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Narrative Copy for the Suspense Movie "The Forbidden Land

Narrative Copy for the Suspenseful Movie "The Forbidden Land

Narrative Copy for the Suspense Movie "The Forbidden Land

Hello, everyone.

Today I'd like to introduce you to a Chinese suspense movie

Land of Confinement

Before we begin, let's talk about one of the main characters.

He plays the director of a rehabilitation center, Robert? Robert Nepper.

This familiar face should not be unfamiliar to you

He used to play the pervert Teabagger in Prison Break.

I clicked on this movie because I saw this face.

But the whole movie is just one word, it's so brain-dead.

The movie's pop-ups are all complaining.

They don't understand what the director is trying to say

Let's get into the story.

A beautiful woman is walking in a busy city.

Suddenly, some robbers appear and tie her up in a car.

In the blink of an eye, the beauty is sitting in a wheelchair with her hands and feet tied up.

She's sent to an eerie place.

The scene changes to Hong Kong

The TV station is interviewing our hero, Yam Chi Ho.

He is a famous TV producer

He hosts a program that exposes the truth and is very popular

Through this program, Yam Chi-Ho became famous in the media.

However, just when he was on a roll

During the production of the program, for the sake of ratings.

He exposed the TV station's sponsors

In order to appease the sponsors.

He had no choice but to put him on leave

The program Ren Zhihao was in charge of was canceled by the station.

In the office, Ren Zhihao received a text message on his cell phone.

Inviting him to host a vulgar program called "Scream" abroad.

He had no choice but to agree

So Ren Zhihao took his former assistant Xiao Xi with him.

To a country in Southeast Asia

The program was filmed in a deserted house in the middle of nowhere.

The room was eerie

There were blood stains all over the walls

I have to say that the program Ren Zhihao took on was really vulgar.

A cameraman is carrying a camera.

Ren Zhihao wore a death mask and played a killer.

Xiao Xi is in charge of the theater

This is how a screaming program was completed.

Let's get back to the point

During the recording of the program

Ren Zhihao and Xiao Xi came across a man covered in bandages.

Collapsed on the stairway of the shooting set

It was obvious that he was seriously injured

So Ren Zhihao took him to the hospital for treatment.

At the hospital, the doctor cleaned her wounds carefully.

Turns out she's Liu Ruoxin, our heroine today.

Out of curiosity and his sense of justice as a member of the media.

He kept asking Liu Ruoxin about the injury.

But Liu Ruoxin didn't tell him any details.

Back at the hotel.

Ren Zhihao and Xiao Xi found a mysterious notebook in the props box.

Ren Zhihao flipped through it.

Inside were some inexplicable words.

He had a vague feeling that the owner of the notebook

Wanted to show a feeling of horror and pain

There was also a drawing of a wing in the notebook.

Ren Zhihao immediately thought of Wu Ruoxin in the hospital.

This icon also appeared on her arm.

So he rushed to the hospital immediately.

He wanted to find out if the notebook belonged to Ruoxin Wu.

When he arrived at the hospital, Ruoxin Wu was no longer in the hospital bed.

After asking the doctor, he realized that she left the hospital during the checkup.

A series of mysteries made Ren Zhihao's curiosity grow.

So he approached his old classmates.

The police officer in charge of the case asked him about Ruoxin Wu.

The police told him that Wu Ruoxin had gone to a nursing home on her own.

According to Ruoxin Wu's statement.

A year ago, when the rehabilitation center in Riverside caught fire.

She was locked up in the rehabilitation center.

On the day of the fire, the whole building burned down.

Everyone died in the fire.

But the police investigated the rehabilitation center's admission records.

They didn't find Xin Wu's name.

At this point, I and Ren Zhihao are getting curious.

She was locked up in the rehabilitation center a year ago.

How come we didn't find out until now? What kind of food did she eat?

In order to unravel the mystery

Ren asked the police to help him go to the rehabilitation center to arrange a meeting with Wu Ruoxin

The next day, with the help of his police friend.

Ren Zhihao met with Wu Ruoxin.

But she was still reluctant to reveal her feelings to him.

