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Commentary text for the movie "Forbidden Island

Movie "The Forbidden Island" commentary text

Commentary text for the movie "Forbidden Island

Isolated island crazy wacky disease, when they want you to hurry to escape, do you choose to believe the doctor or believe Feng? Today Wukong brings you the classic high suspense movie, the confined island, a ship from the mist slowly sailing, the ship rises too Tak and Chuck is the executive of the FBI, the two are the first time to work together, when the Chuck class chat about Ted's relationship status, but learned that Ted's wife died in a fire, the purpose of their trip, the destination is the confined island of Ashe psychiatric disease disease inside the incarceration of are suffering from mental illnesses Criminals, a criminal disappearance, they need to come to investigate the psychiatric hospital heavily guarded, such as the enemy as guarded Sen received them is the vice president of the hospital to bring them in after they began to introduce their own deep three buildings, a area living in the male patients, b area living in the female disease, c area is very special, which is incarcerated in the most dangerous sick and weak, without the approval of the forbidden to enter the tomb.

After the introduction, and asked them to hand over their pistols, although not very willing, but Ted still do it, he inadvertently found that Chaco naughty action is not very skillful, his face can not help but well up a faint dislike, the patients here or with their friendly greetings or sit to make a promotion gesture bizarre smile, both the military driving the vice president or the strange patients, all let this mental hospital revealed outside the rise of the interest. their investigation by the chief doctor consider assisted in following up the escape is a female soldier called Rachel, since her husband died in battle, the spirit has become a bit abnormal, to press their three children into the lake factor belongs to the extreme danger, excitement, hear here, Ted flashed in his mind the image of the group of corpses tired, head instantly ache, it should be the reason that they have just been seasickness, and so with the doctor to ask for an aspirin Consider the doctor's comment that Rachel insisted the baby wasn't dead and never admitted her guilt, even treating the hospital like her home.

And around the patients and staff are deliveryman or milkman, or mail, in order to maintain the illusion that the child is still alive, he created a complex fictional solvency, the people around him have become his fictional scene of the role, the strange thing is that it is in a completely closed environment escaped the dean with a person to look for all the small party, but did not find a trace, as if suddenly evaporated, because the patient's appliances are uniformly equipped, so when they found Rachel's room, two pairs of shoes are in when they deduce that he is barefoot run out, should not run far, Ted in the corner of the room found a note, which is written in the four law, who is the 67th? They come to the area where Rachel must have escaped, it's where the staff spend their leisure time, it's reasonable to assume that Rachel couldn't have slipped past them, unnoticed, so Ted offers to inventory all the staff's edges, and at the beach, Ted notices a cave and an abandoned lighthouse in the distance.

The Vice President said that the cave was so overgrown with thorns near the cave that it would be impossible for Rachel, who was barefoot, to climb in, and the lighthouse had already been searched there was nothing inside except for the sewage treatment facility In the midst of inventorying the staff, Ted learned that Rachel's primary care doctor, Sean, had left the dock this morning on a boat, and Ted had tried to contact him, but because of the heavy rains, the land lines had been damaged and he couldn't be contacted in person, and Winsome Ted and Chuck went to Dr. Cowley's home as a guest, where he met Dr. Cowley's colleagues, Dr. Na Linna Li from Germany, because Ted is a veteran of World War II, participated in the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp, which made him involuntarily think of his own year in the concentration camp shepherding the innocent people massacred by the Germans, so he has a great deal of enmity towards the doctor, coupled with the German doctor refused to hand over the staff file, thoroughly annoyed too he threatened to be in the Conclude the investigation, and then took the check class angrily left Mrs. Feeling that here is not a word of truth in the mouth of the people, as if intentionally in the return to him.

Wallpaper what won the ticket information, Ted lying in bed to study the guidance left behind by Rachel, but a ball without a clue, at night, he dreamed of his late wife Dolores Dolores if he continued to investigate, because Lailis is also here, Ted woke up from a dream immediately went to the consideration of the doctor to continue to carry out the investigation, his wife is right, he has more important things to be accomplished, and can not give up gently, the consideration of doctors told him that today's field of psychiatric treatment is divided into two hi, one believes that the need for lobotomy surgery to make patients become obedient fools, the other believes that the patient's emotions should be controlled through psychopharmacological treatment, and even achieve the effect of a cure, to consider the doctor belongs to the latter have to what the patient's time, a Mrs. named Kass is, said well, suddenly branched out to check the class, the Ted secretly wrote down a sentence to run! , although unknown, but Ted or the notebook quietly put away, Ted nothing to play, a person will ask if they have seen Ande?

