unhurriedly invited Noah to taste tea, and even played a game with with his nephew. Noah felt that grandfather can not be relied on, it is better to sleep and ask the Creator's idea a sleep, Noah had the answer, that the water is to evolve human beings so that the world is reborn. Grandfather may not help, a little bit of guilt, had to give Noah a seed from the Garden of Eden, to show his feelings Noah went home, the seeds planted on the land in front of the home immediately grew thousands of trees, instant desert into a forest, Noah then took the stone monster together to build a private luxury ship, ready to take all the creatures of the world together to escape, only without Noah's father's murderer spit man learned that the world to The news of the destruction of the world, they brought a group of people to find Noah, forced Noah to take them on board, Noah Yi Zhengzheng rejected the spit man, and expressed his dislike of the spit man, angry back to his place. Order everyone to build weapons ready to force the ship, Noah family scrambled to build a luxury cruise ship, the ice and snow open the door to welcome the birds and animals from afar. Noah is bent on completing the Creator's account is the task. The family went to a new world to get away. But Noah's family but each of their own heart. Noah's wife thinks that the children should pass on the reception, he secretly ran to find the land grandfather to help, grandfather waved his hand, and restored the fertility of infertile adopted daughter. Noah's second son, Xiao Bai, saw the infertile female two love, even the animals are paired. Came to the side of the ship ran to the cruel world of spitting gay men. Go to find a girlfriend, luck is also quite good, with a few berries to successfully tease a girl. Is cultivating feelings when the storm came Xiaobai rushed to take the sister to escape, home on the way to the sister's feet caught in the trap, Noah rushed to save Xiaobai, but abandoned Xiaobai's girlfriend Xiaobai watched his girlfriend was fleeing people trampled to death, spiteful man with a large force came to the front of the luxury cruise ship, trying to force an attack, but the stone monster fought hard to resist, coupled with the oncoming storm, and finally only Seriously wounded Spittleman sneaked onto the ship, the others were drowned in the flood. White, out of spite for his father, quietly took in Spittleman, and good food and drink to feed, there is nothing to come and Spittleman chat, in Spittleman's encouragement, White got the evil idea of killing his father, White tricked his father Noah to Spittleman hiding place, and pretended not to know anything, hiding next to watch them fight. Finally, when Noah's life was at stake, the righteousness of White's heart defeated the evil, and he killed the spitting man and saved his father Noah, and immediately after being rescued went to look for his eldest daughter-in-law who had just given birth. Noah believes that infertility is the will of the Creator, the unauthorized decision to have children is wrong and will be punished. So he resolved to kill the first daughter-in-law's child. But when Noah saw the sleeping baby in the first daughter-in-law's arms, the kindness and compassion in his heart was born. He could not poison the child in the Tibetan cell. Fortunately the Creator, did not punish everyone for this, and they drifted smoothly to a piece of land. But Noah chose to live alone, because he felt. Guilty of his family, the eldest daughter-in-law is very broad-minded, regardless of the past to run to comfort Noah he said, perhaps everything is the Creator's test, should not be too self-condemnation. After Noah untie the knot, the family in the new world on the happy and happy life. This movie tells us that people live to meet, for many can not choose, and have to face the contradictions, perhaps the next heart, is to save the best way to save people. Well, today's movie is here more exciting video Let's see you next time!

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