Ren said he just wanted to find out what was in the notebook.

If you need anything, feel free to contact him.

On the other hand, Xiao Xi was not idle.

She found out about Ruoxin's family.

Ruoxin has a father named Marley Wu.

Ruoxin studied painting abroad.

Two months after she returned home, her father, Marley Wu, was shot dead.

Ren Zhihao went to the nursing home to find Ruoxin with the information he had gathered.

Ren Zhihao told Ruoxin Wu.

"From the contents of the notebook, he could sense Ruoxin's fear.

But if she remained silent.

But if we keep silent, we can't solve the problem.

Maybe you'll be able to get some relief from your heart.

At last, Ruoxin finally told him what had happened to her.

One day when she was walking along the road.

Two men suddenly appeared and kidnapped her.

They took her to a closed building.

They took her to a closed building.

It turned out that this building was the rehabilitation center that burned down in the fire.

It's also known as a psychiatric hospital.

And the owner of the rehabilitation center is our famous Director Tea Bag.

The sight of Tea Bag reminds me of his performance in Prison Break.

Every move, every twitch of his mouth

Every movement, every twitch of his mouth, he looks like a psychopath.

What's your name, dear?

Wu Ruoxin

Miss Wu.

This is the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center

Can you take it down?

She doesn't bite, does she?

Of course she does.

She's crazy.

Don't be afraid.

This is not a place for crazy people.

It's a place for sad people.

It's a place where you can eat healthy food.

And feel the good vibes.

What's more.

And when you're done with your treatment, you can leave the hospital and go home.


After a moment of comfort from Brother Teabag, Wu Ruoxin was sent to her room

Every day, someone delivers medicine to the patients.

One time, the delivery man asked Ruoxin to take the medicine.

But Ruoxin didn't pay any attention to the delivery man.

She knew that if she took the pills.

"would only cause her to lose consciousness.

She wanted to try to get the delivery man to help her while she was still conscious.

"and try to get the medicine man to help her.

So she grabbed the delivery man's case record book.

She wrote down a phone number.

She pleaded with him to call her.

To tell him about her situation.

He would definitely come to her rescue.

A few days passed, but she couldn't find anyone to rescue her.

One day, while on a windbreak, she met a crazy woman.

She wanted to know how to escape from the asylum.

The madwoman told her there was only one monster who could get her out.

The monster lived next door to her.

Ruoxin was about to ask other questions.

Then the madwoman went off on a tangent about nothing.

Ruoxin had to give up the idea.

During the long wait and numerous attempts to escape.

Wu Ruoxin experienced failure and despair over and over again.

In the end, her only hope was to believe the crazy woman's words.

She asked the madman next door for an escape route.

Wu Ruoxin asked the madman.

"Is there a secret way out of the rehabilitation center?

The madman didn't answer her.

Instead, he listened to Ruoxin's voice and drove the car next door.

When he was done, he told her to wait for him in the bathroom tomorrow morning.

The next day.

Ruoxin ran to the bathroom to find the madman.

The madman told her the secret passage.

It's in Brother Tea Bag's office. The password is 77777.

After that, the madman made a move on Ruoxin.

Ruoxin couldn't take the abuse anymore.

She bit off the madman's ear.

Then she hid it. When Brother Tea Bag came with his men.

Ruoxin quietly went around the back.

She ran to the staircase door of Brother Tea Bag's office.

She opened the door with the code given to her by the madman.

Just when Wu Ruoxin saw a glimmer of hope and came to the second floor to enter the password.

The previous code didn't work. After repeated attempts, it still wouldn't open.

It turned out that Crazy only knew the code for the stairway door.

But the password for Brother Tea Bag's office was a different set of data.

Ruoxin pulled on the office door in a hurry.

The alarm was triggered.

An ear-splitting alarm sounded in the building.

When Ruoxin was at her wit's end, someone came up the stairs.

She was the crazy woman from before.

When Ruoxin saw the madwoman, it was like she grabbed the straw that saved her life.

She kept asking for the password, but the madwoman didn't tell her.

But she didn't tell her. She was still singing like a madwoman.

She was pointing her finger at the wall.