From S Their answer is that Ted felt that these patients must have been instructed by others, so the confession is as abnormal as those staff members, A brother asked him why he always asked others whether they had seen Soletis open to confess that he had deliberately taken over this case to come here? Because this Andrew Lettice is the culprit who led to the death of his wife after the death of his wife, she committed another murder and arson case, so he was keyed to this mental hospital after the disappearance, Ted felt that he must have been keyed to him he looked for Deece is not to take revenge, he suspected a long time ago that this Ashe Mental Hospital in the human body illegally a college student named George, used to be the disease of this place, and he went out again after the Because of the meal is to go to court, but he would rather be executed than return to the mental hospital, because he knows that here there are worse than death of the criminal law, George told all this to too de Ted the real purpose of this trip is to get the evidence that they are doing human experimentation, like.

People reveal the truth, check the class heard here, suddenly feel that things are not so simple, because Tad has been investigating the Ashe Psychiatric Hospital, it so coincidental, here there is a disappearance, so that Tad came over to investigate he suspected that Rachel this does not exist at all, everything is to lead them here under the guise of causing inadvertently learned that there are 66 patients here, that if you ask for the contents of self-tuning may be suggesting that there are here There is also a 67th patient, but consider that the doctor denied this claim, and told them that Rachel has been found missing returned Rachel, not a trace of injuries, but seems to be a little emotionally unstable, took Ted as his husband, to his arms crying, money, but not long after he suddenly sober finish saying that his husband is dead, loudly questioned who she is? And then Ted had a headache, trance, he came back to the memory of the concentration camp concentration camps there, dead bodies piled up, he saw a pair of children dead mother mother became Rachel's appearance, the little girl suddenly opened her eyes.

After questioning why he did not save me, then he saw the arsonist to mean, see through, just hand let the child's stomach turtle and his late wife Ted woke up, see the mental hospital in a mess, the original power system here across all electronic security systems, while the school staff are busy to catch the patient back, at this time Chuck proposed that you can take advantage of the chaos to go to the c-area to look at, and perhaps run into the Lei that he wanted to find Tis, the two came to the c area Ted did not find Cletis, but saw the land should be jailed George, she disfigured, was sent back to this place where the sun does not shine, George said under his breath are Ted harmed his own can no longer get out, and will soon be sent to the party has been sent to cut into the party on the de Jing is the party, all of which is why they set up the bureau, including his partner Chuck class are also their deliberate arrangements, Ted has been wanted to find Fort Lettice in District C, and that one was abandoned, remembering that Dentachak said he had found Lettice's admission registration and had been keen to find Lettice.

In Ted, somehow, very resistant, looked at a registration, just because of George's words that let him gradually start to solve the tea guest, Ted left Chuck behind, to himself alone to go to Denta halfway go halfway sea water tide can not pass it can only be the original way law, but found that Chuck fell off the cliffs, Ted strange steak down and wanted to save him, but walked into the but nothing can be seen, look up, he suddenly found that the cliff wall Rachel Rachel told Ted that he was the doctor of the mental hospital, not the crazy woman who killed the child, because the hospital conducted illegal experiments on patients, with the intention of cultivating them into a cold-blooded machine that is easy to control and emotionless, and he questioned this practice, and then the hospital as a psychiatric incarceration, and the inhumane surgeries. inhumane surgeries were performed in that abandoned lighthouse any one who knew the truth would be left on the island forever, Rachel added.

The reason why Ted had inexplicable headaches and nightmares was because he had been put under hallucinogenic竟 by them through various means, and they were going to turn him into a psychopath, and brightly and squarely hate confinement on the island of confinement Ted was worried that the missing teabaggers were captured by them for experiments, and so he purposely burnt down Dr. Consideration's car to draw the attention of the others, and after that, swam alone to the lighthouse, where he overpowered the guards to break into the room, only to find that the trip went surprisingly smoothly, the Consider a lifetime of sitting quietly at the table, seems to have been waiting for a long time, examined the doctor told her, Ed, in fact, he is not called Edward Daniels, but called Andrew Lettice, Edward Daniels and Rachel Slendor are his fantasy name, Edward Daniels and Andrews letters are Rachel Slendor and his wife, Dolores Shannall, also has the same color, only the letters arranged in the position of the position of the change. That's what that note said 4 times fas Edward Daniel is a mapping of Andrew Laeddis and Rachel Rando is Dolores.