As she watched the madwoman's behavior, she suddenly realized something.

She remembered that every time she passed by her room.

She would tap her fingers on the doors and windows.

And the place where she tapped her fingers was the password keypad.

So Brother Teabag told the madwoman the password.

He told her to go to the office regularly to satisfy his animalistic desires.

Over time, the madwoman pressed the code mechanically.

Inadvertently, she left this code behind.

Ruoxin Wu used the code to open the door of the office.

She searched the whole room.

Finally, she found a sewer pipe.

Just when Ruoxin was planning to escape through the sewer.

Brother Teabag came back to the office.

He heard a noise in the sewer and opened it.

He found Ruoxin Wu hiding inside.

And Ruoxin was crawling down the pipe.

She finally escaped from that horrible psychiatric building.

Ruoxin followed the sewer pipes to the river in the suburbs.

She limped along the desolate road.

Then a car came along.

Feeling hopeful, Wu Ruoxin waved her hand and stopped the car.

She didn't realize that the man in the car was sent by Brother Tea Bag to arrest her.

Ruoxin fell from hope to despair. She kept running away.

At that moment, a police car appeared.

When she looked closely, she saw that the people in the car were indeed police officers.

And there were two female police officers.

Gradually, a frightened heart regained its calmness

We can finally breathe a sigh of relief for the heroine's safety.

The policewomen took Wu Ruoxin to an underground parking lot.

After getting out of the car, she helped her out.

Suddenly, two people came out, and Wu Ruoxin screamed for help.

It turns out the policewomen were faking.

They took her back to the mental hospital.

Back at the mental hospital, the headmaster was humming a tune.

He's holding a chainsaw.

He's operating on the lunatic who was bitten by Ruoxin Wu.

It turns out that this mental hospital is not a real rehabilitation center.

It's a rehabilitation center.

It's an underground human organ trading center

Ren Zhihao came to the sanatorium with the information he gathered.

He asked who sent her to the rehabilitation center.

The notebook says he's a devil.

Is this devil her father, Marley Wu?

But Wu Ruoxin told Ren Zhihao

Her father died when she was young.

When she finished speaking, she felt a sharp pain in her head.

Then she fell to the ground.

Ren Zhihao flew to Hong Kong after getting hold of a lot of evidence.

He approached the director of the TV station and asked to be reinstated.

He wanted to expose the truth of this incident through his previous program.

To bring justice.

It turns out that Wu Ruoxin's mother, Jenny Lee

Inherited her grandfather's family business, Damen Group.

Before he died, he left 70% of the shares to his mother.

The remaining 30% was left to Ruoxin Wu.

Ruoxin's real father died when she was a child.

Now, Marley Wu is only her stepfather.

Marley Wu is ostensibly a director of the Damen Group.

In fact, Ruoxin's real mother, Jenny Lee.

Is the largest shareholder, but a year ago.

Jenny Lee died of a heart attack.

She transferred 70% of her shares to Marley Wu.

But Marley Wu wasn't satisfied.

He instructed the director of the private rehabilitation center.

To force Ruoxin to go to the so-called rehabilitation center.

He wanted to take over the remaining 30% of Ruoxin's shares.

But the truth wasn't as simple as Ren Zhihao thought.

In order to confirm his suspicions.

Ren Zhihao contacted Ruoxin Wu to verify his idea.

But Ruoxin Wu refused. In order for the program to go on air.

Ren Zhihao could only convey his existing evidence

Through the program, after the program was aired.

After the program was aired, the public was able to understand the whole story.

At the same time, it confirmed the rumors on the internet.

Ruoxin Wu did not kill her stepfather, Marley Wu.

They also sympathized with Ruoxin's kidnapping.

The TV ratings broke records.

Just as Ren Zhihao was rejoicing over his success.

He received a call from Ruoxin asking him to meet her at the nursing home.

When he arrived at the sanatorium, Ren Zhihao told Wu Ruoxin.

He told her that the program had been broadcasted without her consent.

At that moment, she didn't care.

What she cared about was whether or not anyone could prove

She was sent to a rehabilitation center.