Sshaanar mapping, so the world does not exist in this world an executive named Ted, his true identity is the 67th patient of the Ashe Psychiatric Hospital, Andrew to IS, after the end of World War II, Lettice because witnessed the merciless killing on the battlefield, the psychological left indelible all day drinking without regard to the home, and even his wife suffered from manic depression, but also do not hear that his wife is getting more and more serious. Set fire to their apartment, putty death, their children, she realized that has been everything has been irretrievable, and the dream of the girl who questioned why he did not save them is his own little girl, Rachel saw the child lost his hand Lettice crazy in the insults in the fishing them up, his wife begged him to let himself free, so Lettice shot and killed him, two years ago by the court sentenced to come to this, but because he puts his wife and child are blamed on himself, and could hardly forgive himself for the crime he had awakened, so created another self, in which he abnormally

Ignoring the fact that she was not a murderer, but an executive of justice who was going to expose the darkness of the hospital, the people in the asylum, no matter what they said, were not to be trusted in his eyes, and considering what the doctor had said, he would have liked Lettice to keep living in his fantasy world if he could have, but he was professionally trained and violent, and was the most dangerous disease in the place, and two weeks ago, when George had just called out to him, Lettice had been beaten up Had one, in order not to let and threaten the safety of other people's lives, had to let him face the reality, check the class is actually Lettice's attending physician, but also the real Dr. Xiao Wen, they use the most advanced role-playing therapy, with Leidis acting, want to create some broken marquee, so that he found all sorts of events of the irrationality of the speculation that all of this, as well as his own identity are false, so as to remember by their own deliberately forgotten Forget, if he still can't regain his senses, then he will have to take her to have a lobotomy, and they, the pharmacological therapy faction, will completely lose the needle to Liz's silent and virtuous goods.

Although seized the gun on the table to injure, examined a lifetime, but strangely enough, he returned to normal in the next second, Letis then realized that the gun in his hand was actually a fake, and she became more and more emotionally intense, in order to stop Letis from going crazy examined a good doctor immediately took out a picture of his child, so that her memories instantly back to the intention of Leris finally recalled everything, including the memories of his own imagination, he was able to completely distinguish those memories were real and which were his own fantasies, considering that the doctor had told him that although she seemed to be making good progress so far, she'd gotten to this point nine months ago and ended up in her own made up fantasies, playing them on an endless loop like a tape, hoping that this time she really had come to grips with the reality of what was going on, and hoping that this was the last treatment they'd ever do for her, Lettice was thankful for having taken the test her whole life and never giving up, he As if to reassure the doctor, he calmly and slowly repeated typing My name is Andrew Lettice, I killed my wife in the spring of 1952, the storm has been complete.

The past psychiatric hospital regained peace Dr. Shaw came to Lelis to chat with Lelis but said to her in a Ted tone, we have to get out of here to check on the class, listening to this sentence, Sean not far away from the consideration, the doctor shook his head, he beauty another failure, consideration of the doctor had no choice but to agree to give Lettice to do a lobotomy surgery, Lettice was taken away before, suddenly said to Sean, still should be as a beast of burden Live, or become a good person to die, Sean froze, he seemed to realize what, tentatively shouted her, Ted Lettice but did not have the slightest reaction, he had the beginning of the supercalifragilistic lifetime glance, the emotions surging in his eyes like a sinking and floating in the sky in the wind and waves have gradually rested, and now it is time to say the complete stability of the time, the movie is adapted from the American novelist Dennis Lehan's novel of the same name, starring by Leonardo starring, in the end of this movie has seen the audience have different screenshots, some people think, Lettice is not a patient at all, but was pounded into the evil forces and.

To frame the executive officer, but from the film's various details can be seen, Lettice is indeed deep in self delusion, mental illness, such as Mrs. Hanan drink water, hands clearly, no cup, put down, the cup and magically appeared, and then, for example, Dr. Shaw pulled out a gun when the unskilled, exposing the body she did not have as executive officer should be, Lettice did but hurt George, there will be George's accusation of him, and Lettice clearly saw Rachel's body, but also the body of George, the body of George. And Letis clearly saw Rachel's room shoes belong to a male, also did not feel the slightest bit wrong, because it does not conform to the logic of his fantasy world, his mind will automatically block out the emergence of all kinds of irrationality, the clear wind of a hundred plans to let him in his own construction of the stock storyline, Letis is naturally the end of the real and true tilt over, but at the same time means that he has to face his own had made mistakes, to face that Because of long-term alcoholism is his wife's mental illness, indirectly children and directly childish, his wife's own, that way he is a sinful beast.

Lyris can not accept, than to face the truth, he would rather remove the lobes of the brain, become an inheritance is no emotion form, how to say come disciple choose to give up? Bear the great pain, but also choose to give up their own, well, here is the Goku to the movie association on the likes subscribe to it come to look good video, share the good to see the world.

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