Then Ruoxin told Ren Zhihao.

There was one thing that she hid from Ren Zhihao.

During the time she was kidnapped.

There was only one person who didn't give up on him, her father.

After she disappeared, he asked around for her whereabouts.

When he was at his wits' end, he came across an opportunity.

At the rehabilitation center, Brother Tea Bag was busy dismembering human organs.

He asked his assistant to replace the incubator containing the organs.

But the assistant accidentally knocked over the box.

He almost threw up when he saw the organs spilled all over the floor

Brother Teabag was very angry

To him, the organs were money.

He slapped the assistant several times.

The assistant couldn't stand the working environment and humiliation

So he quietly made a phone call in the bathroom.

This phone call was written on the patient's chart.

The number that was written on the patient's chart.

The number belonged to Ruoxin's father.

The assistant told him about Ruoxin's condition.

He told him to come and save her.

So Ruoxin's father drove his car to the rehabilitation center.

He arrived at the rehabilitation center.

The aide guided him to Ruoxin Wu.

As they were fleeing with Ruoxin on their backs.

They were spotted by other staff.

The three of them were arrested again.

In the operating room, Brother Tea Bag was furious.

Because all the money for his rehabilitation center

Was funded by Ruoxin's stepfather, Marley Wu.

And Marley was furious that Ruoxin almost escaped.

Because of Tea Bag's lax supervision.

He was going to stop funding the rehabilitation center.

To vent his anger, Tea Bag told Rachel the truth.

The death certificate has been prepared for Ruoxin.

The only thing left to do was to slowly dismember Ruoxin.

She will disappear from this world forever.

The camera pans out and an electronic timer appears.

The time has jumped to 23:00 sharp.

At this time, the door to the madwoman's room opens.

She came to Brother Tea Bag's office according to her daily routine.

But at this time, Brother Tea Bag is busy operating on Wu Ruoxin's boyfriend.

The crazy woman couldn't wait for Brother Tea Bag.

So she lit candles alone in her room.

But there was an accident. The candles set fire to the books in the room.

The whole office burst into flames and the fire kept spreading.

By the time Brother Tea Bag realized it, it was too late.

In this way, the whole building, except for Ruoxin Wu who escaped.

Everyone else was engulfed in flames.

At this point in the story, you may think that Ruoxin Wu is the victim.

In fact, the whole drama is completely reversed.

It was only at the end that I realized how the story unfolded.

The truth of the story is that Wu Ruoxin's real father

Did die when she was young.

Her stepfather, Marley Wu, in order to take over 70% of her mother's shares.

He had Teabag kidnap Jenny Lee.

He didn't die of a heart attack like he said.

When she found out her mother was missing, she went to the police.

She also called the then media celebrity, Yam Chi Ho, for help.

When the police had no clues and no help was forthcoming.

Rachel received a call from an assistant at the rehabilitation center.

She was told that Jenny Lee was being held at the rehabilitation center.

If she didn't come in time, her life might be in danger.

So Ruoxin drove to the rehabilitation center.

With the help of her assistant, she was able to find her mother.

When she was about to rescue her mother, the staff found her.

Rachel Wu, her mother and her assistant were locked in the operating room.

Teabag is still angry that Marley Wu didn't pay for his sponsorship.

So in front of Rachel and her mother.

He told them all about Marley Wu's plan.

The madwoman burned down the rehab center.

Ruoxin escaped.

The rest of the group was buried in the fire.

After escaping, Ruoxin realized the truth.

She snuck into Marley Wu's villa and shot him.

In order to cover up her crime.

Ruoxin Wu made up the story that she had been kidnapped.

After she was kidnapped, she was kept in a rehabilitation center.

To prove that he didn't have the time to commit the crime.

She also recruited through the Internet.

Ren Zhihao was lured to the rehabilitation center after the fire to film a program.

The purpose was to let Ren find out about himself.

Through the media to help clear his name

The whole plot was actually written and directed by Wu Ruoxin.

It was her mother, Jenny Lee, who was kidnapped, not her.

Her father went to the rehabilitation center to save her.

In fact, she went to the rehabilitation center to save her mother.

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